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Edge vs Chrome: Which Browser Is Best?

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are the most popular browsers in recent times. After Mozilla Firefox, people consider Edge as the nearest competitor of Google Chrome. Still, many users of Microsoft Edge already declared it even better than Chrome. So, the war of Edge vs Chrome is now one of the most confusing facts for many of us. So, we plan to form our today’s article covering the battle between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. If you are interested, stay with us till the end.

Battle of the Browsers: Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

The answer to the question, what is the best browser must vary from person to person according to their needs. We don’t particularly know about your requirements and so, we cannot disclose exactly which one should be the best option for you. However, we manage to find out the points of basic differences between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Checking out the points will definitely help you find out the best browser for you.

1. Security

In the security and privacy section, the Edge has the Edge and excels compared to Chrome. The security section is easy to navigate, and the settings are pretty easy to access. You will find three types of tracking prevention profiles readily available to choose from. Also, users can customize the settings manually. Here, Google Chrome will only manage and filter out third-party cookies.

Edge is capable of blocking trackers and ads from all the available websites. Users can control the information that could be shared across sites while browsing. It also utilizes the built-in system security facility Microsoft Defender SmartScreen for preventing malicious attacks and harm from unsafe sites and accidental downloads.

In Google Chrome, you can enable safe browsing modes and incognito surfing sessions within the browser and settings panel. Chrome definitely has features that will save your data and system security by filtering out malicious sites, extensions, etc. But, you have to manually enable those privacy features by digging deep into the settings section.

2. Themes

No doubt that the theme of the browsers matters a lot for many of us. And we must go for Edge in this case as well. Though both themes share similar features, there is a problem with the dark theme. Both Edge and Chrome come with their default theme. They look similar too.

theme ChromeBut if you don’t like the default theme anyway, you can simply change it for both cases. In the Chrome Web Store, you will find a lot of themes for Chrome. But there is no specific dark theme here. Still, you can choose a theme that comes with dark color.

theme edgeOn another side, Microsoft Edge lets you customize the theme, and there you will find light, dark, and default themes. Eventually, you can select from 14 different colors to use on the theme. Additionally, Microsoft Edge Store also comes with a wide range of themes, and you can use them as well.

3. Synchronization

Edge is behind Chrome by a large margin if we compare both browsers in synchronization facility. Chrome is a complete package with other Google services and apps backed by the industry’s best cloud storage system. Whereas Microsoft Edge is also very competitive in data synchronization and multiple device management, many services are less than Chrome.

This distinction is mainly based on saving data, passwords, bookmarks, history, etc. Moreover, if you check how much Chrome can handle, you will surely know which is leading. Chrome can sync between desktop, laptop, iPad, phone, tablet, or any other smart device that runs Chrome with a stable internet connection.

You won’t feel much difference in daily use as Edge can manage almost all other things except current themes, phone numbers, addresses, and some other Google-only services. Moreover, both browsers have smooth synchronization speed, reliability, and user experience. So, the war of Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome is a tie here.

4. Performance

Next, we will talk about the performance of the two popular browsers. About the performance, we can simply talk about the speed. And the result of the war, Edge vs Chrome, will definitely raise the hand of Edge. Well, after it was released, Microsoft claimed that it is approximately 112% faster than Chrome. But we don’t know if the results are accurate.

edge speed, Edge vs ChromeHowever, many organizations and people often show the results of the speed test of these two browsers. And in most cases, Edge beats Chrome so easily. According to the test done by Avast, Edge is even faster than Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. Also, it is proven already that Chrome consumes more RAM than Edge.

5. Cross-device Accessibility

In the software support department for numerous platforms, Chrome shines. Microsoft Edge is also available on most popular ecosystems but lacks some minor sections. If you use Google Chrome, you can simultaneously use it on almost all your daily devices, such as phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Microsoft Edge is, of course, very useful in multiple device management as it is available on Android, MacOS, Linux, etc. Another thing to keep in mind, Edge comes as the default browser on a Windows system. So the users have to change the default browser manually. Of course, that is a shady way to make people use their service automatically.

If you are thinking about the war of Edge vs Chrome when it comes to managing the regular workloads, the result is a tie. Indeed both of them can manage the workload simultaneously from different devices and platforms.

Moreover, users can enjoy media content over different browsers using cross platforms simultaneously. If you use Chrome OS and want to use Edge, then you have to install the Android pack. Don’t worry; that works perfectly fine on Chrome OS.

6. User Interface

When it comes to the user interface, the difference between Edge and Google Chrome is not something major. Indeed, if you are a Chrome user, the interface of Edge will be familiar to you. You can open multiple tabs, and it is easy to use the search engine. However, still, they have some differences too.

Interface, Edge vs ChromeMost people find very few differences, and it is almost to personal preference. It’s just about the color and the placement of different key points. However, both of them showcase used software under the search bar too. Eventually, they share a very similar look as well.

7. Extensions

Undoubtedly, the winner of the war, Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome about the extensions, is Chrome. Eventually, you cannot simply make the comparison between them anyway. It’s because these two have a major difference in the number of extensions they support.

extensionGenerally, Chrome supports more than 150000 extensions that can enhance your experience of using this browser. On another side, the number of integrated extensions for Edge is very narrow. But very recently, Edge announced good news for the users.

We all know that Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, and so Edge allows users to use the extensions of Google Chrome. So, about the extensions, Edge users don’t have to worry; still, there are not a lot of dedicated extensions for Edge.

8. Multitasking

If you are considering the advantages of multitasking in the war between Edge vs Chrome, I would announce the winner as Microsoft Edge for a particular reason. Well, both of them support opening multiple tabs at the same time. By default, they both will showcase the tabs in a row in the same way.

Also, both of them let you create a tab group as well. About the tab groups, they don’t have any meaningful difference anyway. But they have a big difference in the tab management function. And that’s the reason I would love to take the side of Edge in this case.

Basically, Microsoft Edge allows you to manage the tabs horizontally and vertically. That means you can switch from one tab to another from the vertical and horizontal tab managing row.

But Google Chrome doesn’t have such a feature. Though it’s not a very useful function, still, it matters to many people. However, Chrome users can use significant extensions to have that function. Big that won’t be as smooth as you get it in Edge.

9. Bookmarking Options

Undoubtedly, the booking marking option is one of the essential facts for all of us. And both Chrome and Edge let you mark your favorite sites in the same way but under a different title. While Google Chrome calls it Bookmark, Microsoft Edge names it Favorite.

edg favorite, Edge vs ChromeJust like Google Chrome, you can also pin some of your favorite sites on the top bar. And you can store the rests in the drop-down list. Also, Edge and Chrome both let you organize your bookmarks or favorites into different folders.

Besides the Favorite option, Edge introduces another feature called Collections. This function lets you another way to store your essential links into groups. Eventually, you can add images and store essential text files in the collection besides the links. So, you can use it as a quick note-taking function for sure.

Google Chrome also offers a similar feature, and they call it Collections too. But the Collection for Edge is not the same as the one Google provides. It’s because Google’s Collections isn’t particularly specific to Chrome. This Collection is not shared by Chrome directly but by your Google account.

10. Search Engine and Integration

You cannot simply announce the winner very easily when the war is of Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome. It’s because they share a similar feature in this case. But Google Chrome uses Google, and for Edge, it’s Bing. There is no other major difference here between these two powerful browsers.

Regarding integration, the war of Edge vs Chrome must raise the flag for Chrome. It’s because Chrome comes with a huge number of integrations of other stuff from the Google ecosystem. When you access the account, Chrome will automatically integrate with your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Map, etc. For Edge, there are not a lot of integrated features, but very recently, Edge started allowing you to get integrated with the stuff of Google.

Final Thought

We have covered ten of the essential facts that most people prioritize when choosing the best browser. Also, you will find the results of the war, Edge vs Chrome, based on each topic. So, we can now hope that you will find the answer to what is the best browser by yourself. We tried to showcase all essential factors where the differences between these two browsers exist.

Well, if you still have any confusion about these two browsers, you can ask about it in the comment section. Thanks to you for staying with us till now. We will come back soon with something new. Till then, stay safe and stay connected.

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Mehedi Hasan
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