News Matrix Writer – A Modern Cross-Platform Rich Text and Blog Editor

Matrix Writer – A Modern Cross-Platform Rich Text and Blog Editor

Matrix Writer, a cross-platform application, is available in two subscription models. This app can be taken as a text drive for the users before the user wants to invest in the software. Test drives will let you know the specifics of the app that will let you know whether you want to install it or not.

Blog writers will only know the significance of editing blog as information changes every day and to cope with the newer detail of any phenomenon; editing blog is the most important job. The Blog Editor named Matrix Writer opens the door of ideal blog editing era, and it includes a modern and robust User Interface for the perfection written blogs. The high-ranking text editor gears up editing work faster and smoother.

Featuring the support of the most popular blog CMS along with the Metaweblog API, WordPress and Google Blogger this app is also made free for the users where you only need to download it and get all the benefits.

There are also available subscription models in two different versions. If you are eager to carry the free version of this app then with this version, you can only get the benefit of the rich text editor which the app will provide you. With this text editor, you will also be able to get one local post manager and some other fancy function that the app will offer you.

Features of Matrix Writer

  • Free of charge, download and use it
  • Goes perfectly with platforms like Linux, MAC, and Windows
  • Provides support to the Google Blogger, WordPress, and some other typical blogging platforms
  • Affords the publishing of posts in multiple accounts
  • Options for sharing over social media accounts
  • Features the ability to insert images from Microsoft One Drive and Google Drive
  • The color scheme can be customized (the built-in theme is dark)
  • Locally post managing by editing, deleting and previewing before publishing the posts
  • Includes multi-platform clipboard which is lightweight.

Download Matrix Writer for Linux

Final Words

This app has a Premium Package and a Professional Package. In the Professional Package, you get the opportunity to add up images as albums, change color schemes, publish a post in multiple accounts and share images in social media. The Premium Package contains the attributes of accessing to OneDrive or Google Drive with the content and also bears the ability to capture a screenshot, backup data and to edit HTML post before submitting.

Have you gone through any better app for blog editing which is productive that Matrix Writer? If you have, let us know so that we can review the app. You can share your reviews with your friends to let them know.

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  1. I’ve have not yet downloaded Matrix Writer. But I do have a question; Is there a mobile version of Matrix Writer or any of the other platforms you have available? I’m interested in the Matix Writer particularly. I do WordPress as I’m a student trying to learn the Open Source business and the many different platforms available to create a new (any kind) platforming.

  2. I am wondering that how many more text editors will come in the future. there is already plenty of text editor which are efficient enough to automate most of the things. I personally prefer ATOM, that can be customized as per the personal requirements. The Jetbrain always come up with a new text editor. Do you think that a developer that knows each thing about the language they’re writing needs such kind of text editors?


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