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How To Take Screenshot on Chromebook. Easy Tutorial

Chromebook is now a technology trending gadget. Many tech specialists predicted that this device would not be a successful one for the google because of the traditional limitation that a windows device owns. Now that assumption is passed, and with the integration of google play, it becomes a boom in the tech area. Everyone wants to grab one for himself or family members like children.

The Chromebook has lots of features that windows don’t have. Low price, extended lasting battery, Secure system, amazingly fast booting, and much more make it a lovable device to all.

So today, I will be sharing a short but useful tutorial on how to take a screenshot on Chromebook. As you know the Chromebook Keyboard is a bit different from the traditional one. Chromebook keys are focused on web browsing as it is a browser-based OS. So it does not have a print button to take the screenshot of the windows one. Follow the below steps to take the screenshot on Chromebook.

How To Take Screenshot of Chromebook

  • If you want to take the full screenshot of the current window, then Press Ctrl+ Take-Screenshot-on-Chromebook.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift+Take-Screenshot-on-Chromebook  to take the partial screenshot of the current window. But if you use any non-chrome os keyboard in case of chrome browser, then use Ctrl + F5
  • To take the partial screenshot, you have to Press and hold on the trackpad and drag to show the area of the partial window. Here also press Ctrl + Shift + F5 for taking a screenshot on non-chrome os keyboard.
  • After taking the screenshot, a pop-up window will be shown to get or save the image.
  • pop-up-notification-to-open-the-saved-screenshotsClick on the pop-up window to get the location of the saved screenshot.

Moreover, you can take the screenshot by using various top-rated Chrome screenshot add-ons which also offers image editing and other productive task related to the image.

Do you like this simple and easy tutorial on how to take a screenshot on Chromebook? Feel free to share your Chromebook suggestion and experiences in the comment section.

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