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Top 20 Best Backup Apps for Android Device in 2020

Android smartphones are available everyone’s hand and offer incredible features at great prices. The Android operating system is based on Linux and also hardware independent. Almost all people now use smartphones because of these features like Internet, Games, and Apps for various purposes. From all aspects, Android OS has become the giant on the market. Google Play store is having millions of apps for different purposes. Best Backup app for Android is one of them which are highly required to keep safe of your valuable personal data.

Best Backup Apps for Android

You download multiple apps and can store a lot of essential data on your Android devices. But the main point you still worry about is the protection of data in case it gets lost. So you have to back up the data from your phone. Although Android does an automatic backup, it’s always good to have a double backup. Here, we have listed down 20 best backup apps for Android for you to back up your important data such as photos and videos.

1. Titanium Backup

Titanium-Backup-root-neededTitanium Backup offers dynamic features for Android backup and recovery. It can save many things including applications, system settings, data and business links. This app allows you to back up all your files and folders by schedule. You can save APK on an SD card. The user interface is quite simple, and its use for saving documents takes only a few minutes. It sounds archaic, but that’s not how you plan to use this app multiple times.

Important Features

  • Only for rooted device
  • Most powerful backup tool for Android
  • It comes with Zero-click batch restores
  • Can save Multi-user apps data
  • Can freeze Apps
  • Synchronization available to Dropbox

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2. Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium-App-Sync-and-BackupHelium – App Sync and Backup is a feature-rich backup app. It supports any version of Android. This free app can backup data and other media files. In the free version, it allows you to back up the app data, SMS, contacts, etc. However, the premium version is available, and you can sync data to other cloud storage. If you want a free solution with lots of features, then this app is for you.

Important Features

  • It allows backup and restores data to SD card
  • You can restore data from PC
  • Ads free in a premium version
  • Backup data to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box in the premium version

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3. All Backup Restore

All-Backup-RestoreAll Backup Restore is a popular free Android Backup app. It is one of the best backup apps for Android, and it permits you to SMS, MMS, contacts, system settings. You can backup apps data by selecting individually. You can backup your apps data to Google Drive and restore them to enable the previous settings. This app can even create a backup copy of your calendar data so that you won’t miss any birthday wish even you reset your phone.

Important Features

  • Backup multi-media files
  • Comes with Secure backup feature
  • Backup any type of data
  • Most complete backup apps
  • Support a wide range of options such as SD card and mobile phone

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4. App / SMS / Contact – Backup & Restore

Backup & RestoreApp / SMS / Contact – Backup & Restore is another one of the best backup apps for Android, and the Trustlook Security Lab has developed it. This app has tons of features, and updates frequently. You can browse your online storage from anywhere or any device. Unlike many other free Android Backup app, App / SMS / Contact – Backup & Restore is pretty much exclusively for non-rooted devices.

Important Features

  • Allows batch backup, restore, share, transfer from device to device
  • Upload backup to Google Drive and download at any time
  • Backup to SD card or pen drive
  • You can overwrite or downgrade app versions
  • Supports scheduled backup
  • Transfer backup file with Wi-fi

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5. My Backup

My-BackupA few years ago, My Backup used to be the best alternative to the Titanium Backup app for root users. However, it is for non-root users as well as compatible with any Android versions that make it another the best backup app for Android. Thankfully, it’s still reasonably relevant to the ad-free feature. It can backup apps data and all types of media files. In the free version, it allows you to backup and restores data along with the batch processing.

Important Features

  • Easy, a reliable backup app for Android
  • Locally save data to SD card
  • Have the option to back up to the cloud
  • Set a schedule to automatic backups
  • Supports all type of data
  • Need root access to save APK to SD card

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6. Easy Backup – Contacts Export and Restore

Easy-Backup-Contacts-Export-and-RestoreEasy Backup – Contacts Export and Restore is a beautiful Android backup app where users need to create an account to store the backups. You will be able to backup and restore apps to your PC or other devices based on your preference using this app. You can sync data to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive cloud storage with more features coming soon. It’s probably the best backup app for Android which is for non-root users.

Important Features

  • Backup files with one click
  • Supports offline backup
  • Email the backup file to your address
  • One-click restore of the contact
  • It is very simple to use
  • Supports a wide range of email service

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7. My APKs – Backup Restore Share Manage Apps Apk

My-APKs-backup-restore-share-manage-apps-apkMy APKs – backup restore share manage apps apk is one of the handy backup apps. You can set it to backup automatically, organize your apps and analyze apps data by this app. It allows you to sync data between other cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It comes with a built-in option for sending the backup files via the email, Bluetooth, wifi, and that makes it the best backup app for Android.

Important Features

  • Save a copy of installed apps on the device
  • It is famous for reliable backup
  • Works in offline seamlessly
  • Generate a list of apps in HTML, pdf or text format
  • Transfer the backup file over email
  • Lightweight best backup app for android

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8. Apps Backup and Restore

Apps-Backup-and-RestoreApps Backup and Restore is one best backup app for Android which does not require root. Thankfully, it comes with loads of features at your disposal. The free version permits you to back up to the current device or SD card. The free Android backup app version allows almost all the features, but it shows ads. The premium version is also available. You will get lots of extra features along with ad-free in the premium version.

Important Features

  • Complete backup of installed apps
  • Reinstall directly to the device from the backup file
  • Automatic backup of newly installed apps
  • Have the option to launch installed apps
  • Share the APKs with other devices
  • Generate the app link to share with other devices

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9. App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup too

App Backup & Restore - Easiest backup toolApp Backup & Restore – the Easiest backup tool is one of the best backup apps for Android and is an essential tool for all Android users. It allows you to backup your messages, apps data, contacts, and call logs. It has tons of features, and updates frequently. This backup app will enable you to bulk backup of app data. Unlike many other Android Backup app, this app is much secure who want a simpler solution.

Important Features

  • You can do anytime bulk backup
  • Sync between the device to cloud
  • Automatic backup and restore the files
  • Downgrade the app version
  • You can refresh the app list of backup apps
  • Control the transfer when the network condition is not good

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10. Contact Backup & Restore Pro

Contact-Backup-amp_-Restore-ProContact Backup & Restore Pro is an excellent contact, SMS, logs and storage service developed by Best Tools Studio. It backs up your contacts along with it provides its users free and allows you to sync them to a new device. This best backup app for Android works offline includes support for VFC, and quick export to anywhere via Wi-Fi or email. It includes cloud storage, and it can analyze contact, identifying text messages, and adequately arrange them.

Important Features

  • Instant backup contact, SMS, call logs
  • Allows offline backup
  • Easy to restore the backup data
  • It supports VCF contact backup
  • Instantly save the backup to another device, SD card, Dropbox and Gmail No need to sign up or activation

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11. Google Photos

Google-PhotosAndroid users derive Google services by default. Therefore, it is a high chance that you already used the Google Photos app to backup your photos and videos. With Google Photos, you can store an unlimited number of photos and videos in high resolution. No more running out of space of your phone storage. You can access all the photos and videos from any devices. The Google Photos app comes with advanced photo searchability.

Important Features

  • Free unlimited backup of photos and videos
  • No quality loss while backing up
  • One tap photos and videos restoration
  • Visual Search option available
  • In-app editing features to edit photos
  • Smart album organization
  • Send photos to contact, email with one tap

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12. Google Drive


Google Photos app is a good solution if you need to backup automatically. But if you need to store everything you can opt for Google Drive. There is nothing new to introduce Google Drive as this android backup software comes by default with every android phone. You get 15 GB storage for free, but you can buy additional space. You can view and edit your files and folders from anywhere from any device.

Important Features

  • Store any files to Google drive safely
  • Instantly view any files
  • You can manage permissions
  • You can view file details and activity
  • Scan document using the phone camera
  • Sync with Google Photos
  • Share files and folders

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13. OneDrive

Microsoft-OneDriveIf you don’t like Google’s service, then you can use the OneDrive from Microsoft. It has almost the same features as Google Drive. If you run out space of your phone storage, you can backup all of your photos, videos, and other files to OneDrive. This app offers a pretty good storage option. However, if you need additional space, you can buy it. Sometimes many mobile phone brand offers a premium subscription with their phone.

Important Features

  • Backup any files including media files
  • Backup full-resolution photos and videos
  • You can access files offline
  • Photo tagging options available
  • Quickly open doc files within the app

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14. Dropbox

DropboxDropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services for many years. It is one of the first cloud solutions in the early days. Dropbox app offers a backup solution directly to Dropbox cloud storage. You get free 1 GB space, but you can buy additional space if you need it. If you are an old Android user, then you can’t use Dropbox because it supports only Android 4.1 or later. Like Google Drive, you can set the permission of any individual files or folders and share them accordingly.

Important Features

  • Sync, edit, share files with other
  • Upload any files of your phone
  • Share folders and set permissions
  • Up to 2TB space for premium customers
  • Seamless integration with Dropbox cloud

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15. Shoebox

Shoebox-Photo-Storage-and-Cloud-BackupShoebox is a popular Android backup software among photo lovers and who want a free solution but do not want to use Google or Microsoft app. It is a multi-platform app, and this app offers you backup photos up to 3460 pixels. You can view, share, download or upload your photos from anywhere or any devices. The feature that makes it apart from other apps is it supports Chromecast. However, you need Android 4.1 or later to use this app.

Important Features

  • Backup Facebook photos
  • Facebook like on this day to remember a past event
  • Chromecast supported and saw photos, video on TV
  • An array of search options available to search photos, videos
  • Directly share photos to Facebook, Twitter
  • Full resolution photo backup available

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16. AppMonster

AppMonster-Free-Backup-RestoreThe application is quite popular with regular root because it specializes in backing up applications. Whether one or all of your applications, AppMonster is easy to use and will alert you when the backup process completes. If you opt for the free version, keep in mind that the options will remain limited. This version is still able to back up, but you can only do it under the default settings of the application, which may not be suitable for all.

Important Features

  • Export as a single file of all backups
  • Supports both root and non-rooted devices
  • Automatic backup of new app installation
  • Create multiple version of backup files
  • Backup to SD cards
  • Backup and restore APKs

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17. Apps Backup

Apps-BackupApps Backup is another android backup software where features added with well thought out. The backup is done according to your choice, and you can decide whether one or more applications to backup. As with App backup & restore, you can send to whom you want a copy of the application. This application will allow you in one move to install or uninstall an application — one of its major flaws in the presence of advertisements.

Important Features

  • Backup any installed apps
  • Download installed files via the desktop browser
  • Backup APKs to SD card
  • Supports almost all version of Android
  • Batch backup, restore, install and uninstall apps

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18. Ultimate Backup

Ultimate-Backup-amp_-Restore-ProUltimate Backup is the complete solution for backups of your Android device. More than just an application for backing up your device, it’s a device manager that can back up and restore your data. Backups can be ported to the cloud or local storage. The application works on rooted and unrooted devices. It also allows you to choose between a backup of the APK or its data. The application works from the version of Android 2.2 or later.

Important Features

  • Backup all personal data
  • Restore all data with one click
  • Sync between devices
  • Backup the data into APK file
  • Takes 3 seconds to backup and restore
  • Fast and simple to use

More info & Download

19. Easy Backup and Restore

Easy-Backup-Contacts-Export-and-RestoreEasy Backup and Restore is completely free as the name suggest it is one of the simplest to use. It works in a rooted environment. All your data is archived in a .zip file and can thus be consulted either on your smartphone or your PC. It can android backup and restore your data on hard drives, microSD or the Cloud. It offers many backup options, and extensions which are available in-app purchase if you wish and an account can restore multiple smartphones.

Important Features

  • Transfer apps between devices
  • Easily backup apps and restore
  • Uninstall multiple apps
  • Share APKs with one tap
  • Create automatic backup
  • Search option in the storage

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20. SMS Backup & Restore

SMS-Backup-amp_-RestoreSMS Backup & Restore is another Android backup application that is available for free on the Google Play Store to download. Like the names of applications, these applications provide a lot of simple tools for backing up personal data. The application does not require you to root your device. This app allows you to backup SMS, MMS, contact and call logs. If you’re looking for something simple with additional features, like sending apps and batch uninstalls, this is a great option.

Important Features

  • Option to backup in XML format
  • Restore individual conversation
  • You can search the specific backups files
  • Fast transfer between two devices
  • You can email the backup file

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Final Thought

With the growing number of individual data, the demand for the backup app is very high. However, the app has to be reliable. Otherwise, all of your backups could be in danger or loss. I recommend you only to use the backup app which is from renowned app developers and big companies. The reason is they put effort to make the app reliable. Also, choose the app which has scheduled backup option. Thus, you won’t have to think again to create a backup manually.

Please share your thought about the Android Backup app. Did I miss anything? If so, comment below to inform me. Also, share this article with your social media profiles.


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