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Top 20 Best Camera Apps for Android Device in 2020

Who doesn’t love to capture the photos of their happy moment? As we all have smartphones with us, we often have a camera to take good photos. So, for those who are not satisfied with the ordinary camera facilities, given in their smartphones, the Android play store includes tons of camera apps for them. With these apps, we can easily capture photos and selfies by making them amazing with tons of visual effects. So, this time, I have decided to write about the best camera Apps for Android.

Best Camera Apps for Android

I have tried to gather 20 best free camera apps for Android with a little description so that you can easily install them and then use. Almost all of them are more or less awesome, and many of them have special features like a selfie expert, good for food photography, etc. So, you have to pick an ideal Camera App for Android and suits well with your needs. However, I wish you the best of your luck and hope you will find a leading camera app for Android.

1. Candy Camera

Candy-Camera.Hello selfie lovers, I am talking about the most popular camera app or selfie app for Android, Candy Camera. I think you are already familiar with it. However, it is an amazing app that provides lots of unique effects to beautify the pictures, captured by you. For the selfie lovers, it has become very popular within a short term of period. So, let’s see what are the special features of this stunning camera app.

Important Features

• Automatic filtering approach while taking the photo.
• Provides beauty functions and so, it will make your skin glowing and includes other beautifying modes.
• Includes a huge number of stickers and you can put them on your photos.
• Provides silent modes so that you can take pictures secretly.
• Offers college modes so you can rearrange your photos.
• Works well without any kind of network and Internet connection.

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2. Cymera Camera

Cymera-CameraCymera Camera is another worthy Camera App for Android, and it comes with a handful of outstanding features. This camera app is amazing for taking selfies as it can filter those photos and beautify them. You can customize your photos with different modes like Vintage, Natural, Limo, Film, Sketch, etc. using this app. Also, it has some more impressive features. Let’s have a look at the most important features of this app.

Important Features

• Provides tons of impressive effects including Christmas effects, new year effects, etc.
• Offers beautifying functions and so, works as a selfie expert.
• Let you add Text and MEMES on the photos.
• Includes a huge number of stickers and you can add them to the photos.
• Provides over 130 filters.
• Offers 7 different kinds of camera lenses.
• Provides over 200 hair and makeup items.

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3. B612

B612If you are not really satisfied with the general camera your phone has already included and want to experience something new, then meet B612. It is a great camera app that combines excellent features and user-friendly approach. To make your photos beautiful with special effects, texts, memes, and stickers as well as to give a DSLR effect to them, it is a great option for you. Let’s see what are the features of this app.

Important Features

• Provides over 1500 stickers that you can use.
• Offers special effects, you can use to modify pictures.
• Provides easy to use sliders and drawing effects.
• Offers awesome filtering process.
• Also good for making videos and provides sounds for them.
• Provides modes like selfies, food, landscapes, Vintage, Natural, Limo, Film, Sketch, etc.

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4. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlusLet me introduce you with another awesome camera app to make some beautiful photos of your smile. It is BeautiPlus, a very lightweight and clean camera app that is specially designed for photo editing and selfie capturing. For many users, it is a promising Camera App for Android. With this app, you can beautify your photos with various effects. However, let’s have a glance at the features of this fascinating app.

Important Features

• Works as a good makeup artist and good to remove dark circles, blackheads and bring a blemish look.
• In stock tons of stickers that you can use.
• Provides specific effects for eyes, hair, and skins.
• Good to create a perfect smile.
• Let you resize and trim the photos.
• Let you share your photos on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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5. PhotoWonder

PhotoWonderSay hello to PhotoWonder, the most desired Camera App for Android you can get free. You must be amazed if you don’t ever meet this app and come to know about its stunning features. It is awesome you work as a makeup artist to make turn your simple photo into a gorgeous one. It includes endless effects to beautify and customize your photos. So, if you are interested to learn more about it, then have a glance at the special features of this app.

Special Features

• Offers lots of real-time effects to make your pictures unique and stylish.
• Provides amazing stickers to put on the photos.
• Let you crop, rotate, and resize your photos.
• Also, it will help you adjust the brightness, saturation, and sharpness of the photos.
• Capable of making a special effect to change skin tones, cover dark eye circles and add makeup tools.
• Awesome frames and tons of animated emojis to add.

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6. LINE Camera

LINE-CameraAll the services you have in your desire list with a camera and effects for photos are available in this great Android camera app, LINE Camera. It is really an awesome app, and it will make a great photo experience for you. You can resize, crop, and adjust other customs with this app. It doesn’t take big space to keep on your phone. A lot of stunning features are added to it. Let’s have a glimpse of them in short.

Important Features

• You can take photos with your phone camera and then beautify it with LINE.
• You can enjoy features like timer, flash, mirror mode, grid and many more.
• Let you brighten up your darkish and shadowy photos.
• You can add texts, memes, emojis, and sticker on your photos.
• You can decorate photos with over 20,000 unique stamps.
• LINE Camera supports languages like Chinese, English, French, German and many more.

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7. YouCam Perfect

YouCam-PerfectYouCam Perfect has come just like a selfie expert. To capture the moment when you smile can be made very easy with this amazing camera app for Android. It is specially designed for android and using it you can enjoy a good number of different picture effect and other features to beautify and modify your pictures. However, it was packed with tons of amazing features, and those among them are listed below which are important.

Important Features

• Provides lots of sticker and emojis to customize photos.
• Includes college modes ad silent camera.
• Provides video selfie option.
• Provides skin-beautifying toolkits.
• You can add texts and memes on the photos.
• Capable of removing objects and adding backgrounds.

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8. Camera360

Camera360If you want to collect the photos of the moments of your happy time after making them gorgeous, funny or stylish, you can give a try to a must-have camera app, Camera360. For the users, it is a perfect Camera App for Android. This stunning app is very easy to use and effective. It is lightweight and customizable too. The features of this app are really very impressive. If you are interested, you can have a look at them.

Special Features

• Provides awesome filtering process.
• Includes lots of stickers and emojis to customize the photos.
• You can add texts and memes too.
• Let you resize, crop and rotate the photos.
• Let you adjust the brightness, saturation, and sharpness of the photos.
• Provides tons of pictures effects and modifying tools.

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9. SNOW 

SNOWLet me introduce you with a digital makeup artist who can beautify and deliver wonderful photos to you. It is SNOW, an unparallel Camera App for Android to beautify pictures. It can make your ordinary photos gorgeous, and you will love to have them as a mark of a good memory. SNOW also comes with a handful of useful and trendy pictures. You can have a glance at them to know more about it.

Important Features

• Provides tons of custom beauty effects.
• Offers professional AR makeup approach and lots of toolkits.
• Provides tons of memes and thousands of stickers.
• Let you share customized photos using different social media.
• Very easy to use and a few taps are enough to customize a photo.

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10. Foodie – Camera for Life

Foodie-Camera-for-lifeThe name of this app is Foodie – Camera for life, and it is true. This outstanding camera app will make your life beautiful by providing an opportunity to have beautiful pictures of your happy moments. This trendy camera app is very thin and easy to use. It is clean and sharp. You can use it to modify photos of almost everything. It includes some impressive functions and features. Let’s have a look at them.

Special Features

• Provides more than 30 attractive filters.
• Includes timer set up so that you can capture your moments.
• Provides perceivable guide and instruction as photography guidings.
• Can enable the options when to take photos.
• Let you share the photos with different social media.

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11. VSCO

VSCO CamVSCO is not just an ideal Camera App for Android but also a Photography community. Using this app, you can also create a profile here and become a member of this community. However, VSCO camera is great to give a beautiful look and appearance to your ordinary photos. It is good for both portrait pictures and nature and food photography. It also includes a lot of trendy features which are briefly described below.

Important Feature

• Provides hundreds of tools for editing the photos present in your phone.
• Offers tons of filters.
• Let you adjust your photo’s brightness, sharpness, and saturation.
• Includes revolutionary Film X tools and presets.
• Very easy to use and it is fast.

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12. HD Camera for Android 

To capture HD photos with your Android smartphone, HD Camera for Android is really a very good option for you. This amazing camera app is completely free to download, install, and use. You can enjoy both features of a camera and video and the effect; it includes must impress you. However, this outstanding app includes some trendy features that can be utilized to make your photos wonderful.

Special Features

• Provides 3 different modes of the camera.
• Offers countdown timer so that you can capture perfect photos.
• Includes configurable volume keys, exposure, and pinch to zoom option.
• Provides an option for photo collage, crop and resize photos.
• Offers different types of environments like the day, night, auto, mist, cloudy, and many more.

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13. Camera MX 

Camera-MXIf you are looking for a full-flagged and free stock camera alternative, then meet Camera MX. For most of its users, it is a prime Camera App for Android; you can install and use for free. You can use it very easily to enhance the camera quality and place more effects to the photos. Also, Camera MX is created with a lot of impressive features, and if you want, you can have a glimpse at them below.

Special Features

• Provides auto-optimization and HDR for good quality photos.
• Offers autofocus while capturing the crystal clear photos.
• Supports both of the front and back cameras.
• You can adjust flash, brightness, sharpness and so on.
• Offers color splash effect to highlight colors.
• Provides camera timer too.

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14. Sweet Snap

Sweet-SnapAgain it’s an amusing selfie expert. It is Sweet Snap, another breath-taking camera app that can enhance the quality of your photos with stunning effects using artificial intelligence. It is very easy to use, and the selfie lovers get more from it as it provides lots of beautifying effect to those selfies. Sweet Snap is like a combination of user-friendly approach and tons of trendy features. Let’s have a look at them.

Special Features

• You can capture selfies with lots of cute animal stickers.
• You can also add texts and memes to customize your photos.
• Provides tons of filters.
• Offers lots of unique visual effects to beautify the photos.
• Full-free.
• Very easy to use and lightweight.

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15. Retrica

RetricaTo store gorgeous and efficient photos in your phone gallery, you must need a peerless Camera App for Android. For this, Retrica is a very good option for you. Retrica is not just a camera service but a specialized editor and modifier. You can enjoy tons of its mind-blowing features that are good to turn your ordinary photo into a profile-changing one. So, you can have a glance at its important features.

Important Features

• Provides more than 100 camera filters.
• Offers powerful and professional tools for taking selfies.
• Provides color pop and vintage effects like a photography app.
• Let you add funny stickers, stamps, doodles, and texts to customize photos.
• Provides an option for instant college and multiple looks.
• Let you share your photo via different social media.

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16. Bestie – Camera360 Selfie

Bestie-Camera360-SelfieFor the selfie-loving besties, Camera360 has presented Bestie, another prominent Camera App for Android. It is a unique and easy to camera and photo editing app. While taking selfies and photos, Bestie will provide such beautiful effects that will enhance the photo quality and appearance to make it your favourite one. Also, it includes a handful of attractive features. Let’s get a meet with them here.

Special Features

• Works as an all in one selfie camera.
• Let you add texts, memes, and emojis on the photos.
• You can use a huge number of cute stickers while taking photos and selfies.
• Provides hear makeup, jewellery, cap, etc. on the photos.
• Offers professional portrait photo filters.

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17. Night Camera

Night-CameraNight Camera is a full-featured and ideal Camera App for Android. It is not only good to take selfies but also great for captures any kind of photos. It can provide tons of amazing effects to enhance photo quality and appearance. Night Camera is really admired greatly for being a great all-purpose camera app. However, let’s see what are the most impressive features of this stunning camera app.

Important Features

• Provides photo effects with no blur and noise.
• You can edit photos when to take photos and provides tons of effects.
• Provides options for zoom, location tagging, flash control, and shutter mute.
• Great to shoot indoor and in the night and evening.
• Able to capture high-quality images with low lights.

More info & Download

18. BestMe Selfie Camera

BestMe-Selfie-CameraNow meet BestMe Selfie Camera, one of the most downloaded and must-try free camera apps for Android. This fast and easy to use a camera is specially designed to clink special selfies. But it can also make good normal photos. This app provides lots of attractive and cute effects so that you can customize your photos as you want to. However, let’s have a glimpse at the special features of this app.

Special Features

• Let you add text, memes, and emojis on your photos.
• Includes a good number of cute stickers.
• Very good to provide blur and noise-free Effects.
• Provides options for emoji photo and Mirror photo.
• Provides camera timer so that you can make a perfect click.

More info & Download

19. O2Cam

O2CamSimple but sophisticated photos that’s all you need and O2Cam can help getting the best in your daily photography. For many users, it is the perfect Camera App for Android. It lets you take breathtaking photos while keeping it natural looking with its added AI features. Also, this amazing app is lightweight and very easy to use. Only a few clicks are okay to beautify a photo. However, let’s have a look at its features.

Important Features

• Helps you keep the texture of your photo while using beauty effect.
• Provides a set of effective tools and presets for filtering photos.
• Gives of dozens of facial adjustments to mix up and edit your photos at ease.
• Includes SmartAI a brand new addition that helps you take photos with no worries in any environment and settings.
• You can take your selfies and customize at your will.
• You can take professional-grade photos with fun.

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20. Meitu

MeituMeitu is another great camera app you can get from play store for free. It is not just any other common day to day app, it is selfie optimized, and one can have lots of effect in one place while taking photos. It is equipped with artificial intelligence for photo taking and easy editing assistance. Instant beautification and art-grade effects are its unique quality that makes this app apart from others. Let’s see what’s more it will provide.

Important Features

• Provides unique Art Photo effect for professional-grade photo quality.
• Gives instant beautification effect in both selfie and regular modes.
• You can edit photos even while taking photos and provides tons of effects.
• Includes retouch features for precision editing and other handy options like blur, smooth, and sharpness.
• Let you use lots of customizable stickers and animation effects.
• Helps you take the best shot using Artificial intelligence.

More info & download

Final Thought

Have you already chosen a matchless Camera App for Android? If not, don’t get confused. Think about your expectation. If you think you need more than one app for different purposes, you can have them because all of them are free and lightweight. They don’t take a bigger space in your phone memory. I hope, If you pay concentration on the details you will be able to find out the perfect Camera App that will suit you the most.

Let us know about the app or apps you are selected and always keep in touch to get reviews and information about more apps. Also, don’t forget to comment and give suggestions if you have any for us.


  1. Geez… this was not what I expected. Whole article seemed to be geared towards selfies. The google gcam didn’t make the top 20 apps ? Maybe you should get out more..


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