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10 Best Crypto Games for Android: Play and Earn Real Cash

Just ask 10 people about whether it’s possible to earn money just by playing games. I can guarantee 9 of them will say no except for streaming live games on different streaming sites. But do you know that there are games that let you earn cryptocurrencies? Even if it sounds weird, it’s true. Indeed, there’s a genre called crypto games for Android that lets players earn rewards and exchange them with cryptocurrencies.

Well, I’m sure that you have been looking for such a game for a long time so that you can have a valid reason to answer your mom, who keeps saying that you are playing games for nothing. So, if you really want to earn by playing silly games, first learn what crypto games are.

What is A Crypto Game?

Generally, the crypto game is the short form of the cryptocurrency game. The game designers made this type of game with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in its core mechanics. These games utilize the blockchain’s decentralized ledger for ownership, trade, and unique item verification within the game’s ecosystem.

So, players can buy, sell, or trade in-game assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Some of the crypto games come with play-to-earn mechanics. This system simply lets players earn cryptocurrency or in-game assets by participating in various activities.

They also offer true ownership of in-game items in some cases. These games simply ensure a player-driven economy. But not all crypto games work to let players earn or tread. Only a few games available on Android have real-time cryptocurrency features with them.

Best Crypto Games for Android That Pay Players

So, you have to learn how a crypto game can pay you. Now, let’s break the myth that no game will pay you. Even if it’s a little bit difficult and time-consuming, there are some Android games that really let you earn cryptocurrencies that you can withdraw as cash. All these games are available in the Play Store. Let’s check them out.

1. Bitcoin Blast – Earn Bitcoin!

Bitcoin BlastLet’s start with Bitcoin Blast, a very popular Android crypto game. It’s a mobile match-three game that offers a unique opportunity to earn Bitcoin or cash out via PayPal. And for that, you just need to play the game. However, the game’s core mechanics are all about matching colorful tiles on hundreds of different levels.

While playing, you’ll be rewarded with Bling Points for each completed level. Later on, you can convert the points into Bitcoin through Coinbase or cash out in USD via PayPal. You need to register and log in before starting to earn Bling Points. Besides, it won’t ask you for complex requirements or obstacles.

However, while playing this game, I found something very disappointing. The earnings in Bitcoin Blast are quite small, and it may take a significant amount of gameplay to make a meaningful amount of cryptocurrency or cash. But the game’s addictive nature will lead you to spend excessive time playing for small rewards.

2. Crypto Trillionaire

Crypto Trillionaire, crypto games for AndroidThe second recommendation is Crypto Trillionaire. Well, I won’t say that you can be a trillionaire just by playing this game, but you can make money for sure. However, this one is a mining game where the gold coins won’t be on the phone screen but also come in your hand as crypto cash.

In this game, you will have around 40 mines with 30 altcoins that you can unlock to transfer them into cryptocurrencies. And what made me astonished about this game is its online earning system. That means you can upgrade the mines and then earn from them even if you have no internet connection.

NFT Side Hustle Event is the newest addition to this game, and you must get a hint of an innovative NFT system here. However, the same problem is here too. You can earn a very small amount from this game. You will need to play for a long time to get some cash. Otherwise, everything is satisfying.

3. Tap Fantasy: Crypto & NFT Games

Tap FantasyHow about a splendid adventure game that will simply pay you off just for leveling up? If it sounds amazing, just try Tap Fantasy. It’s an MMORPG game for Android that features crypto and NFT functions. That means it has blockchain integration with which you can earn real cash via cryptocurrency by playing this game.

In this game, you can train your own hero and finally explore the fantasy mythical universe with the hero. I loved the ancient artifacts of this game that seemed unmatched to me. Besides, I can’t help but appreciate its gameplay, graphics, and specifically the sound that will boost your interest to play this game continuously.

However, the blockchain technology used in this game is advanced and innovative. That’s why I found it easier to make a decent amount of crypto cash while playing this game. The best part is you’ll never get bored, no matter whether you wish to earn or just enjoy this adventure game for Android.

4. War of Ants – Blockchain Game

War of AntsWar of Ants is another blockchain Game that comes with innovative real-time PvP mobile strategy gameplay. It combines the thrill of war with blockchain technology. While playing this game, I had to play the role of ant colony queen, and then I got engaged in fierce competition against other colonies worldwide.

However, this game requires PvP tickets to initiate battles, which you can only obtain through daily rewards. You can also purchase them with in-game scrap-bits. Here, you have to strategize and command your ant armies to secure victory.

Well, the play-to-earn potential in this game is pretty good. You can earn in-game rewards to trade the NFT assets and the unique theme of ant colonies battling for supremacy. However, the requirement for PvP tickets may limit the frequency of battles for some players. Besides, it takes a lot to earn the NFT amount that you can get in cash.

5. Crypto Cats

Crypto Cats, crypto games for AndroidIs that a cat lover there? If yes, why don’t you start playing Crypto Cats? Well, it’s another must-try Android crypto game that offers a unique gaming experience within the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You can merge and collect various “catstar” characters in this game. But what I loved the most was the role of a cat who explored exciting virtual worlds and earned crypto rewards and coveted NFTs.

Another incredible feature of this game is the “Bingo” game mode. It will let you open capsules and receive LIS tokens. Thus, you can collect NFT cards to earn real-time cash. The game is designed with the play-to-earn model, and it lets you earn LIS tokens by completing daily quests.

Additionally, this popular Android cat game offers an enticing Wheel of Fortune feature that grants boxes with NFT game items, income boosts, and more. You can even receive income, though earnings cease 24 hours, even after quitting the game. But you have to ensure continuous gameplay to maximize rewards and the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. So it takes longer to get enough money to withdraw.

6. CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Game

CropBytesHow about an Android farming game that lets you earn cryptocurrencies? If that sounds good to you, try CropBytes. This game will introduce you to the exciting world of cryptocurrency earning through a unique farming simulation. Here, you can build and expand your virtual farming empire, engaging in activities like growing crops and raising animals.

Thus, you can trade assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), CBX tokens, and the game’s native cryptocurrency. This game also offers a complimentary trial pack to help beginners ease into the gameplay and start their crypto journey. You can accomplish its weekly fishing tournaments to compete globally on leaderboards and earn rewards.

The game also encourages strategic thinking as players aim to maximize their crypto earnings through various in-game activities. However, I guess the game’s success may be influenced by the volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets. Still, it is possible to earn real cash from this game.

7. Crypto Dragons – NFT & Web3

Crypto DragonsYou can also play Crypto Dragons to earn real-time cryptocurrencies. This one combines dragon merging, exploration, and blockchain technology. You can collect eggs to get over 100 unique dragon species. Each of them will have stunning designs while venturing into various worlds and completing daily quests for cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.

You can also open capsules to collect NFT cards and test your luck. This game is designed with the “play-to-earn” concept, where you’ll get rewards with digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Besides, this one is not a boring crypto game. Indeed, it’s pretty much addictive.

But I guess newcomers to blockchain technology may find it challenging to navigate the game’s crypto-related features. Also, as this game really pays, competition is fierce, and it’s pretty difficult for the new players to earn significant rewards. So, what I’m trying to say is it’s relatively difficult to earn from this game.

8. mCrypto: Play to Earn Crypto

mCryptoThis one is not a joke. Even if this game seems pretty boring, so many people are earning by playing in mCrypto. The rewards of this game will be available in the form of Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Ripple, and BNB. Isn’t it fun? To me, it wasn’t actually too funny because it takes a lot of time just to earn a few coins.

However, if you have enough time and patience to play this game continuously, I’m sure you’ll earn a lot. Well, the good news is this is not a single game. Indeed, it’s a collection of a lot of games from which you might find your favorite time-pass game. So, don’t worry about this game being boring.

Well, the best part of this game is the choice available for you to choose your rewards as Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Ripple, and BNB. So, whatever option is available on your bank card, you can choose to get cash just by playing silly games.

9. Ethereum Blast – Earn ETH

Ethereum Blast, crypto games for AndroidDo you love Candy Crush games? If yes, you will love to play Ethereum Blast. But instead of virtual candies, this one will give you rewards that you can withdraw as cash to buy real-time candies. I won’t say that it’s a very addictive game; if you play this game in your leisure, it will pay you for real.

As I have said before, you just have to match colorful bricks like you did with colorful candies in the Candy Crush game. However, you should remember that you won’t get a reward unless you fulfill the target. And this is not so easy.

Ethereum Blast comes with hundreds of levels, so you won’t be able to finish this game so easily. But what might disappoint you is its difficult targets and slow-earning missions. You might have to play a lot of levels to earn some coins. Otherwise, everything is just perfect here.

10. Champion Strike: Crypto Arena

Champion StrikeThe last one is Champion Strike, a crypto arena game for PvP strategy lovers. If you just skip the earning feature, it’s a pretty addictive game, unlike most Crypto games for Android. There are sword fights, battles, and wars. You can try the melee attack championship event and get more rewards.

Well, you can convert all the rewards into real-time cryptocurrencies. Later on, you can withdraw them as real cash. To play this game, you have to earn tokens from the daily quest and then join the battle. If you wish, you will be rewarded. The strategy is simple, but winning the battle is difficult. As it pays, the pro players will always be ready to defeat you.

However, from my findings, this one is another difficult-to-earn game. Even if it pays, you shouldn’t expect a big amount in the beginning. Aldo, after being skilled, you will need time to earn a decent amount of money. It took a few days for me to earn my first coin.

Wrapping Up

So, earning money directly from games is not impossible when you have these crypto games for Android. I’m not sure whether you will really love to enjoy these games, but you can try them at your leisure. Yet, when you have an earning wish in mind, it won’t seem that much boring.

Now, tell us which one you are planning to try first. For me, Crypto Dragons and Crypto Cats seemed to be the best pieces. You can start with these two games. Well, don’t forget to inform your friends about these games. Thank you for your time.

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