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Best Adventure Games for Android: Top 10 Reviewed for You

Adventure games are one of the most popular genres in the world of the Android games. People, especially the young generation are always keen to have an experience of an adventure. But getting fewer opportunities, they often try to play some adventure games. But this is a very complicated genre as it contains games of almost all other genres like arcade, puzzles, action, horror, and so on. So, it becomes very tough to find out an exciting adventure game. This is why, for you, I have handcrafted a list of 10 best Adventure Games for Android.

Best Adventure Games for Android

As I have said it a minute ago that the genre of the adventure games contains games of other genres, you have to spend a few minutes to choose the best one for you to give a try. Here, I have added important features and descriptions with them. Think about which genre you like most and then take a glimpse of the features. Hopefully, you will find your desired game among these 10 best Adventure Games for Android. So, best of luck.

1. Jungle Adventure 2

Jungle-Adventures-2I recommend Jungle Adventure 2 for them who are willing to experience some adventure in the jungle. It is one of the best Adventure games for Android that you will get completely free. In this game, Addu is an adventurer who wants to save all the fruits of the jungle from a magician who uses those fruits to get immortality. However, let’s see what are the features of this game.

Important Features

• Provides a stunning game story.
• Addu can jump, swim and threw stones.
• The control over the phone screen is smooth and simple.
• You can explore the jungles freely.
• You will have a per, Bullion on your journey.
• A kind of slide scrolling type adventure game.

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2. Swordigo

SwordigoLet’s try another one among the best Adventure Games for Android, Swordigo. Here, you can adventure through the dark caves and through many dangerous pathways. You have to explore to find out some legendary swords. The game strategies are easy and perceivable. Also, the features of this game are interesting and exciting. Let’s have a look over them below.

Important Features

• You can enjoy the experience while exploring through the magic realms of dungeons, towns, treasures and devious monsters.
• The screen control is easy and smooth.
• You can customize the control operation easily.
• You will have lots of weapons and spells while being in exploration.
• Amazing game story and awesome visual graphics.

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3. Alice in the Mirrors of Albino

Alice-in-the-Mirrors-of-AlbionLet’s meet another adventure game, Alice in the Mirrors of Albino. While playing this game you will find yourself in the Victorian era of London. The place is known as Albino. You have to solve the puzzle and all the unexplained mystery of Albino just like Alice did in Wonderland. So, the game story is interesting and you will soon get addicted to it. Let’s see what it will offer

Important Features

• In the game, you have to uncover the hidden objects.
• Provides satisfying visual graphics and mysterious sound effects.
• The game control is smooth and easy.
• You have to immerse yourself in the mysterious detective story.
• You will meet lots of characters and situations to solve the puzzles.
• You can enjoy this game while being offline.

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4. Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Games

Ghost-Town-AdventuresMeet a true adventure game with a twist of supernaturalism, Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Games. In accordance with the player’s reviews, it is one of the best Adventure Games for Android. Here, you have to meet Anna and will enter into the city where the inhabitants are ghosts. And your task is to find out the evil plan and save the city. Let’s see what’s more it will provide.

Important Features

• Provides satisfying visual graphics and scary sound effects.
• You will meet over 100 people along with their stories.
• The game strategies are easy and perceivable.
• The plot is exciting.
• You have to find out the hidden objects to solve the mystery.
• You have to fight against enemies like evil spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants, and so on.

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5. Escape Game: Home town Adventure

Escape-gameGet ready to involve yourself with another one among the best Adventure Games for Android, Escape Game: Home town Adventure. It really an exciting game where you will be given tons of rooms full of puzzles to solve. The game strategies and plots are interesting. Also, it includes a good number of amazing features. If you are interested you can have a look over them.

Important Features

• Provides impressive visual graphics with every little detail.
• A mysterious sound system that will increase your excitement.
• Provides tons of rooms that are full of different puzzles.
• A kind of puzzle game with a twist of adventurous operations.
• Offers unlimited hints.
• You can enjoy it while being offline.

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6. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry-PotterAre you a fan of Harry Potter and also, want to enjoy some best Adventure Games for Android? You know, I have something for you like a combination of your desires. Let’s play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Here, you will have your own adventure in the Wizarding World. You are free to form your adventures by choosing your story. Also, this game includes a lot of amazing features. Let’s have a glimpse at them.

Important Features

• Provides tons of magic, spells and new characters.
• You are allowed to customize your student avatars.
• You will make friends and meet new peoples.
• Provides amazing music and sound effects.
• The graphics and animation are also satisfying.
• You have to discover the truth behind the cursed vaults.
• You can unlock a new portion, spells, and kinds of magic.

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7. Fantastic Beast: Cases

Fantastic-BeastsIf you are not the Harry Potter fan and a die-hard fan of the Fantastic Beast then I have another option for you. Say hello to Fantastic Beast: Cases. Remember that in this game you the head of the magical ministry. So, you have to find out all the mysterious phenomena that are happening in your region. However, if you want, you can have a glance over the features of this game.

Important Features

• Provides amazing visual graphics with every little detail.
• Completely based on JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts.
• Exciting music and sound effects.
• Free to install and update.
• You can customize the characters and skills.
• You can use tons of spells, potions, weapons, and tactics.

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8. Criminal Case

Criminal-CaseIf you want to experience a real adventure game with a twist of detection they embrace Criminal Case. Here you will meet various characters like the head of a detection team, a forensic expert and so on. All you have to do is to solve the puzzle to find out the evidence of a murder. Also, the game tactics and features and very exciting. Let’s meet them in short.

Important Features

• To play you will need an internet connection.
• You can be contacted with your Facebook friends.
• Provides tons of levels and puzzles.
• Have a timer approach to not to make you too much addictive.
• Provides challenging puzzles to find out the mysteries.
• Every level has murderous activities or criminal acts that are full of mystery.

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9. Murder in the Alps

Murder-in-the-AlpsNow I am going to suggest you another adventure game that is called Murder in the Alps. It is the best crime oriented adventure game where you will have to look for clues and many the challenging task. The game is based on a great storyline and graphics quality is amazing. Let’s take a look into the main features of the game in the following section.

Important Features

• Provides interactive gameplay with a fascinating storyline and movie-like experience.
• Includes a set of the early 1900s and investigating elements.
• Includes lots of characters to interact with.
• Equipped with great sound effects and stunning in-game graphics.
• Includes lots of in-game achievements and exciting missions.
• Includes mini-games inside the game.

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10. Survival Island – Wild Escape

Survival-IslandLastly, I will suggest you another adventure game called Survival Island – Wild Escape. It is also known as one of the best adventure games for Android with a great storyline. This game gives you an action-packed adventure that you can enjoy at any time anywhere. Let’s go through some of its key features in the next section. This makes you more specific.

Important Features

• Includes shooting, hunting, and elements of FPS-style gameplay.
• You will find freedom in action and numerous adventure missions.
• Includes wildernesses and zombie killing for amazing hunting experience.
• Equipped with a variety of weapons choice such as guns, axes, etc.
• Provides realistic gameplay and stunning graphics.
• The game is always updating with new content.

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Bottom Line 

I am pretty sure that almost all of them are worth downloading. Even, all of these games are known as the best Adventure games for Android. They are clean and exciting. The list also includes adventure games of different genres like puzzles, arcade, horror, action and so on. This is why you should pay your concentration on the features and descriptions.

Let me know about which game you have installed to give a try. Always stay with us with your precious comments and feedback.


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