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10 Best Girls Games for Android | Must-Try for Teenage and Young Girls

Regardless of gender, teenagers always love to play games on smartphones. Most of the time, we get racing games, shooting, fighting, and strategy games that many teenage girls don’t particularly like and looking for something more organized and calming. However, most of the time, kids and teenage girls prefer cooking games, salon games, etc. Still, some of them also like detective games and home designing games. Whatever the categories are, it must be relaxing and not very much associated with violence. However, if you are looking for the best girl’s games for Android, I think you are right on your way.

Best Girls Games for Android Device

Like most of the time, we research for the best games of a particular genre; for today’s topic, we also rapidly search for the player’s reviews, gameplay, interface, sounds, graphics, and availability. Unfortunately, it is so fortunate that we get a lot of popular girls’ games for your Android device and even we are confused about what to list here and what we should leave.

However, we tried to cover up the most popular girls’ gaming genres, and I am pretty sure that you will get your favorite one from the below list. I also suggest you check the details of the games to get a clear idea of these games.

1. Cooking City: chef, restaurant, and cooking games

Cooking City: chef, restaurant, and cooking gamesLet’s start it with a popular cooking game for girls. Cooking City comes with very fast cooking gameplay that will never let you get bored. This game contains tons of levels that will constantly get upgraded and bring new features for you. Appliances like Espresso machines, Pizza ovens, etc., are here to use. Whenever you upgrade them, they can help you do things more quickly to maintain time. For the best chef skills, you will earn more and more customers in each city.

Important Features

  • More than 200 dishes to cook, including burgers, hot dogs, pizza, waffles, and many more.
  • Up to 300 levels have a lot of different goals to achieve in each.
  • Hundreds of flavorful ingredients to use, and you can upgrade them.
  • There are big bonuses, rewarding combos, and so much more.
  • Dozens of restaurants are here with distinctive themes and utensils.
  • Fresh ingredients, double Sales, etc., can get you more money.

Pros: When you aim at special cooking goals, you can apply magic boosts and special pans. Also, you will have challenges to complete within a limited time.

Cons: Sometimes, the levels seemed too hard to pass for some users.


2. Criminal Case

Criminal CaseCriminal Case is one of the public favorites, and so we cannot help listing it here in the best girls games for Android. It is completely free for all users and also includes an optional in-app purchases section to access the premium features and additional amenities. In addition, you can play it on your devices without thinking about support issues or internal storage.

You will play as an investigator and look into endless cases as you level up. This game offers beautiful graphics and captivating gameplay sessions. So, get ready to explore numerous crimes around the sophisticated city.

Important Features

  • It offers many missions that require your skills to find hidden objects and clues.
  • You can interact with in-game NPCs as suspects and interrogate them to find out real criminals.
  • You have to go through numerous clues and samples to mark the real pieces of evidence for your case.
  • This game includes numerous crime scenes within Grimsborough city.
  • It offers stunning in-game environments with high-quality visual effects.
  • You have to solve objectives within the time limit to get additional points.
  • This game runs flawlessly on both Android phones and tablets.

Pros: The touch responsiveness within the game interface is very smooth. It offers a rare puzzle-solving and adventurous gameplay.

Cons: The basic version of the game offers frequent ads within the game interface.


3. Hello Kitty Nail Salon

Hello Kitty Nail Salon, best girls games for AndroidThe status of a superstar nail designer is on your way in Hello Kitty Nail Salon. You can create adorable manicures with your favorite character Hello Kitty in your salon shop. Here, the game is filled up with different customization options and stunning nail art designs. You have freedom of choice so that you can explore various possibilities. Also, you can take part in the challenges. Plus, this game has a user-friendly interface, and it is compatible with Android Tablets as well.

Important Features

  • Variety of nail shapes, backgrounds, polish colors, patterns, and so on.
  • A lot of Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Chococat, Badtz-Maru, Tuxedosam, etc., are there.
  • In Match This, you can copy a manicure to see how much skill you gained.
  • FreeStyle will let you design unmatched manicures in your own way.
  • If you can prove your creative skills, you will earn cute stars.
  • Here you can take a picture of your hand or your friend’s and then apply manicures.

Pros: This game allows you to save your designs from the album. Initially, you can share your creation with others.

Cons: You cannot change the position of your hand while taking pictures.


4. Design Home: House Renovation

Design Home: House RenovationCreative games like Design Home are always on the top of the young girls’ list of favorites. This fun game has three-dimensional spaces like a bathroom, kitchen, and more, which you have designed with diverse decorative styles. Every day, new pieces of different furnishing will be included here. In addition, you with learn about trends and apply them to your designs. The challenges are from around the world. And, the control system of the game is smooth enough to blow your mind.

Important Features

  • Daily Design Challenges will test your skill creativity.
  • Home makeover games can get you many rewards if you can prove your interior decorator abilities.
  • As you progress to the upper levels, you will get access to ‘My Homes’, where you can design a dream house for yourself.
  • Real-life and high-end brands are available to choose from for interior decoration.
  • You can join the original artistic community in this game.
  • If you like a room from the various options, you can vote for that.

Pros: Your creations are shareable with friends and family. Moreover, you can borrow furnishings from them.


5. Frippa Games for Girls

Frippa Games for GirlsFrippa Games for Girls is regarded as one of the best girl games for Android for its versatile gameplay. It is a collection of games that are designed with girls’ favorite items. You will get makeovers, dress-up, cooking, and other activity-based games within this game. The overall gameplay and visual effects of this game are flawless.

You will love the mini-games instantly, and surely you will come back for more. The gameplay is familiar and casual, and you don’t need to tear down your brain cells to play it. Check out the following features before downloading the game.

Important Features

  • You can play this game without any internet connection in offline mode.
  • The touch responsiveness of the game interface is very smooth and lag-free.
  • Its realistic haircuts games offer many ideas that you can try in real life.
  • You will have a borderless screen on most Android phones and tablets natively.
  • It is safe and does not include any harmful software component within the game files.
  • This game offers eye-catching and colorful graphics.

Pros: This game is completely free to play, and anyone can play without any hassles. You will get new mini-games on a weekly basis program.

Cons: Some players did not like the short gameplay.


6. Sky Girls – Flight Attendants

Sky Girls - Flight Attendants, best girls games for AndroidTabTale brings out Sky Girls, the Flight Attendants, a well-reviewed and the best single-player girl game for Android. The gameplay is based on simulation, and you will have to play the role of an elegant flight attendant. It includes almost all the fancy things a girl likes. You can play this casual game at any time as it works in offline mode.

Moreover, it does not require flagship-grade hardware to run smoothly. The overall package of this game is very light yet offers beautiful graphics and sound effects. The following features will surely encourage you to try this game out.

Important Features

  • You need to look gorgeous and majestic to become the best cabin crew within the game.
  • It offers tonnes of dresses and makeover tools.
  • You will have a beautiful suitcase that helps on the go and keep in-game items within it.
  • You will have activities such as taking care of the passengers, preparing food, providing food to the passengers, cleaning up the plane, and much more.
  • This exciting simulation game includes a lot of interaction with the passengers on board, and you need to make the right choices to serve them right.
  • You can take selfies in numerous famous places as you roam around the world.

Pros: It includes a bunch of exotic locations to explore. This game also includes an existing tower control mini-game along with the main game.

Cons: You might not like the frequent advertisements within the game interface.


7. My Home – Design Dreams

My Home - Design DreamsMy Home offers fun and interesting gifts for decorating houses. You can master your skills in interior designing and home makeovers. The game has an emotional story that will touch your heart. You can earn money and stars if you have creative skills. Additionally, here you have lively characters to accompany you. You can design a balcony, backyard, pools, and more. Besides, there are a lot of colorful festivals too. Let’s see what’s more it will offer.

Important Features

  • Home decorating and match-3 puzzles are together to enjoy here.
  • You can design the houses creatively, just the way you want.
  • At the match-3 levels, there are exciting blast boosters.
  • With the unique characters, you will get a bunch of surprises.
  • A variety of 3D furniture is there to decorate any room.
  • Huge options for rooms such as bedrooms, living room, study room, and many more are available.

Pros: There are weekday and weekend events where you can participate. In those events, you will get to design special homes.

Cons: The levels seemed harder to pass for some users.


8. Masha and the Bear: House Cleaning Games for Girls

Masha and the Bear: House Cleaning Games for GirlsHippo kids games brought the popular Masha and the Bear series, also known as the best girls’ games for Android. And most of the baby girls like to play the cleaning series of this game. The whole game is so colorful that any kid will adore it. With this game, your child will grow cleaning habits.

They can even decorate the house in their own way. The preschool toddlers will enjoy the game and have fun with it. Besides, when they get bored of cleaning, they can even fly on the broomstick.

Important Features

  • Not only cleaning rooms but also a bunch of fun activities like organizing toys and washing laundry are to do there.
  • Little Taylor can make the herbarium and burst the soap bubbles ready for you.
  • Various spaces are designed: bedroom, courtyard, kitchen, and many more.
  • Characters from the cartoon series will assist your baby girl in the tasks.
  • Little girls need to help Masha to find several things.
  • This game helps the kids with motor skills and concentration improvement.

Pros: There are so many mini-games for kids, and they all are free of cost. Again, toddlers can choose any outfit for Masha.

Cons: There is nothing to spend with the candy.


9. It Girl – Fashion Celebrity and Dress Up Game

It Girl - Fashion Celebrity and Dress Up GameYou can also try a popular dress-up game which is an all-time favorite for little girls. It Girl has come with tons of celebrities’ dress-up gameplay. Your girl has to start the journey with the main character Tina. The story begins with an invitation to a celebrity party. Additionally, a huge number of locations include more variety of themes with them. Here, your girl has to help Tina get ready with the perfect outfit to compliment a location.

Important Features

  • Along with the appearance change, you can blog, text, or do so many activities.
  • Personalization is available for face-to-skin tone.
  • Total 7 varieties of themes are in the party at the specific scenes.
  • Little girls can create inspiration to match the theme.
  • They can take part in the competition by creating the best looks.
  • If a participant wins in the competition, they can gain more rewards.

Pros: When your toddler does well in the competition, she will get a higher ranking. Moreover, there is a variety of unique jewelry to match the outfits.

Cons: This game has complaints of having many ads.


10. Food Truck Chef Emily’s Restaurant Cooking Games

Food Truck Chef Emily's Restaurant Cooking Games, best girls games for AndroidA variety of delicious dishes are now getting ready at the Food Truck Chef Emily’s Restaurant. And you can be the chef there to make money and to get your desired home. Well, this ultimate cooking game can be a great source of a fan for kids and teenage girls. It’s relaxing though time management is a big concern here.

There are several characters such as Victoria, Emily, Flo, and more. In addition, a bunch of other mini-games like kitchen scramble, dash games, kitchen challenges, cafe games, dairy games, etc., is also here.

Important Features

  • More than 700 tasty dishes from around the globe are available in this game.
  • There are about 680 levels full of fun to experiment with different recipes.
  • All the dishes are served in 17 locations, including BBQ street, Pasta street, Pizza street, Bakers street, etc.
  • As your kid progresses in the game, they can unlock new items and upgrade them.
  • Food Truck is to furnish in a cool way, and at the Food Street Carnival, your child can compete with other chefs.
  • Here, your toddler can get a lot of gems and achievements.

Pros: Star Haul event is held weekly with new themes. Initially, your little girl can collect stars there.

Cons: Some users complained about the control system.


Our Recommendations

It’s only a list of the 10 best girls games for Android. So, we couldn’t include most other popular games from Playstore. If you don’t like any games from the list, you can simply search on the PlayStore to get your favorite game. And if you are confused about what to try first from the list, I can eventually help you with a few options.

If you like to try a parlor or beauty salon game, then you should first try IT Girls or Red Carpet Dress Up. Next, you can try cooking in the Kitchen or Food Truck if cooking is your future passion. And finally, if you are not young enough to like salon or cooking games, then Criminal Case will suit you the best.

Finally, Insights

Not all girls like salons or cooking games for sure. Some like war games and racing games too. But we tried to list only girl themes games here. So you can pick a game from here for your kids or even for yourself to enjoy your leisure. Hopefully, you will get back your old day’s nostalgic feeling again.

However, don’t forget to inform me which game you have chosen to try first. Also, stay with us to learn about more games and apps to make your life entertained and comfortable. Thank you for your endless support.

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