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15 Best Linux for Kids | Let Your Kids Learn Linux with Fun

Are you thinking of the best Linux for kids? If not, you should start thinking now. Linux is the most powerful operating system nowadays, and it will be the future ruling OS. Linux is everywhere. Starting from your desktop, laptop, and mobile, it also rules servers, workstations, air traffic control systems, cars, and many more. And we know that our kids are the asset of the future.

Don’t you think you should make your kids comfortable with the future? The capability of learning new things works mostly in childhood. The curiosity of kids and their eagerness to know about new things is such a blessing. People never forget the skills they learned in their childhood. It’s the best time to introduce your kids to the kid-friendly Linux.

Best Linux for Kids

Linux comes with a wide range of different distros. You can easily get confused about choosing the best Linux distro for your children. Here I’m to help you get out of the confusion. Today, I will share a genetic list of the 15 best Linux for kids. Choose wisely.

1. Edubuntu

Edubuntu is the Education Edition of Ubuntu. It’s a free Linux for kids. With the cooperation of the teachers and educationists, Canonical developed this education edition as a kid-friendly Linux.

They designed Edubuntu so parents and teachers can easily teach it to children in schools and at home. Edubuntu is very easy to teach and also learn. Try it. It comes with the option to use it either as a complete operating system or a live CD.

Get Edubuntu

2. Sugar On A Stick-SOAS

Sugar is another best Linux for kids. This Linux distro for kids is based on Fedora. The most interesting fact about Sugar is you can use it as a desktop environment on pc for kids, plus you can also download it on a USB stick.

That’s why it’s also known as SOAS- Sugar On A Stick. SOAS is a live USB operating system of Fedora. You can also install it on your computer. It’s also a kid-friendly distro that helps kids learn computers with fun in a very simple and better way.

Get Sugar On A Stick

3. Debian Edu / Skolelinux

You can also use Skolelinux or DebianEdu as the best Linux for kids. In the beginning, DebianEdu and Skolelinux were two different operating systems for kids. But DebianEdu joined Skolelinux, and now they are together with the same Linux distro for kids.

Debian Edu or SkolelinuxThis is a Debian-based Linux distro. Skolelinux’s name came from the Norwegian word ‘Skole.’ Which means school. Its basic design is developed especially for schools to teach children easily.

Get Debian Edu or Skolelinux

4. Qimo 4 Kids

Qimo 4 Kids is a free and open-source Ubuntu-based operating system used on pc for kids. It contained many pre-installed educational applications and games for kids under 3 or above.

Qimo 4 KidsQimo 4 Kids uses the Xfce desktop environment. Sadly, it’s not an individual operating system anymore. But it allows you to download its older version, games, and wallpapers on Ubuntu. This project is discontinued, but still, you can grab a version for your kids.

Get Qimo 4 Kids

5. Ubermix

Another best Linux for kids is Ubermix. It’s a Linux distro for kids, entirely free and based on Ubuntu. Ubermix is primarily an educational, kid-friendly Linux. Its basic focus is to reduce the complexity for the students to learn the computer.

Even teachers feel comfortable teaching their students without any difficulty or problems. Ubermix comes with both the installation image and the VirtualBox virtual appliance image. The latest version of Ubermix also provides touch support.

Get Ubermix

6. OpenSUSE: Education-Li-f-e

Like Canonical Ltd., the OpenSUSE community also tried to develop a Linux distro for children. They named their Linux for kids the OpenSUSE: Education-Li-f-e. It’s an education-based Linux distro for kids. Here, the part ‘Li-f-e’ means ‘Linux for Education.’

openSUSE EducationYou can use it for personal purposes or your kid’s education as well. It has many educational applications such as Brain Workshop, GCompris, TuxPaint, Stellarium, gElemental, and many more.

Get openSUSE Education

7. DoudouLinux

Another amazing Linux distro for children is DoudouLinux. DoudouLinux is a Linux-based operating system that you can use on your pc for kids from 2 to 12 years old. It comes with a huge number of applications for children to learn the computer, play games, and discover new things and ideas.

DoudouLinuxThe most amazing fact about DoudouLinux is parents don’t need to guard their children while using it. It prevents restricted content and adds to the web pages automatically. Though it’s not under active development still, you can grab it and test yourself.

Get DoudouLinux

8. LinuxKidX


LinuxKidX can also be on the list of Linux for kids. It is free and based on Slackware distro. KDE is its default desktop environment. Children from 2 to 15 years old are the primary users of LinuxKidX.

LinuxKidX comes with a package of interesting educational programs on pc for kids. The application package contains programs like ChildsPlay, KGeography, Kalzium, KWordQuiz, KTouch, KStars, and many more. The only problem is it has poor community support.

Get LinuxKidX

9. KnoSciences

knosciencesYou can also try KnoSciences. KnoSciences is a Linux distro for kids based on Knoppix. It has a huge collection of powerful, amazing free applications and latex software like Texmacs and Lyx. The interesting part is KnoSciences comes with a bootable CD, and there’s no requirement for installation.

It provides automatic hardware detection and Linux/GNU software. KnoSciences also supports many SCSI and USB devices, sound cards, and graphics cards. It’s also discontinued. Still, you can get a copy of that Linux for kids.

Get KnoSciences

10. Kano

Kano is not only an OS but also a whole computer set. It teaches kids about the computer from the core. Kano OS comes with a set of kits that helps children learn to design a computer, build it from the ground, and create codes for its games and applications.

If you want your kids to have fun with the computer and learn the computer, Kano can be your choice. It’s a kid-friendly Linux distro based on Debian. Let your kids learn the basics of the computer with Kano OS.

Get Kano

11. Elementary Linux OS

You can list Elementary Linux OS as the best Linux for kids as well as for adults. Elementary OS is an open, fast, and privacy-oriented Ubuntu-based Linux distro. The elementary LLC developed this OS for non-technical users.

It’s very simple, easy, and fast for children and their parents. Your children can use elementary OS. You need to customize some settings. With this distro, you can restrict and limit what and when to use on your pc for kids.

12. Leeenux Kids

Are you familiar with Leeenux? Well, Leeenux is a Linux Distribution and a complete operating system, especially for netbooks based on Long-Term Support (LTS) Ubuntu. But it also operates on Laptops and desktops.

Leeenux comes with the Leeenux Kids edition as the best Linux for kids. It’s both educational and fun at a time. It can be the first pc for kids as great educational fun. Kids can play many Linux games live without installing them on the pc.

Get Leeenux

13. Educado

The list of the Linux distro for children also includes Educado. Educado is a free educational, kid-friendly Linux with ultimate fun. You can use a USB thumb drive to run it. It’s the best Linux for kids at preschool and primary school levels.

EducadoEducado comes with massive educational games and applications. The best part of Educado is parents can control its usage for their kids. They can block restricted contents, and the session time helps limit the time to use the pc.

Get Educado Linux

14. UberStudent

UberStudent is another best Linux for kids. It’s an Ubuntu LTS-based, kid-friendly Linux. UberStudent is the Linux distro for children of secondary and higher education levels. Students can learn a lot of new things with great fun.

UberStudent is a lighter system with an Xfce desktop environment. It comes with the whole basic academic education that helps improve the major core skills of every student. Games, messaging, and multimedia also come with UberStudent.

Get UberStudent

15. UKnow4Kids

Another best Linux distro for children is UKnow4Kids. It provides a live DVD. You don’t have to install or configure it on your pc. To run UKnow4Kids, there’s no requirement for higher computer experience. It’s a kid-friendly Linux like Windows or Mac.

UKnow4KidsKids from 2 to 10 years old are the target users of UKnow4Kids. It has fun educational apps like Edutainment from the KDE Education Project, Gcompris Educational Suite, Tux Type, Tux Math, and Tuxpaint.

Get UKnow4Kids

Extra 2 Bonus

There are many other Linux distros available for Kids, and we have tried to focus on the best 15 for you. Yet, the list seems incomplete without some other good options. Here, I have added two more in following that, proving another good choice as kid-friendly Linux.

16. Puppy Linux

There’s one more Linux operating system that could be the Best Linux for Kids. It’s the Puppy Linux. Puppy Linux is a better and faster lightweight Linux distro that can beat Windows and macOS.

Puppy LinuxIts tiny requirements make it work great on even old computers and netbooks. Puppy Linux can even run in your computer memory without the hard drive. You can carry it on a USB thumb drive and boot it from it or a bootable CD. There’s also an available Iso image to boot a disk.

Get Puppy Linux

17. LinuxConsole

Do your kids love playing games on computers? Looking for a Linux distro for kids, which is especially for gaming? Here comes LinuxConsole. You can use it as the Best Linux for kids. It’s now available for computers with both 32 and 64-bit architectures.

LinuxConsoleYou can install it on a hard disk or USB/CD. LinuxConsole has many pre-installed applications like music and video players, office, browsers, and games. You can also download other apps and commercial games.

Get LinuxConsole

Words to Concern

You must be thinking about why kids need a particular Linux distro. They should start learning the regular versions. I agree with you that kids have the potential to learn Linux with its usual flavor. But you won’t want to give your kids access to some violent or inappropriate content on the web.

Moreover, you may have some important files or data you want to keep safe. The special editions of operating systems can do it for you. Besides, your kids are going to learn new things with great fun. Choose the best Linux for kids that suits your kids perfectly.

Is the article useful enough? Is there any mistake with our information? Please, let us know your thought and suggestions through the comments below. Your feedback will help us improve. And, of course, don’t forget to share the article on social media if you like it.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan is a passionate enthusiast for technology. He admires all things tech and loves to help others understand the fundamentals of Linux, servers, networking, and computer security in an understandable way without overwhelming beginners. His articles are carefully crafted with this goal in mind - making complex topics more accessible.


  1. NetBSD with a $ prompt. Let them figure out how to use and navigate the system before giving them some fancy GUI with learning applications that are available on any OS.

  2. My daughter had been using EndlessOS since 4 years ago and it worked like a charm and almost failproof.
    No need for heavy maintenance or reinstalling the OS, everything runs well and makes me happy 🙂

  3. Just get your kids Ubuntu or something. You can simply install the apps you want, and lock everything else down. Though I would argue that that is a bad idea, since that simply prevents learning and experimenting.

  4. Great job of collecting and compiling the list . comet from DMR is not fair as its real labour of love from MEHEDI HASAN. Thanks Bro . keep up the good work.

  5. I’m going to be honest, while I loved the article, I cannot put full stock in it for one important reason… you don’t give the date.

    As such, I cannot know if this article is even relevant anymore or which of these projects are still being supported…

    When giving advice on the net, giving the date is important since the internet and what’s on it can develop and change fast.

    • I AGREE!!! I looked for a date of authorship and… NOTHIN’. I noticed a lot of videos, including most news programs, don’t show the date on the screen anywhere ever. Why?

    • Agree!!! Looking at the source code it seems it was published on Nov 11, 2018.



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