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The 20 Best Racing Games for Android for Ultimate Driving Experience

When you search for some racing games in the Google Play Store, you will find at least a thousand of it. So, it must be a challenge for you to find out the good ones. Most of those games are nothing but some poor copies of other games. This is why they are not worthy for your precious time. In such a situation, an honest, transparent, and descriptive list of the best racing games for Android can be a good help. So, I have decided to help you with this precise list of 20 best racing games for Android.

Best Racing Games for Android

People, by nature, love to participate in a race and so to win. So, free racing games have become very popular within a short term period among Android users. But your participation in a race using your Android must require an Android racing game with awesome graphics, good quality visual and sound effects, optimization for quality and speed, and ability to make you addicted. Remembering all of them in my mind, I have compiled them and made the list of best racing games for Android.

1. Real Racing 3

Real-racing-3Real Racing 3 is worth to be the first one of this list. It is really a mood-changing game that raises your excitement to its highest level. This amazing game is easy to play and featured an awesome resolution and sound effect. Also, a good number of other features are included. Let’s have a look over them.

Important Features

• Inclusive of tons of real vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. for the play.
• There are lots of real roads, animated to form this game.
• Provide satisfying graphics and sound effects.
• You can challenge your friends in racing here.
• Offers some in-app purchases, which are totally optional, and you can try them to be a premium member.
• Very fast, and the strategies are okay.

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2. Crazy for Speed 2

Crazy-for-Speed-2The second one, I have chosen for the list is Crazy for Speed 2. It is another exciting game. The players who enjoy it often call it one of the best racing games for Android. It is easy to understand but hard to be master. The strategies and features are also worth to be praised. So, let’s have a look at them.

Important Features

• Provides lots of real vehicles to use for the race.
• There are lots of real and dangerous roads to select for the race venue.
• They provide a driving license test.
• Awesome 3D resolution and sound effect.
• Let you customize your car to take part in the race with it.
• Provides lots of incredible levels with different strategies.

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3. Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt-NitroNo racing game list is complete without one of the best racing games for Android, Asphalt Nitro. It is a very popular game with impressive resolution and challenging experience. In this game, you can control lots of licensed cars like the Ferrari La Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini Veneno, etc. However, let’s see what’s more it will offer.

Important Features

• Offers 8 different modes of the game with lots of opponents.
• Includes the Police chasing mode to make it more exciting.
• Provides lots of dangerous road and venue for the race.
• Inclusive of numerous shortcuts and games changing codes.
• Offers satisfying graphics and interactive interface.

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4. Racer Underground

Racer-UNDERGROUNDRacer Underground is another mind-blowing and exciting racing game. In accordance with the player’s reviews, it is another one of the best racing games for Android. It is free and with perceivable strategies. This game includes a good number of mood changing features. You can have a look over them.

Important Features

• A challenging game with obstacles like chasing the criminal, chased by the police, jump over the truck ramp, etc.
• You can unlock lots of cars with new skills.
• Provides races with skilled components.
• Besides racing, you can roam around using the map.
• Provides daily tasks to complete for leveling up.
• Amazing resolution and real engine sound effects.

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5. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt-8-AirborneAgain it is an Asphalt. Actually, almost all Asphalt racing game is worthy of being considered as the best one. However, it is the Asphalt 8: Airborne, another must-try game that the users think as one of the best racing games. The game tactics are easy to understand, and you will soon get addicted to it. To be more specific, you can meet the important features.

Important Features

• Provides over 220 cars and 14 trucks for your performance.
• Lots of dangerous roads are available for you to participate in a race.
• Outstanding video and sound effects.
• To get more points, you can hit the truck ramps.
• Offers about 400 events and 9 seasons to enjoy the game.
• You can customize and update your cars as you want to.

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6. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

GT-Racing-2If you are looking for a very exciting and realistic racing game on your Android phone, then I would like to suggest a real-time racing game from Game-loft, GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience. It is one of the best racing games for Android. Also, it is the best-featured game with a marvelous handing system and interface. Also, a good number of stunning features are inclusive. Let’s check them out.

Important Features

• Provides one of the best experience in handheld racing games.
• Includes more than 70 different cars from different brands.
• Integrated with sophisticated graphics quality and numerous changeable race tracks.
• Includes numerous events, classic races, duels, knockouts, and a lot more.
• Provides weekly challenges for improving your racing skills.

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7. Need for Speed No Limits

Need-for-SpeedBrace yourself for one of the best racing games from your favorite game production Electronic Arts, Need for Speed No Limits. You will be mesmerized with its cinematic graphics and top-notch interface. Feel the best experience of racing games on the Android platform with it. Furthermore, lots of superb features are waiting for you too. Let’s have a glimpse at them.

Important Features

• Includes lots of racing events, knockouts, valley racing, classic racing, bounty, and free races.
• Integrated with an easy interface and customized rides for your own individuality.
• You are free to drive rough and reckless as you can smash and get through with extreme speed.
• Provides lots of cars from different brands, and they are fully customized and always up to date.
• Play head to head or group competition in the vast open-world like environment.

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8. Cars: Lightning League 

Lightning-LeagueNow, meet another one among the best racing games for Android, Cars: Lightning League. It is a very popular racing game powered by Disney. As it is a League maintaining the game, it will require a social media connection. It not bound to tell that the resolution and sound effect will amaze you. However, let’s meet the features of this game.

Important Features

• Racers like Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm with cars are available.
• Stunning racing with challenges and obstacles.
• Mood-changing sound effects and visual quality.
• Funny sound and car styles.
• Optional in-app purchases to get a premium membership.
• You can connect with friends through the league connection.

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9. Hill Climb Racing

Hill-Climb-RacingHill climb Racing is not just one of the best racing games but also one among the most played and downloaded Android games. Here, the racer is Newton Bill with whom you have to participate in the race on dangerous roads. The strategies are perceivable, but you will get it hard to be the master of it. Also, it includes lots of unique features. Have a look over the feature lists.

Important Features

• Provides over 27 exciting levels.
• You are allowed to play with over 28 different features.
• Real turbo sound is used to boost your excitement.
• Offers amazing resolution and graphics.
• Provides an amazing animated environment and easy strategies.
• Also looks great in the cases of smartphones with low resolution.

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10. Angry Birds Go! 

Angry-Birds-GoAre you an Angry Birds Lover? I have good news for you. Now, you can participate in a race with the angry birds. Meet Angry Birds Go, another exciting game for you. Here, you have to participate in the downhill racing on Piggy Island with the birds. The strategies of this game are apprehensive and funny. It also includes amazing features like-

Important Features

• You can upgrade your level and skill.
• Provides lots of tournaments with a time-limit.
• Exiting background history and visual effects.
• Includes funny sound effects.
• You have to smash your opponents to win the matches.
• You can enjoy the multiplayer moods.
• You can teleport character while running in the race.

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11. Racing Fever: Moto

Racing Fever, Racing Game for AndroidNow, get ready to enjoy a brand new motorbike racing experience with Racing Fever. Some of you think cars only as of the vehicle of racing games. But don’t forget about the bikes. Racing with a bike can be even more exciting. The best part of this game is the perfect blending of adrenaline, excitement, and fun.

So, there is no way you can get bored while playing this game. With the excellent graphics and detailed environment, there is an excitement boosting sound truck. The collection of modern bikes with high technology is there for you too.

Important Features

  • There are 10 different levels with 4 different gangs.
  • You can enjoy this racing game with 4 different controlling systems.
  • There are 16 different types of motorbikes available for you.
  • In case you don’t know English, it belongs to 23 different types of language.
  • Realistic weather conditions, traffic, speed, etc. are also available.


12. Bike Racing 3D

Bike Racing 3DMeet the most popular BMX bike racing game for your Android device. It is Bike Racing 3D. This exciting game with high definition physics and graphics and the addictive gameplay will never let you put your phone down. Also, the realistic biking strategy will bring a true feeling for you.

However, don’t take it easy. This game may appear as something very easy to pick up, but it is truly hard to be master on it. You can take part in the race, jump over the blocks, and crash your way down. So, do you get a hint about how exciting it will be? I think you are.

Important Features

  • You can practice and improve your skills in the career mode.
  • There are 60 different types of racing trucks available for you.
  • You can play with different modes with different difficulty levels.
  • Very realistic graphics and authentic physics.
  • There are 5 unique bikes, and you can choose your favorite one.


13. Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D, Racing Game for AndroidYou can also try Fun Race 3D. It has become very popular within a very short period. Even it is not a game released many years ago. But people start getting addicted to it soon and have become great fans. However, the main target of this game is to reach the destination.

Sounds very easy, right? Well, it is not that much easier, just like you think. There are obstacles to every step, and you have to overcome them successfully. In the middle of your race, when you get it harder, you will find it challenging and end up finishing it successfully.

Important Features

  • There are tons of levels to unlock.
  • A very attractive 3D background with obstacles that look funny.
  • Easy at the beginning but hard to be a master.
  • Lots of new characters and functions waiting for you to get unlocked.
  • To run simultaneously, you have to continue holding and to stop just release it.
  • Unique and new functions will appear in every new level.


14. Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3D is another popular racing game for your Android device that I cannot avoid to make the best list of it. However, this funny and exciting racing game will never let you get bored. Because there you will find multiple racing asphalts and tracks.

Also, you can just roam around the city when you don’t want to take part in a race. Isn’t it quite like a simulation game? Yes, it is. However, there is a huge collection of tons of top-class racing cars, and you are allowed to use any of them. So, stop wasting your time in monotony and start racing on the street.

Important Features

  • You can challenge your friends in multiplayer modes.
  • There are over 30 cars that you can use while racing on the street.
  • There are lots of PVP events that you can win if you try.
  • Realistic drift racing performance with high-speed movement.
  • Ultra HD graphics and excitement, boosting sound effects.
  • Lots of diamonds and coins to collect.


15. City Racing 3D

City Racing 3DThe next one is City Racing 3D, another exotic racing game for your Android device. Playing this game will be fun as it will make you the king of the street racing. Your fast driving excellence and skill to drive safety will be the first requirement of this game. Because you have to drive very fast among the traffic, other racers, and different real life-like objects on the road.

If you want to smash your friends in a racing competition, just invite them here. Try the multiplayer mode and bit them up. There are a leaderboard and achievement list. So, it will be easy for you to learn how you are progressing and where your position is.

Important Features

  • Cars, traffic, and other objects on the background and the street are very realistic and modern. 
  • Tons of expensive supercars are available for you to use on the race.
  • The cars and some other functions are customizable. 
  • It requires a WiFi connection for the multiplayer mode.
  • You can take part in a race around the world, and it is known as the global rally tour. 
  • Racing modes like elimination tournament, 1 vs. 1, time trial, etc. are available.


16. Horse Racing 3D

Horse Racing 3D, Racing Game for AndroidLet’s give a try on horse racing. Besides of bike race, a horse can make fun of the racing field too. However, to experience the best horse riding race, you can try Horse Racing 3D. Do you ever watch any horse riding and racing show either on TV or on your own eyes?

The game will provide you with the same feeling as the real riders. This 3D racing game is full of fun and excitement. The racing field and the background are very good to explore. Again, the graphics are satisfactory, and you will get addicted to the game very soon. 

Important Features

  • Over 60 different levels that you can enjoy.
  • Very realistic sound with ultra HD graphics.
  • Very smooth touch control and quick operating system.
  • Choose the horse you like from a collection.
  • The background environment is also very realistic here.


17. Racing in Car 2

Racing in Car 2

Here is another recommendation for you. It is Racing in Car 3D. With this game, you can take the racing competition on Android phones on a completely new level. The strategy of this game is easy and handy. You may find it easy at the beginning. But definitely, it will make you addicted, and you cannot put your phone down because of its exciting gameplay.

This multiplayer car game has come with a very compact size that even is not good at consuming more battery life. So, have you been getting interested in it? I hope you will be at least when you come to learn about its features.

Important Features

  • The environment of this game includes realistic objective features like weather, traffic, etc.
  • You can earn more coins and upgrade your cars.
  • You will need an internet connection yo play in the multiplayer mode.
  • Let you take part in the race on different cockpits and locations.
  • Scoreboard and Achievement lists are available too.
  • A simulator like control is there to boost your excitement.


18. Stock Car Racing

Stock Car RacingIf you want to play a multiplayer racing game for your Android device to complete your friends on the road, you can try Stock Car Racing. In this exciting hame, you can enjoy the action with absolutely stunning 3d graphics and amazing soundtracks. You will get a more natural effect with smoke and sparks while the car damage.

Also, you can decorate your car with different types of equipment, numbers, and colors in the paint shop. Just like the real-time car driving experience, you can change and upgrade tires, engines, etc. for better performance. You can play in different modes to check your skills.

Important Features

  • You can set a different difficulty level, multiplayer game structure, and other exciting gaming modes.
  • You can enjoy a full 400 lap distance and practice for better race trim.
  • Pick from the collection of 18 cars throughout the different eras.
  • Enjoy 1 to 4 mile assembled tracks, cash to repair, upgrade, buy and adjust the car quality. 
  • 5 exciting tracks from day to night where you can race with your friends to achieve championship on the leaderboard. 


19. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2, Racing Game for AndroidIf you like to play a community racing game for your Android device, then I have a suggestion for you. You can try Beach Buggy Racing 2. Here, you can join the league and participate with other cars and drivers around the globe. Prepare your engine to race through dragon plagued palaces, pyramids of Egypt, aliens bio-labs, pirate ship ruins.

You can gather your collection full of fun and exciting Power-ups in this game. Appoint new drivers, collect a garage packed with compulsive racing cars. You will be able to compete against different racers in online mode and tournaments. So, join the league, take part in the racing challenge to bit the world-famous players.

Important Features

  • More than 45 Power-ups are available. 
  • You can customize your Power-ups such as ‘Chain Lightning,’ ‘Boost Juices,’ ‘Donut Fires’ and ‘Killer Bees.’
  • 3 new drivers with other crew members will make a better gaming experience.
  • You can collect more than 40 cars like beach buggies, muscle cars, monster trucks, etc. to discover. 
  • Exciting paints and decal sets like tiger stripes, skulls, polka dots, etc. to your choice. 
  • Daily obstacle courses, weekly tournaments, and challenges are waiting for you. 


20. Traffic Racer

Traffic RacerLastly, it is a compulsive arcade-style racing game to improve your skill. You can earn money, improvise your car and get new cars for cash. Wanna join other fast drivers from around the world? Traffic Racer is the game for you then. Here you can enjoy 3D graphics with the best physics and enjoy a realistic environment of action.

Now, choose from endless racing cars and smash the road. The sound quality will amaze you and be assured of this. Now, set your score high on the leaderboard and see your progression. Drive recklessly through highways. 

Important Features

  • You can choose more than 35 variations of cars. 
  • 5 decorative environments like desert, rainy, snowy and city nights, etc. are available.
  • Primary customization as paint and tires. 
  • 5 different gaming modes like Two – Way, Police chase, Endless, Time trial and free ride are available
  • Overtaking will get you a bonus, and fast driving will bring you a higher score. 


Bottom Lines

By not wasting your money and data, it is wise to check the list of best racing games for Android and try one or more from them. I am pretty sure that they won’t disappoint you. But I will suggest you just glance over the descriptions and the features of these games, and I have already mentioned. It will then leave no risk for you to select the wrong one in any way. Hopefully, you have already done so and also make your selection. If you want to try something more exciting, you can also try on some horror games.

If you have any questions or confusion left, don’t forget to knock me. Also, by giving your precious feedbacks always stay with us. Thank you in advance.


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