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The 20 Best Shooting Games for Android Device in 2020

For the gamers who are always in need of having a target, shooting games can be the best option for them. Shooting games are always considered as the most exciting genre in gaming history. Among all types of shooting games, the fps, I mean, the First-person shooter games are the most popular ones. If you want to experience some of the most popular shooting games for Android, then you can follow the list below with the 20 most popular shooting games.

Exciting Shooting Games for Android

All the games listed below are completely free to install and play. Though some of them may include a few in-app purchases, they are totally optional. Also, most of them are fps, which means first-person shooter games. This is why they will make you addicted and excited. So, you don’t need to waste your data and time in giving a try on some uncertain games. Let’s check the features and easily choose some of the best shooting games for Android to give a try on.

1. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Bullet Shooting Games

Sniper-3D-Gun-ShooterMeet an awesome 3D and free fps shooting game for an exciting time pass, Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Bullet Shooting Games. It is not like the old and boring shooting game. The game will provide you with lots of tasks, and you have to free the hostage and kill enemies and zombies. Also, a lot of exclusive features are included. Let’s have a look at them in short.

Important Features

• Provides puzzles; it makes more existing.
• It is very challenging as you have to find out the real enemies and zombies from the crowd.
• You have to save the hostage from the enemies using your weapons.
• Includes tons of thrilling missions and levels.
• It is packed with 3D and realistic graphics.

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2. Gun War: Shooting War

Gun-War-1Have a glance at one of the best shooting games, Gun War: Shooting War. It is a war game where you have to continue shooting to destroy your enemy clan. It is a free game with lots of optional in-app purchases. Also, the game strategies are up to date and will soon make you addicted to it. To be more specific, you can have a look at the features below.

Important Features

• Includes impressive 3d graphics and animation.
• The sound quality is good enough to amaze you.
• You can enjoy using over 50 weapons to shoot.
• You can experience over 50 maps and areas.
• Support more than 15 different languages.
• You are allowed to upgrade and customize your weapons.

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3. Anti-Terrorism Shooter

Anti-Terrorism-ShooterIf you an fps lover, I am pretty sure that this game will blow your mind. It is the Anti-Terrorism Shooter. In accordance with the player’s reviews, it is one of the best shooting games for Android. While playing this game, you can find lots of exciting features that will soon addict you. Also, it is free to download and play through to get a premium membership; you may need to pay. However, let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides realistic fighting combat to judge your weapon skill.
• Provides exciting maps to explore.
• Provides awesome graphics and sound effects.
• Offers daily tasks that are difficult and challenging.
• Almost all kinds of exciting and powerful weapons are available to use.
• Provides easy to perceive strategies and shortcuts.

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4. Cover Fire: Shooting Games – sniper 3D fps 

Cover-FireCover Fire: Shooting Games – sniper 3D fps is the best choice for you if you are looking for an offline shooting game. In this game, you will be the leader of the war, and you have to shoot in such a way that will make you the best shooter and Sniper. Among the shooting gamers, it is one of the best shooting games for Android. It also includes a good number of impressive features. Let’s have a glimpse over them.

Important Features

• Provides tons of thrilling missions and challenging levels.
• Packed with HD graphics and awesome sound effects.
• The strategies easy to understand.
• Provides lots of challenging zombie events.
• Offers the mood of call for duty to save other hostages.
• Provides powerful weapon and vehicles like a helicopter.

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5. Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game – FPS

Sniper-FuryAnother super exciting and very popular shooting game is Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game – FPS. Also, many gamers have pointed it as one of the best shooting games for Android. In this case, you have to kill the enemies to save the world. It is inclusive of tons of exciting features that will soon make you addicted. However, let’s see what it offers.

Important Features

• Provides tons of existing levels and missions.
• Comes with impressive sound quality and background music.
• HD graphics fps shooting game.
• You can trade, chat, and share experiences and tips with your clan members.
• It is easy to make your own squad.
• Lots of powerful weapons are available.
• You can upgrade the weapons and levels.

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6. Shoot Hunter Gun Killer

Shoot-HunterDo you want to participate in a one-man one war type game? If yes, let’s meet Shooter Hunter Gun Killer. It another one among the best shooting games for Android. Players soon get addicted to it because of its exciting features and strategies. Exciting weapons and areas are available, which you can select to enjoy. Also, the game quality is excellent enough to impress you. Let’s see what are the most important features of this game.

Important Features

• Offers advanced weapons like AK47, M16, WA2000, AWP, M400, etc.
• You can choose lots of game venues like the ice world, desert, sea, etc.
• Very easy to play but hard to be the master.
• Make you addicted very soon.
• Includes tons of challenging levels and missions.
• Satisfying graphics and sound quality.

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7. Battle of Bullet: Free – Offline Shooting Game

Battle-Of-BulletYou are welcomed to meet another exciting shooting game, Battle of Bullet: Free – Offline Shooting Game. It is really a very challenging game that will soon addict you. Most of the player’s reviews say that it is one of the best shooting games for Android. The strategies are easy to perceive, and it includes a handful of game-changing features. You can have a look over them.

Important Features

• You can play this game while being both offline and online.
• Multiplayer layer and single-player mode are available.
• Provides powerful weapons and vehicles for you to experience.
• You can join the league to be a member of it.
• Provides satisfying 3D graphics and sound effect.
• Existing game strategies.
• It is easy to upgrade your skills and levels.

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8. Traffic Sniper Shooter

Traffic-Sniper-ShooterTraffic Sniper Shooter is an exciting game that is capable of changing your mood and can spread excitement over the environment. It is a very popular shooting game that includes thousands of mind-blowing features. In this game, you have to chase the terrorist’s cars and destroy them along with the enemies inside it. However, let’s see what are the most important features of this game.

Important Features

• It is a first-person shooter type game.
• Provides impressive graphics and sound effects.
• Offers a very simple and smooth control so that you don’t have to face any technical obstacles while playing.
• Provides tons of modern design rifles and guns for the shoot.
• Includes a good number of challenging missions and levels.
• Provides an environment, suitable for any battle and war.

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9. Mountain Shooting Sniper

Mountain-Shooting-SniperNow I will bring another game to suggest for the casual shooters of the Android platform. Mountain Shooting Sniper is one of the best shooting games you can play with your phone anytime, anywhere. Play with your friends or other players and become a master sniper in your gaming world.

Important Features

• Provides first-person shooting game experience and stimulating combats.
• You can directly join battles with its convenient interface.
• Provides a variety of advanced weapons and arms.
• You can play missions and complete assigned goals.
• Equipped with a reward system and database is always upgrading.

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10. US Sniper Assassin Shoot

US-Sniper-Assassin-ShootDo you want to be the best shooter to destroy the terrorists and the gangs? If yes, then US Sniper Assassin Shoot is the best choice for you. It includes almost all the necessary features that you need to experience a great and exciting shoot. Also, the graphics and sound quality are set in such a way that will enhance your excitement. So, let’s see what’s more it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides the latest weapons like AK47, M16, WA2000, AWP, M400, Deagle, and many more.
• Also, lots of super-powerful vehicles are available.
• Offers sounds of a true shoot that will increase your excitement.
• You can play with no technical obstruction as it provides very simple and smooth control over it.
• Provides daily tasks that are exciting and challenging to complete.

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11. FPS Encounter Shooting

FPS Encounter ShootingYou can check out FPS Encounter Shooting if you like to play shooting games. It is among the popular offline based first-person shooting games. The game provides stunning graphics and uses limited hardware resources. There are more than 500 story-based missions to participate in. It is full of challenging tasks with lots of shooting and sniper missions.

Important Features

  • It offers a huge collection of modern weapons and tools.
  • The game has a smooth controlling system and easy accessibility.
  • You will also face many AI-based enemies, and they are balanced with the advanced leveling systems.
  • It features interactive in-game environment settings with action and war-like themes.
  • The game gets regular updates, attractive rewards system, and offers a comprehensive interface. 


12. Shooting World – Gun Fire

Shooting World, Shooting Games for AndroidShooting World – Gun Fire is one of the most versatile 3D shooting games which supports offline gameplay. It comes in a simple interface, and you can challenge your friends in-game. It is free to play and offers a lot of rare guns, rifles, and assault weapons. The controlling system of the game is easy, with lots of attack variations and shooting tasks. It works flawlessly on most of the updated Android phones and tablets.

Important Features

  • The game has hundreds of different levels and attractive rewards system.
  • It offers lots of in-game environments with detailed 3D maps.
  • You can play this game anytime, anywhere, while remaining offline.
  • It features numerous shooting targets and exciting challenges.
  • This shooting game offers a smooth gaming experience and flawless controllability.


13. New Sniper Shooting

New Sniper ShootingYou will be amazed to experience the shooting gameplay of New Sniper Shooting. It offers hundreds of missions and challenging tasks. There are lots of weapons and a huge collection of sniper rifles available. You will enjoy its gameplay and high-quality visual effects. The missions of the game are based on interesting stories and rich elements. You will fight with many enemies as you level up and help to minimize the crime rate of the city.

Important Features

  • It can be played in offline mode and does not require any data connection to load the game.
  • The game offers exciting shooting scopes and unlimited thrilling missions to complete.
  • The controlling system of the game is perfect, with wide accessibility.
  • It is integrated with a slow-motion camera that lets you experience the actions.
  • The game offers weapons customization and regular updates on the gameplay mechanism.
  • There is also zombie mode and numerous new in-game environments.


14. Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game

Sniper StrikeIf you love to play 3D first-person shooting game for your Android device, then Sniper Strike will be a good choice. It renders beautiful 3D graphics. The quality of graphics is one par with the AAA games of consoles and offers amazing gameplay experience on the Android platform.

You can play with your friends online and join different clans to play hundreds of different missions. The weapons collection is huge, with a great upgrade path. The in-game environments and features will surely blow your mind.

Important Features

  • You can become a legendary sniper and makeup to the top of the leaderboard.
  • The game has teamed up options with allies as you join various missions.
  • You will be able to challenge your friends and have sniper duels in online gaming sessions.
  • It offers smooth control and satisfying rewards system.
  • The game gets regular updates and continuous improvements in PvP duels. 


15. Cover Fire: Shooting Game Free

Cover Fire, Shooting Games for AndroidHave a glance at one of the best shooting game for Android, Cover Fire. This game is an astonishing creation of the developer. You have to save the world from the grasp of the enemy by killing them. Lead your team in the battleground by shooting and sniping. Be the best Sniper of the game and hero of your platoon. Kill the enemy before the time passes. This game comes with an immersive FPS experience.

The open-world experience of this game will blow your mind. It takes some space of your device, but even with these beautiful 3D surroundings, you will be surprised how smooth it runs. Complete the given challenges in the gave and sharpen your shooting skill. This game also has a new segment in its challenge, the zombie mood. Here you will be in between many man-killer zombies.

Important Features

  • Offline play mode allows you to play this game anytime, anywhere.
  • Smart control makes it easier to control the character throughout the map.
  • Huge arsenal of upgradeable weapon.
  • Assassination squad with different skills will always be there.
  • Face the battlefield from a different perspective.
  • Customize your outfit to become more resilient.


16. Sniper Shooting Battle

Sniper Shooting BattleIf you like an FPS sniper game, then here is an option for you. GAMEXIS presents Sniper Shooting Battle, which is the ultimate sniping game that will surprise you. This game is full of nonstop action and a thrilling story. Just play his game and get challenged your war games skills. When you get a mission to get your gears ready.

Strike the enemy before they notice you coming. Kill all your enemies silently and disappear like a ghost. This feature-rich game is so easy to play, but it needs a steady hand to take a perfect shot. Do you have a steady hand to take the shot with precision? Figure out yourself and start playing today.

Important Features

  • Ultra-realistic 3D animation with the environments that are good to look at.
  • A huge arsenal of weapons is available for you.
  • Simple and effective controls will let you enjoy this game from its core level.
  • Offline play makes it easy to play anytime, anywhere.
  • The astonishing story behind the game makes it a movie alike one.


17. Elite Killer: SWAT

Elite Killer, Shooting Games for AndroidMy next recommendation for the best shooting games for Android users is here. It is a 3D FPS game, Elite Killer. This exciting game is packed with adventure that will take you to the battlefield. Here, you will play the role of a well trained elite soldier. And you are the leader of your team. This is your responsibility to make everyone out of there alive.

Leave no one behind the battle line. Kill all the enemies and make them cry for their life. And don’t forget to get healed more frequently. These enemies can do a lot of damages. Complete your missions within the given time. Play many interesting side missions throughout the map. Be the king of your team and thrive in your area.

Important Features

  • A huge collection of advanced weapons are there for you.
  • 3D graphics with mood-changing sound effects.
  • A good number of maps all around the world are available for you.
  • Local and online PVP games multiplayer layer mode.
  • Easy control with smart interaction.


18. Real Bottle Shooting Free Games

Real Bottle ShootingGet ready with your trigger and shatter down glass bottles. Play the exciting and funny bottle shooting game for your Android device, Real Bottle Shooting Free Games. Improve your aiming skill and achieve bottle hunter title. You have to pick the perfect gun to start the game. Also, you can use army pistols to shoot the bottle and make a big score.

You will get 3D sharpshooting combos in this game. The more glass you break, the higher the score you achieve. You can have your shooting gallery. You can deal with the hurdles after completing the primary training level. This offline game will offer you various destructive guns to break those glass bottles. So, start shooting fast to get gold and rewards.

Important Features

  • Achievement and leaderboard will show you how you are progressing.
  • Attractive 3d graphics and mood-changing sound trucks.
  • Increase your shooting experience and aiming skills. 
  • Lots of exciting levels and a collection of huge weapons for better aiming. 
  • Collect rewards and be the best bottle shooter. 


19. Kill Shot Bravo

kill shot, Shooting Games for AndroidLet’s join the battle and prove your shooting skills on mobile. You can now fight with destructive weapons, deadly machine guns, and fatal military gear to attack the most dangerous enemy area. For that, start playing Kill Shot Bravo, another popular shooting game for Android.

This exciting game is free of cost, and its 3D graphics will amaze you a lot. In this game, you have to save the globe with your expert shooting quality. On the battlefield, you have to hunt the assassins, evil forces, and zombies. Do you want to prove your pixel precision with precise shooting? Then get ready with your armory in this exciting game. 

Important Features

  • More than 2400 missions around the world will be there for you.
  • You can improve your adaption in different shooting environments and various enemies. 
  • PVP mode of this game will let you invite and ask help from your friends to build strong alliances to complete highly dangerous missions. 
  • The chat function is completely activated here to help your mates.
  • You can unlock and customize different types of equipment, including army gear, military uniforms, helmets, body armor, facemasks, goggles, boots, gloves, and many more. 
  • Complete weekly quests for extra exciting prizes and achieve the highest score. 


20. Major gun: War on Terror

Major gunLet’s give a try on a compulsive arcade-style shooting game for your Android phone to develop your fighter skills and renovate your armory by choosing the perfect weapon for the task. To enjoy such an exciting game, you have to play Major Gun. Here, you can use tons of deadly weapons to set a precise shot and fight against your enemy.

You can take part in the excessive action battle and beat them with your destructive machine gun. Also, you can try out over 30 finest weapons used by particular forces around the globe. In the game, 6 machine guns, 4 handguns, 4 shotguns, 8 fatal rifles, minigun, and large machine guns are available. So, the variation on the weapons will amaze you.

Important Features

  • Upgrade your shooting performance during breathtaking battles. 
  • It will be very exciting to destroy enemies, criminals, ferocious assassins. 
  • You have to complete daily tasks to collect rewards, money, and weapons. 
  • Look for emergency assistance, compete with your friends. 
  • 3 stars for best-finished missions that will help you to upgrade your rank.


Final Thought

Make it sure whether or not you love to play some fps (first-person shooter) game. If it is fps then, Traffic Super Shooter and Sniper Fury can be the best. If you need to play offline, then the Battle of Bullet will suit you best. Again, if you want to enjoy both multiplayer layer and single-player mode, then give a try on Battle of Bullet too. I hope the 20 listed shooting games for Android are enough for you to have some options.

Still, if you want to experience some more action, you can try some action games besides these shooting games. For any information, comment in the section. To learn about more games, stay tuned.


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