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Top 10 Best Translator Apps for Android Device in 2019

When you move on to a new country for traveling, for any business trip, or on holiday language becomes a vital barrier. A good translator app for your Android device can become a useful aid in this regard. It revokes the challenge of mastering a fresh language. These apps will provide assistance to speak, read, and understand an unknown language instantly.

Best Translator Apps for Android

Here I am going to discuss the top 10 best translator apps for Android with different features, dictionary, speech recognition system, pronunciation, and offline facility. Hope this will help you choose the best one suited for you.

1. iTranslate

i_translateIf you are looking for one of the most popular translator apps for Android in the marketplace, iTranslate would be the best choice for you. It translates hundreds of languages instantly. You can use this app both as a translator and dictionary app. It is very user-friendly.

Important Features:

  • Choose translation voice mode and hear translations in female or male voices.
  • It can switch between different dialects and produce vocabularies with distinctive meanings.
  • Enjoy a well-defined Phrasebook – having more than 250 phrases.
  • Get the Keyboard Extension, iMessage App and voice to voice conversations.
  • It will provide you an App for Apple  Watch.
  • You can share your favorite portion, history and much more. 

Play Store

2. Google Translate: A Reliable Translator App

google_translateGoogle Translate is a renowned translator app for Android. You will get the maximum output from it. It works offline. It translates more than a hundred languages for you. The most interest thing about this app is you can get the translation from the handwriting or any text drawings. Use your camera and take a snapshot for instant translation.

 Important Features:

  • You can get translation from any text copied from any app.
  • Enjoy this app even you are Offline.
  • Take a photo and get it translated into 38 languages.
  • It provides the opportunity of two-way speech translation.
  • If you do not have any keyboard nearby, just draw the text and get it translated immediately.
  • You can save and use it for future reference.

Play Store

 3. TripLingo: An Amazing Online Translator App

trip_lingoTripLingo is one of the best translator apps of the present time. Get seamless service from this online translator app that guides and serves you as your dearer interpreter. You will get a voice translator which will translate your language in your desired language. This app is best for international travelers.

Important Features:

  • Get more than two thousand phrases that will help get a proper translation.
  • Get around thirty thousand recorded audio files here.
  • Enjoy the instant live human and voice translator.
  • This app provides you a huge number of an offline dictionary.
  • This handy translator app for Android provides an intelligent tip calculator.
  • This app provides a currency converter and a quiz mode to help the user to learn.

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 4. Papago: An User-Friendly Translator App 

papagoPapago is a dependable translation app for Android which is specialized in Asian language but also translates other languages like English, French, Japanese, Korean and many more. You can have the privilege of both written and voice translation. Moreover, it allows you the facility of multi-language conversation using this app. Here you will get the dictionary and a wonderful phrasebook to find out more meanings.

Important Features:

  • It offers real-time translation of the text provided.
  • It can recognize the text on the photos, so take a photo of the text and get it translated.
  • Get the translation from audio and manually inserted texts.
  • Papago finds the accurate meaning of the handwritten words and translates them instantly.
  • Enjoy the translation by only inserting the URL of a foreign website.
  • Enjoy the simultaneous translation while speaking in your local language.

Play Store

5. Easy Language Translator

Easy-Language-TranslatorIf you are an Android user and looking for the best translator apps for your Android probably this is the suitable translator app for you. This app is very simple to use. It can translate more than one hundred languages including both text and voice translation. It can convert both speeches to text and text to speech.

Important Features:

  • Fast and accurate translator.
  • You can listen to your voice in the process of translation.
  • Get the ‘Add to favorite’ option for future use.
  • You can share your translation with others.
  • You can save and send the translated portion as MP3 also.

Play Store 

6. Microsoft Translator

microsoft_translatorMicrosoft Translator is an amazing free translator app for Android in the market. It offers you to translate your text, voice or images. It will provide you with a fascinating real-time video translation facility. Its superb design will mesmerize you. This translation app will help you to communicate with the foreign people you meet on travel.

Important Features:

  • Enjoy the speech recognition feature and conversation mode.
  • You can translate from anywhere at any time as it provides offline translation facilities.
  • Get the translation from the screenshot of a photo taken on your mobile phone.
  • You can conversate with multiperson and this app is going to translate them instantly.
  • Learn various phrases of each language from its enriched phrasebook.
  • Share the translation with others in other apps too.

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7. SayHi: The Multidimensional Speech to speech Translator

SayHi TranslateIf you want to get the speech to speech translation, it would be a great online translator app for your Android devices. It offers to translate over ninety natives and dialects too. Its voice recognition capability is excellent. Its userfriendly interface will attract you. You can change the voice tone and language with a single tap.

Important Features:

  • You can speed up or slow down the rate of your speech.
  • Get quick navigation and a nicely designed modern interface.
  • This translation app offers you to share the translation via online social media, SMS, and email.
  • Get a chatting option that will allow you to chat with your foreign friends in your local language.
  • Get the latest updates and find the fabulous features in this app.

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8. Textgrabber

textgrabberTextgrabber is one of the multitasking best translation apps of the present time. It does not only translates but also does more things like making links, phone numbers, addresses, events, and many more. It supports more than a hundred languages with verification support. It can translate printed paper, photo text, and voice. This wonderful app can search language on the internet or on maps too.

Important Features:

  • You can create, edit and share your work easily.
  • Enjoy the realtime voice and photo-text recognition facility of this app only with camera screen (without taking any photo).
  • This app can recognize and translate more than 60 texts without an internet connection.
  • This app can read QR codes, it has Siri shortcut
  • You can adjust the font size, get audio prompts, and also a history folder for future use.

Play Store

 9. Offline Translator 8 languages

offline_8_languageThis translation app will help you a lot when you visit a country. It can translate numerous languages in offline mode too. So you won’t have to think about the data connection and roaming facility and cost. It is a unique translator app that excels both on google translate and Microsoft Translator. It uses a very small amount of storage.

Important Features:

  • It will provide you a built-in dictionary.
  • Enjoy the audio output and photo translation facility.
  • Get the second language button which will automatically detect language.
  • You can convert the photo to a printable text and translate it offline.
  • By only tapping on the words, this app will read individual words for you.

Play Store

10. Dict Box

dict_boxIf you want a multilingual dictionary with a translator, you may like Dict Box. It will provide you translation of various languages. It will give you word corrections, memorization practice, flashcards, etc. Its camera features, offline translation capability, and cross-device synchronization will amaze you. It has a modern and decent design. It is very user-friendly.

Important Features:

  • This app is very fast and can sync word lists across multiple devices.
  • You can translate your text in the web browser to the other apps.
  • Find similar sentences and phrases through this translator app.
  • This app offers you to install a good number of dictionary and language.
  • You will get the cloud backup and a word list manager.
  • – Synchronize word lists across multiple devices.

Play Store

Final Words

There are so many translation apps in the marketplace but you are the one who has to choose the best one. Here I have tried to guide you by narrating the salient features and the facilities of an individual app. Hope this article will assist you in this regard.

Please share your choice and opinion with us and feel free to comment, if you have any. Thank you so much for staying with us. Your cordial support is our inspiration.


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