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Top 15 Best Free Linux Games That Everyone Should Play

Best Free Linux Games are the most searched term when a windows user switches from his own comfort world. After switching, everyone wants to know what and how to play games on Linux. We all know that Linux is such an operating system that is well known for its free gaming capabilities and possibilities. As the games are so amazing and easy to get, and obviously for free, the demand for this operating system is increasing day by day.

I wanna say something on this behalf. Though I’m not a PC game user, I myself did great research on this topic of best free Linux games and came to you for fulfilling your thirst for a generic list of best games for Linux OS. Hope you get your desired games to play on mighty Linux.

Linux OS & Available Games

Now, let me first tell you something about this Linux operating system. Linux is way much opposite from Windows. People, who are a Windows user, get a tendency to ask many questions before switching to Linux. The most asked question is that, is all the games are available? are they free? So, the answer to this question can be given in yes and no. Because you can’t get all the games except for free trials. But you won’t get all the latest games or their versions as for free for lifetime.

Top 15 Best Free Linux Games

Now let us see the games, that comes best in the free trial.

1. Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars

Alien Arena 2008

This game is deathmatch shooter games. You will find this action game, full of action themes and thrilling series. Let’s talk about the recent ones. As time is proceeding so fast, we need to wrap ourselves in the warmth of the trending time.

2. Battle for Wesnoth

Battle of Wesnoth

This game is a strategy based game. But its a turn over a game of strategy. You can play with a single player shot, as well as a multiplayer one. And not only that, but you can also play this game both offline and online. This game will provide you with a map editor. You can come up with new mysteries here. So this one is one of the best free online Linux game you will find in this series.

3. Xonotic


This one is the most famous games of 2017 on Linux. Because people tend to like the thrilling one with the action. And Xonotic provides you with such a taste. It’s a shooting game. You may have different sorts of arms and ammunition through this game. And if you are an arm lover gamer, then this game is perfect for you.

It offers both the single-player and multiple players options. You will find a bunch of modes and maps and fire ammunition through this game. This game is also another best game on Linux.

4. 0 A.D

8.0  A.D

This game is one of the finest projects you will come to see in Linux games content. This game is comprised of historical content. Many tribes are here, but apart from all these emperors sites, it produced its own specific nature. It contains civilization in the game plot. But each civilization is different from each other.

5. Dota 2

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a sequel to Warcraft 3, which complied with multiplier gen. It’s free and online-based also. This Dota 2 is recognized as the most famous game of Stream Because more than 80,000 players tend to.play this game daily. So can you feel the scent of adventure here?

6. FreeCiv


Let me introduce you to the long-lasting fever of empire-building strategic game, FreeCiv. Yes, this game is one of the most playable human civilization games available right now. This game gives you the feeling of having a prosperous future of human civilization. You can start from the stone age and take the human race into a great future and beyond.

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7. True Combat: Elite

True Combat: Elite

This game is a shooting game on Linux and one of the best free Linux game you will find throughout the whole action section. This game is operated by a single shooter, Wolfenstein is the name of the shooter.

This game is between two internationally operating groups, and you have been appointed by TCE to stand alone as a shooter. Here your opponent will be “Unit,” an international mercenary organization. So all you have to come alive from these military wars.

8. Smokin’ Guns

Smokin' Guns

This game is called to be half realistic among all the free Linux games. Because this game is also a first-person shooter game, and you have been trapped in Western culture. The game is mostly inspired by Spaghetti western genre, and the setup is also like that.

9. AssaultCube


This game is a multiple players game and one of the best Linux free games with multiple players. This game is also a shooting game and a one-person game. The whole game is set upon the Cube engine and is much more realistic than any other games. You can see the fast movement of the figures, their ammunition for fighting, and all other stuff are real in their own sense.

10. Cube 2

Cube 2

This game is another single-player in Linux games. This game is the copyright of main Cube FPS game. Cube engine is the main theme of this game. Not only that, this Linux game will give you a map and geometrical features for your current situation in this game. So try this best Linux game for your candy eyesight as well as your action thought.

11. Dark Place

Dark Place

This Linux game is a single-player as well as a single shooter game. Where you will find the source code for your game. This is an action-based game. And is among all the best free Linux games.

12. Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse

This game is one of the best free Linux games available in the market. This game is being developed on an open source platform and users can play both in single and multiplayer mode. This is a great fork of the shade of Cube 2 game. The game is wholly on the hand of mapmakers who will proceed the game forwards.

13. Super Tux Kart

Super Tux Kart

Hey, the great news is here !!! Super Tux Kart game is now on !! We can play it on Linux and other major platforms. It is one of the super famous games currently. Its a 3D open-source arcade racer with a variety of characters. Creators had the ambition to make it more realistic with fun and enjoyable for the users of all ages.

So wanna know how it looks like ??! let’s have a glimpse of it. !

This game includes the storyline, battle mode, track and other areas which can bring twist while playing and I’m pretty sure everyone must get thrilled with it.

Control panel is also quite easy to handle. there is a wheel for the acceleration & direction right on the left corner of the screen. On the right corner, it’s containing bearing & rearview for the other rival racers. While driving around we can pick up item boxes like other kart racers. An on-screen button is also there to fire the item we are carrying. Hope you can feel how it works and bring so many changes to the game.

We also need to look into the settings section if we wish to bring necessary changes in accelerometer steering. This super tuxkart also supports accelerometer steering. Which is pretty awesome.

Setup section is also trivial. It can be done easily. But sometimes it creates few difficulties but not to every genre. Few characters can be jumped ahead on screen particularly while you are selecting or before completion of final setup.

The performance level is also awesome and competitive enough. Here graphics are super smooth with super quality settings.

14. Warsow


First-person shooter game and is a free one. Based on the scenario of the cartoon-like environment.

15. Zero Ballistics

Zero Ballistics

Tank combat is the main element in this game. A single-player shooter game. Lush alpine is the theme of the game. This game is as much thrilled as it is relaxing.  So this called to be a balanced best Linux game of all.

Final Thought

Then there comes AstroMenance, Nexiuz, Urban Terror, Critical Mass, Stepmania, Wormux, ManiaDrive, Super Tuxkart, FreeOrion,  Warzone 2100 RP and much more. But you understand that I can’t accumulate all in this single article. If you want me to include any specific games in this Best Free Linux Games list, then please let me know in the comment section below.

As a game enthusiast, I have tried to give you some queries about your questions for Linux game. Hope my research came to you, with light. So not just read the article, go and try for those free trials on Linux today.

All images are collected from specific games official site and Wikipedia


  1. Urban Terror gotta be the best Linux game, side by side with 0 A.D. Also, I know this list is supposed to be only 15, but I think you missed Warzone 2100, Unreal Tournament, Cube 2 (Sauerbraten).

  2. We should add Shell Shockers to this list. To play the game well, you need to fire fiercely and at the same time dodge cleverly.

  3. Not a single mention for Ur-Quan Masters (formerly Star Control II)? Sir, you must be kidding. That’s one of the best games of all time, according to the game charts of the top worldwide game reviewers.

  4. Dota 2 is a sequel to Warcraft 3, which complied with multiplier gen. It’s free and online based also. This Dota 2 is recognized as the most famous game of Stream Because more than 80,000 players tend to.play this game daily. So can you feel the scent of adventure here?


  5. RuneScape is a freemium game available for Linux that is mighty fine. Guessing it’s not mentioned as it’s freemium so to get full features you must pay. It can’t be that it’s not free as in freedom as Dota 2 isn’t.

  6. Hi there, nice summary but let me fix some things for you.
    It’s “Battle for Wesnoth”, not “Battle of Wesnoth”
    It’s “0AD” not “8.0 AD”
    and yes, Legends is a great game with a nice concept but its dead. Really really dead. Downloads are far from working (404), parts of the homepage are screwed caused by a not working sql-session in the back and there’s literally no one playing. It’s a Multiplayer-Only Game that no one plays. It’s dead. Great, but dead. Sadly.

    Besides that, i hope to read more from you in the future about linuxgaming. It’s an awesome plattform with a great friendly community that really needs more publicity.

    Greetings and happy gaming,

    • I am really thankful to you for your useful and informative suggestions. I have already corrected all those mentioned mistakes. Moreover, the dead “Legend” game is replaced by Super Tux Kart game. Once again thanks.

  7. Mh, Football Manager 2015… on the website is only the current product, to buy, but with a region block. Was 2015 free, indeed? And where could you get a copy of it?

    • You are correct. This game is no more free at all. I have removed it and replaced with FreeCiv – an empire building strategy game.

      • There is much better games for Linux. I mean Warsaw, Alien Arena and Cube are games that are in every software repository on every popular Linux distribution. They are far from best Linux games.

        What about Team Fortress, Fistful Of Frags, Robocraft, Istrolid, Strife (all available on Steam) ?

        I mean Robocraft is better than 50% of games on this list.


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