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The 10 Best 3D Games For PC | Play The Best One Now

Gaming has already taken a significant space in our daily life. There are many gaming platforms now available, and you can play with friends to pass leisure hours. As a result, the competition between the companies has seen significant growth in recent times. The developers are trying to add an extra edge to remain ahead, and you can see 3D games for PC as a product of this contest. Besides, the inadequate performance by the gaming consoles like slow image resolution or frame rates is responsible for why people prefer computers for gaming. 

Best 3D Games For PC

3D games for PC are available in different forms, while some of them can surprisingly blow you with impressive controls, highly configurable gameplay, detailed visualization, and a unique story. We have tried to test as many games as possible to make a compact list for you. So you can just go through this article and pick the one that suits you best. 

1. Half-life: Alyx

I am starting this list of 3D games for PC with a great game that is often considered the best VR game ever released. It comes with an exciting story and represents the events between Half-Life and Half-Life 2. You can play this virtual reality first-person shooter game without a doubt, and it is guaranteed that you are going to praise it anyway.

Half-life: Alyx

Important Features

  • It is developed and published by Valve, where you will need a VR to fight against the enemies. 
  • The environment is realistic, and you will get a life-like experience from the interaction as well. 
  • It is not only equipped with physics puzzles, and combat but also you will have to explore and survive. 
  • It comes with improved 3D movements like Crouch-jumping, and real-life scenarios are generated perfectly. 
  • You will have to solve several puzzles throughout the gameplay. 
  • This game also allows players to enjoy this game on the SteamVR system. 

Pros: The best part of this game is the environment is continuously improving with the help of a great community. Each player can use VR gameplay tools and components and contribute to the environment score. 

Cons: There is nothing serious that I could point out, but if you have a weak heart, then some moments are too scary that they can give you a heart attack.

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2. Bloodroots

Blood roots is an action game where you will have to continuously develop your world to adapt to the ever-growing challenge continuously. It is developed by Paper Cult and can be considered as an adventure game as well. The number of enemies you will have to fight against is massive, and you will have to find your killer to take revenge throughout the gameplay. Besides, the visuals are great, which is accompanied by customizable controls.

BloodrootsImportant Features

  • This game does not bring anything new to the plate, but it is a must-play 3D game available right now. 
  • You will get a wide variety of destructive weapons, which has added an extra edge to set it apart from the competitors. 
  • Each level comes with a distinct personality, so the game will not become boring eventually. 
  • Once you start playing the game, you will find the actions pretty easy and only require 3 buttons to control. 
  • When it comes to indie action, nothing can beat Bloodroots. It is simply gorgeous. 
  • The story is excellent, while you can still play this game if you have a Nintendo Switch. 

Pros: If you are a violent lover, and if score-chasing excites you, then you can play this game. It is like a complete package for the gamers, and the enticing narrative takes it to the next stage. 

Cons: This game features a lot of madness and has a lot to offer. But the absence of proper execution, poor camera controls, and repetitive gameplay are the things we can mention. 

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3. DOOM Eternal

If you are a gamer and have been playing for days, Doom should be a common name. It is a popular franchise that has already delivered some of the nicest production to date. You can even consider this as one of the best first-person shooter games ever released. It is the follower of its successful predecessor, DOOM, and you can expect the same great quality from Eternal as well. 

DOOM Eternal 3D games for PCImportant Features

  • The gameplay is compact, and you will need not more than 15 hours or so to complete this game. 
  • It was developed by Panic Button, Id Software, and distributed by Bethesda Softworks. 
  • It is one of the most recent games on this list, so you can expect to get every modern element. 
  • Along with Windows, you can play this game on Stadia, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and  Nintendo Switch as well. 
  • You will have to give an ultimate taste to battle over your enemies and stay alive. 
  • The graphics and controls have been improved to a great extent to match the demand of the 20th generation. 

Pros: This game is really challenging, and you will have no other choice but to act faster, smarter, and play efficiently to achieve the glory of success. 

Cons: While the story can confuse a player a lot, you will face serious problems and lags whenever the  Marauder shows up during the game. 

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4. Amnesia: Rebirth

It is another great addition to the list of best 3D games for PC that has taken the steps of the predecessors to deliver a great result for the game enthusiasts. It was developed by Frictional Games. In this survival horror game, you will play the role of a protagonist and explore horror places. If you are a horror lover and want to put your hands on one of the most horror games, then Amnesia: Rebirth is the one for you. 

Amnesia: Rebirth best 3D game for PCImportant Features

  • You will find monsters chasing you, and the gameplay is designed to scare you every second you play the game. 
  • A dedicated powerful graphics card and at least 8GB of RAM is required to play this game smoothly. 
  • You will find moments truly terrifying, and if you are under 18 of age, then this game is not recommended for you. 
  • The character well-written to match the excellent story it comes with. 
  • Besides, there are some fun puzzles that need to be solved to reach the end of the game. 
  • The environments are also horrifically designed based on dark and cramped corridors. 

Pros: The best part is this game does not really need a high configuration computer, making it suitable for most gamers. Besides, the controls are easy to handle and highly customizable. 

Cons: You will find the puzzles are too complicated, and you will have to pass a hard time when it comes to following the tasks appropriately. 

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5. Need for Speed: Shift

If you are a 90’s kid, then you must know how the NFS franchise has changed our point of view towards racing games for PC. We have got so many popular releases from this franchise that we always expect the best from them. NGS Shift is another great product that you can play without hesitation when it comes to passing your time and relaxing.

The controls are now much more flexible, and the realistic graphics takes it to a whole new level. We could not make this compact list of 3D games for PC without including this fantastic game. 

Need for Speed: Shift 3D game for WindowsImportant Features

  • Its cross-compatibility makes it popular to all gamers as you can play this game on PlayStation, Android, iOS, Xbox, Java Platform, Micro Edition, and so on. 
  • Developers have added 3D vision compatibility, and you will need a VR glass to play the game. 
  • Even the game menu is rendered in 3D, but 2D images and texts are also designed in detail. 
  • Start playing to experience the stereoscopic 3D mode and the car interior look sharp as well. 
  • Even if you look at the car from outside while driving, the S3D mode will excite you so much that you will never regret playing this game.
  • Convergence level can be controlled manually, and you can take the help of advanced controls. 

Pros: The game is so satisfying that you will become engaged with the game mode instantly. Besides, the frequent updates have already fixed all the bugs previously reported. 

Cons: You will notice problems caused by the game engine, and you will see vertical lines if you increase the brightness to the fullest. 

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6. Metro

Metro is a game inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel, and you can consider it a first-person shooter game. You will play the role of Artyom and will fight to keep your station safe from lurking enemies. It is designed based on a great story that tells about the story of the nuclear apocalypse and its aftermath the earth had to face. The storytelling is straightforward, and the scripts are written carefully. 

Metro 3D game for PCImportant Features

  • Along with humans, you will have to fight against mutant enemies to protect your territory. 
  • You will get a wide array of firearms, while through the stealth mode, you can knock down enemies silently. 
  • To collect important items and ammunition, you will have to loot the dead bodies or collect from vendors.
  • You will get a life-like experience and have to wear a mask to keep yourself safe from the radiation. 
  • You will have to stay attentive and alert to save your gas mask from being damaged or keep a backup. 
  • The lightning is exceptional, while weapon designs are interesting. Besides, players’ actions like throwing knives are also there. 

Pros: While the detailed environment is enough to amaze you, the plot is so appealing that you will pass a lot of time. 

Cons: While a massive number of glitches is the major downgrade of the game, the frame rate issues can make it unbearable. 

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7. Crysis 3

If you are really concern about playing high-definition 3D games for PC, then Crysis 3 is the one you might be looking for. If you have a stereo 3D setup with 3D Vision, you can check how great the  2D + Depth rendering method works to produce a stereoscopic 3D output. Although the final product will depend on the type of stereo 3D display device you are using, you will not see many compromises in the quality.  

Crysis 3Important Features

  • It can be considered as a Predator simulator where you will have to kill silently with a bow. 
  • The gameplay is tightly-scripted, and you will be guided step-by-step to the end. 
  • You will find the environment full of elements and the background music to sit next to the next stage. 
  • It comes with a story of an apex hunter, while armor and cloaking are the two major abilities. 
  • The number of weapons is massive, while the design and the attention to the details are stunning.
  • You can also play with your friends as the multiplayer mode is nicely designed and equipped with different maps and variants from the usual gameplay. 

Pros: It comes with different gaming modes, while the Team Deathmatch and the zone-controlling Spears, the Nanosuit, sets Crysis apart from the competitors. 

Cons: If you have already played Crysis 2, you will find so much similarity with the new edition. As a result, the pro players can finish the game within a  few hours. 

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8. Batman Arkham Asylum

If you consider the community support to pick the best 3D games for PC of all time, Batman: Arkham Asylum will surely make its spot any day. It was released in 2010, and still, you will find many people who love playing this game to spend their leisure hours.

Besides, it represents the popular superhero Batman which makes it an obvious choice for most gamers. You will easily find the Xbox and Playstation versions available out there. The gameplay is awesome, and the interactions are close to reality. 

Batman Arkham Asylum for PCImportant Features

  • It has been successfully tapped into the 3D with Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology, and the performance is great. 
  • While the game uses TriOviz 3D on both PS3 and Xbox 360, you will not need a 3D tv to play the game in 3D. 
  • Compatible with all high definition TV sets and the console players can really go deeper into the gothic world. 
  • It was announced as the game of the year when it was released and still worth having a look at. 
  • You can play the role of Batman to confront Scarecrow in this action-adventure game.
  • Starting from Batman’s melee combat and stealth ability, you will need detective skills and gadgets to win. 

Pros: This is an open game, and you can roam around Gotham city. You can interact with different characters and take part in missions as well. 

Cons: The long-running comic book Mythos is the baseline of the gameplay, so you might know what is going to happen even before playing the game. 

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9. Just Cause 2

This great game by Avalanche Studios is intended to deliver a roller coaster ride for all the gamers. If you want to dive deep into an adrenaline-fuelled adventurous journey, Just Cause 2 is the game you can play right now.

Although it is coming from a relatively smaller franchise, you can expect pretty good quality, like the others already mentioned on this list. This is a game full of action, while the support from Avalanche Studios’ Avalanche 2.0 Engine has made this game enable to remain popular after so many days of release. 

Just Cause 2Important Features

  • The weapons are highly destructive, and you will get a wide variety of options as well. 
  • Powered by  Hybrid Locking System, which makes aiming buttery smooth. 
  • Besides, the game’s driving mechanics are so great that you will get a real like experience. 
  • On top of that, the developer has paid special attention to implement the top actions. 
  • Players’ freedom is highly emphasized throughout the gameplay. 
  • Also, the wide range of landscapes and cultures makes this game unique. 

Pros: The new edition of this game now comes with a more-experienced Rico as the protagonist who can show more physical and technical abilities. So you can be sure about getting more than the previous edition. 

Cons: You will find glitches that may often become annoying. Besides, the black market menu is disgusting, and the story is predictable. 

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If you are looking for free 3D games for PC, RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS is one of very few available out there. If you have not played it yet, this is high time to try this game. It has got so much popularity on the iOS and Android versions that they have released editions for macOS and PC as well. If you look at the PC edition, you will find that RAID has gone beyond the limitation of a laggy emulator, and you can now experience RAID like never before. 

RAID: SHADOW LEGENDSImportant Features

  • Inherits the core gameplay from the mobile version and has tried to go limitless in every aspect. 
  • You can expect the same high customizable controls for an easy to grasp gameplay. 
  • Besides, to produce the same quality for desktop users, a lot of extra features have been added in the graphics section. 
  • This is a highly competitive game, and if you consider the convenience, everything has been changed. 
  • Character art has been significantly improved along with dynamic animations. 
  • On top of that,  the developers have worked on the lighting and depth-of-field as well. 

Pros: There are so many things that this game can offer on the PC edition that we cannot really mention each of them. But from parallax occlusion effects or terrain animations, you will find motion blurring and increased frame per second as well. 

Cons: The gameplay is quite repetitive, making it a boring game eventually, and the game can crash unexpectedly. 

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Our Recommendation

Gaming has become an integral part of our daily life. Although you will find games that share common gameplay or similar story, there are other options that can deliver an exciting time and great pleasure for you.

3D games for desktop computers have got a great advantage to remain top on the demand list due to the reality like experience. You will not find quality options if you look for free 3D games for PC, but I have tried to cover the demand of as many people as possible before writing this useful article.

But you want me to mention the best game on this list, and I will mention the name of Half-life: Alyx. The visuals are impressive, and the sheer amount of interactions can render the 3D experience to the fullest. 

Finally, Insights

3D can easily add versatility that a 2D game can only drink off. It can not only create different genres for the gaming but also take the players’ action to a whole new level. If you are a person who hates to play against the system, I am sure 3D games for PC can show you the other side of the single play gameplay. 

Besides, the number of resources and capabilities that a 3D game can render easily enable it to join the race of becoming popular. As a result, it makes a choice hard to pick a game and start playing. This article can help you to make your decision with this shortlist. There are so many alternatives available out there, and if you find a better one, I will appreciate it if you do let me know.

Mehedi Hasan
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