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Top 20 Best Arcade Games for Android Device in 2020

Before the invention of the smartphone, arcade games were the most popular entertainment medium. It is like a coin-operated gaming machine where people put coins to face those challenging, short-term and addictive arcade games. Even after the revolutionary development of technology, they are often hunted by nostalgia and want to play those games. So, Android makes it easy to play those games mostly for free. This is why I have decided to write about the Best Arcade Games for Android.

Best Arcade Games for Android

It is really very frustrating to install the wrong game and uninstall immediately. So, an article with a list of best games often comes as a great help. So, for them who are in search of the Best Arcade Games for Android, this article can be a good solution. I have attached a brief description and the features of each game here. And these are the best free Android Arcade games. So, I hope you will get exactly what you want here soon.

1. Subway Surfers

Subway-SurferI will never believe if you say that you are an Android user but you are not familiar with the name Subway Surfers. It is one of the best Arcade Games for Android, and it is totally free. To win, you have to save Jake, the hero from the Inspector and his fast and quick dog. It’s quite a tricky game, and you can enjoy a handful of amazing features of it. Let’s meet them in short.

Important Feature

• Provides amazing graphics and resolution.
• Offers remarkable rewards per stage and coins everywhere.
• You can buy virtual things with those coins.
• The game is free and fun.
• It is much challenging, and you will be addicted very soon.
• Provides a quick and lightning-fast swiping approach.
• Includes achievement and leaderboards.

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2. Angry Birds Classic

Angry-Bird-ClassicNow, it’s time to say hello to another simplest arcade game, Angry Birds Classic. I think you already meet this small game before. However, the game is played with some birds that you have to use to remove the blocks. There are different types of birds with various features. The graphics and resolution are up to your expectation. However, let’s find out the essential features of it.

Important Features

• You can play it even when you are offline.
• You can play with 15 different birds.
• Provides over 640 challenging levels.
• Offers awesome graphics and animation.
• You can boost the birds too.
• You can challenge opponents in the Mighty League.
• Fun game with an awesome soundtrack.

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3. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack-JoyrideJetpack Joyride is another popular Arcade Games. It is mission complete type game. Dangerous missions are assigned to you, and you have to complete them to win. This game has come with an elegant look and high technology graphics as well as following features.

Important Features

• Amazing HD graphics and animation.
• Provides fascinating sound effects.
• Birds are the source of money.
• Let you customize your outfit.
• Let you participate in battles with your friends.
• Dangerous missions are assigned to level your ranks.
• Offers easy one-touch swipe.

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4. Sonic Dash

Sonic-DashIf you love to play the running game and then meet Sonic Dash. It is really an awesome running game, and you can play it free on Android. This game is to run fast while saving the characters from being hurt by different obstacles. This fun game has come with a group of wonderful features. Let’s meet them in short.

Important Features

• Provides several amazing characters.
• Offers a lot of challenging power-up options.
• Awesome graphics and resolution.
• Let you invite and challenge your friends.
• Offers epic boss battle programs.
• Both the single and multiplayer mode are available.

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5. Teeter Pro – Free Maze Game

Teeter ProDo you love to play tilting games? If so, then meet Teeter Pro – free maze game. This popular Android Arcade game is very much addictive and you must love to play it in your free time. Here, all you have to do is to keep the steel ball safe from the holes and take it to its destinations. Let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• You can enjoy over 120 exciting levels.
• Awesome soundtrack and resolution.
• Provides customized time set.
• Smooth tilting approach.
• The game size is near to be nothing.
• Supports the full-screen mode.
• Free to install and update.

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6. Color Switch

Color-SwitchColor Switch is another one, among the most popular Arcade Games for Android. It is also a very popular free game. This game includes some apprehensible and easy strategies and amazing graphics. Besides, it is challenging and provides a pleasant sound effect. Color Switch Phoenix LLC has presented this game with a handful of awesome features. Let’s have a look at them.

Important Features

• Provides new modes and stages in each update.
• Amazing sound effect and graphics.
• Easy to use but hard to be the master.
• To win, you have to follow the color pattern and tap to get the ball.
• To win, you have to remind you about the time and to keep patience.
• Provides stars in different ways to unlock new balls.

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7. Smash Hit

Smash-HitSay hello to Smash Hit, another great and exciting Arcade Games for Android. It is so popular that it will be tough to get someone who is not familiar with it. It is also very good as a stress reliever game as you have to smash everything you will get in your way. It is completely a free game with a sort of optional paid premium updates. Let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• Awesome music and sound effects that change in each stage.
• You can enjoy over 50 different rooms.
• Provides 11 different styles of graphics and animations.
• Free game with a few optional premium purchases.
• To win, you have to smash the obstacle you will get on your way.

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8. Dan the Man: Action Platformer

Dan-the-Man-Action-PlatformerDan the Man is not just an arcade game with a similar test, but it will provide a new experience of participating in the battle in the action platform. In 2016, this game is awarded as one of the Best Android Arcade Games. It is a challenging game with amazing graphics and resolution. Let’s see what else it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides amazing weapons and abilities that you can upgrade.
• As a fighting game, it has challenging retro bosses which will be shown up against you.
• Let you customize your own character.
• The story mode is available.
• Provides unlimited survival and battle modes.
• Offers endless unlock areas and customs.

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9. Fruit Ninja

Fruit-NinjaYou must not say that you are not homely with Fruit Ninja, which we know as one of the Best Arcade Games for Android. It is also one, among the most popular Free Arcade games. Still, if you are unfamiliar with it, then you can have an idea from here. It is actually a fruit-slicing game and toy have to make sure that each and every fruit gets sliced. However, let’s have a glance at the important features of this game.

Important Features

• It is optimized for speed and quality.
• Provides 3 different classic modes.
• Fascinating graphics and animation.
• Awesome music and sound effects.
• Provides colorful fruits for slicing.
• More slice more scores.

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10. Bricks Breaker Quest

Bricks-Breaker-QuestIt’s another nostalgic game that reminds us of our childhood. Mobirix has given priority on this memory and launched the game, Bricks Breaker Quest. The tactics are the same as we did in your childhood. You just have to save the ball break the bricks by throwing it from the right angle and position. However, let’s see what features it includes.

Important Features

• Provides a huge number of stages.
• Provides different types of balls with different features.
• You can enjoy this game being in offline.
• Offers achievement and leaderboard.
• Single-mode and Multiplayer mode supported.
• Free and easy to play and perceivable tactics.

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11. Pinball King

Pinball-KingThe next one is Pinball King. It is one of the most popular Free Arcade Games. The strategic direction is easy, and you will enjoy getting addicted soon. In this game, you have to make sure that the ball is not dropped off and at the same time, you need to attack the enemy spaceship to win. However, let’s see what’s more it will offer.

Important Features

• It is a completely free fun game.
• This game requires no WiFi or internet connection.
• You can enjoy both single-player and multiplayer mode.
• 16 different languages are supported.
• You can enjoy the spectator mode.
• Provides achievement and leaderboards to show the progression.
• Offers awesome rewards for clearing a stage.

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12. Oggy

OggyAre you a great fan of the cartoon series Oggy and the Cockroaches Gang? If yes, then meet Oggy, one of the best Arcade Games for Android. You probably guess the tactics. Yes, In the game, you have to keep Oggy’s refrigerator safe from 3 clever cockroaches Joey, Deedee, and Marky. Let’s have a look at the important features.

Important Features

• Awesome graphics and sound effect.
• Provides 3 different places.
• Offers options to unlock lots of superpowers.
• Very easy but challenging stages.
• Perceivable tactics and strategies.
• Provides option to challenge your friends on FaceBook.
• Offers coins in many ways that you have to collect to improve Oggy’s skill.

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PAC-MANIn our childhood, most of us must play Pacman game and still love it. So, Bandai Namco Entertainment America Co. has presented one of the Best Free Arcade Games for Android, PAC-MAN. It is, as usual, the Pac dots and fruits eating game while you have to avoid the cheeky ghost gang. People love to play this game while their leisure and unintentionally they got addicted soon. Let’s have a look at its features.

Important Features

• Offers free insider tips.
• Provides Amazing sound effect and animation.
• Provides daily achievements and rewards.
• You can unlock systems with your earned tokens. Show achievement and leaderboard.
• It’s a retro arcade game.
• Show achievement and leaderboard.
• It is very easy to play but not that much easier to be a pro.

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14. Crazy Taxi

Crazy-Taxi-ClassicSay hello to another popular Android Arcade Game by Sega, Crazy Taxi. This crazy game is so amazing that you will get addicted to it within a few minutes. It is about to drive your taxi with customers to earn money with a limitation of time. Jane, Ale, BD Joe and Gus are the four crazy drivers, and you can play with them. So, let’s have a glimpse of the features of this game.

Important Features

• This game required an internet connection.
• Eye-catching resolution and graphics.
• Rocking sound effect.
• 3, 5, and 10 minutes of playtime.
• Achievement boards to see the progression.
• Provides included challenging mini-games.
• Provides a widen urban world to enjoy a crazy drive.

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15. STRIKERS 1999

STRIKERS-1999Are you willing to participate in the last war to save the world? Just kidding. It’s just a game’s motto which is popularly known as Stickers in 1999, one of the Best Arcade Games for Android. This latest arcade game let you fight in the battle with the opponents across the world. The tactics are perceivable, and you will be impressed with its amazing features. Let’s have a glance at them.

Important Features

• Provides 5 special military aircraft.
• Offers achievement and leaderboard.
• Let you challenge opponents from all over the worlds in a military fight.
• Supported in almost all kind of Android phone.
• Supported 9 most used languages.
• Simple strategies for the game.

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16. Rush

RushLet’s have a look at another Free Arcade Games for Android, Rush. It is also a greatly known game to Android users. It is about a rolling ball game that runs over a long roller coaster. To speed up the ball, you can tap and switch the way and also avoid the obstacles. However, let’s see what’s the important features of this game.

Important Features

• Provides over 100 challenges.
• Awesome sound effects and animation.
• Let you unlock over 25 new roads.
• In this game, you have to collect 50 spheres.
• Provides 5 secret spheres.
• Offers scoreboard to match your score with others and also to see the progression.

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17. Red Ball 4

Red-Ball-4Again it’s a game to rescue the world. It is the Red Ball 4, one of the best Free Arcade Games. This addictive game is much popular, and it possesses appreciable and easy tactics. In this game, you have to keep the ball safe in the risky roads and also to destroy the monsters. So, let’s see what the special features this game will provide.

Important Features

• Provides gameplay on over 75 different roads.
• Amazing resolution and soundtrack.
• Offers easy and perceivable tactics.
• Offers dangerous boss battles.
• Supported the HID controllers.
• Easy to play but very hard to be a pro.

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18. Rise Up

Rise-UpSay hello to another Android Arcade Games, Rise Up. It is a challenging fun game with awesome resolution and effects. In this game, you have to save your flying balloon from different obstacles with your shield. The higher your balloon reaches the tougher it will be to save it. It includes the following features.

Important Features

• Provides unlimited gameplay.
• Very easy shield control.
• It is tough to make the highest score.
• Provides one finger scrolling approach.
• Provides lots of obstacles to make it challenging.
• Amusing soundtrack and animation.

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19. Angry Birds Rio

Angry-Birds-RioIt’s another version of the popular Arcade Game the Angry Birds. Angry Birds Rio has its own story where the birds are kidnapped to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro. Somehow, they managed to escape, but they have to save their two bird friends. So, they have to clear the blocks to save them. Let’s see what it includes.

Important Features

• Provides 12 challenging episodes with over 400 levels.
• Offers 72 bonus levels of special action-packed approach.
• Provides challenges to unlock the bonus levels.
• Offers Power potion for the transformation of the birds.
• Amazing Soundtracks and animation.

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20. Super Jabber Jump 3

Super-Jabber-Jump-3Lastly, I would like to introduce you to Super Jabber Jump 3. In this game, Jabber has lost his ancestral gem, stolen by a monster gang. Now, you have to help Jabber to get backs his coins and gem. The game tactics are easy but challenging. However, let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides tons of monsters to make the game difficult.
• Fascinating graphics and sound effects.
• Easy and challenging strategies.
• Provides puzzle elements and adventures.
• Over 100 challenging decorated levels.
• Let you unlock and upgrade systems to get developed.

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Final Thought

These Arcade games don’t include a specific and common approach and type. You will get different types, and so your choice can vary. This is why it’s tough to give any specific suggestion. But for me, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, Crazy Taxi, Sonic Dash are the Best Arcade Games for Android. But if you like classic games, then you can try Pinball King, PAC-MAN and Rise.

Hopefully, this article will come as a great solution to make you addicted to the Best Android Arcade Games. So, don’t forget to let us know about your experiences and also inform me if I have mistaken something important. Please stay closure with your feedback and comments. Thank you.


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