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10 Best Rhythm Games for Android That A Music Lover Can’t Miss

Music is now a part of our life, and some of us even love to play music a lot. We have instruments, both real and virtual, to play music. But what can be more interesting to create music while playing video games? Well, that’s possible. There is a genre of Android video games that lets you play different types of instruments in terms of playing a game. And we call it rhythm games for Android. Mostly, kids love to play this kind of game, but adults in their free time also love to enjoy playing these games too. However, if you plan to enjoy a rhythm game anyway, you are on the right track.

Best Rhythm Games for Android You Shouldn’t Miss.

You will indeed find nearly thousands of rhythm games on PlayStore. Unfortunately, most of them are boring, and there is almost no change in the whole game. Even there is no story or any turning points. Don’t worry.

We checked a lot of games and finally got the 10 best Rhythm games for your Android device that will never make you bored. While selecting the games, we preferred sound quality, gameplay, story, song collection, etc. These games didn’t disappoint us in any of these cases.


DEEMOIn the world of a whole new piano game, I welcome you in the beginning. DEEMO comes from the masterpiece maker team Rayark International, and once it was released, music lovers got crazy about this rhythmic, funny game. However, there is a beautiful story behind the game.

Here, Deemo lives in a world of a treehouse, and he loves to play the piano. One day, a girl falls from the sky and cannot recall her past. Here, an accident happens between them, and they start running together. Now, you have to play songs with piano instead of Deemo to help him find his way.

Important Features

  • In total, there are more than 220 games of different genres are available here for you to play.
  • The story mode includes over 60 different games that actually match the base story of this game.
  • As the game progresses, you will eventually unlock more songs anyway.
  • You have to accompany Deemo on his journey to the fairytale.
  • You will find a lot of popular piano songs in this game.
  • It provides a very simple and indeed initiative gameplay, and the functions are very much perceivable.

Pros: You have to follow the rhythm on the piano key by tapping and sliding on display. Additionally, you have to experience lots of pictures as hints to get the way for Deemo.

Cons: You cannot enjoy this game without a stable internet connection.


2. BEAT MP3 2.0 – Rhythm Game

BEAT MP3 2.0 - Rhythm Game, rhythm games for AndroidLet’s meet BEAT MP3 2.0, a very popular rhythm game for your Android device. This game supports the total extension of music files or MP3 files. A lot of customized functions, including Long notes, Slide notes, Beat sounds, etc., are available here. The graphics and effect of this game will definitely impress you. Eventually, you can make more and more scores here. Furthermore, your score is shareable with others. Also, you can play songs from your own smartphone too.

Important Features

  • The music analysis system creates flawless timing for each beat.
  • To give you a variance in the same song, the game prepares a random beat system.
  • It lets you have fun with no need to load after 1st precision song analysis.
  • Fever mode will add a different dimension to your gaming experience.
  • You have to compete with players from around the world to get a higher rank.
  • If you wish to find a specific song, you can use the search feature.
  • The gamepad is very colorful, and there is a ring to collect the upcoming rhythm.

Pros: There are 9 steps speeds that you can apply. Additionally, this game supports 4 different languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.

Cons: There are some complaints that the gamers struggle to use songs from local music libraries, and some of them eventually fail.


3. Arcaea – New Dimension Rhythm Game

Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm GameThe world of musical conflict is waiting for you in Arcaea. The game starts with the story of two young girls. And you have to help both of them remember their past with melodic shards. As time will pass, they will start to get conflicting views about the world of their past. You can set yourself free in A harmony of Light. This 3-dimensional rhythm game mostly features artists from Japan. Although, there are other artists as well to make it even more melodic.

Important Features

  • Here you can enjoy arcade-style gameplay with your skill development.
  • More than 160 songs are available in this game for you.
  • Up to 100 popular artists across other games are here.
  • You can choose any of the 3 rhythm difficulty levels for each song.
  • The music library is extended day by day with new content updates.
  • Jacket illustrations are provided for the whole song, and you can unlock new originals.

Pros: The game lets you compare your scores with your friends on the scoreboard.

Cons: You have to unlock songs in some particular mode, and for that, you have to play for a long time.


4. Beat Craft

Beat CraftLike the other rhythm games for Android, Beat Craft is designed with various musical notes. This app comes for free, and when you tap in the right note at the right time, it will make your score higher. For more precise control, you should play the game without a charging cable. There are more options like autoplay, 2x speed, HP, Fever, and many more. In addition, you can win diamonds here and then use them to unlock new songs.

Important Features

  • This rhythm game lets you experience all your favorite music and movies.
  • It supports both the game and music video to play at a time.
  • With the search tool, you can look for the videos you like.
  • Here you can play the songs that are saved on your device.
  • Moves are unlimited so that you can play as long as you wish.
  • You can save the best songs that you created on your own.

Pros: Automatic generation of notes gives you a different vibe from the same old songs. Moreover, you can play songs from Youtube as well.

Cons: Some users complained that the game lets you play a limited amount of time in one session.


5. Rhythm Hive: Play with BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN!

Rhythm Hive: Play with BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN!I’m not sure about the number of BTS fans, but I can say it is definitely more than one can ever imagine. However, if you are one of them, I am pretty sure that you will love to play games with them. I mean in a virtual Android rhythm game to play their roles and make music. Well, Rhythm Hive brings this opportunity for band lovers. This rhythm game is all about the famous musicians playing their roles to play varieties of virtual musical instruments.

Important Features

  • You will initially get lots of musical missions and then complete them to get rewards.
  • The more rewards you will get, the more players and songs will be unlocked.
  • This game provides multiplayer gaming modes, and so you can invite your friends to play with you.
  • You can select different gaming modes like 3 songs, mix challenge, etc.
  • On the reward box, you will get lots of exclusive concept photos. And these photos boost the artist’s abilities.
  • Besides BTS, you can also play with characters of Tomorrow X, ENHYPEN, etc.

Pros: You have to collect lots of performance cards and make the highest score. Eventually, you have to unleash the diverse abilities of these cards.

Cons: Some players complained about the loading issues of this game.


6. TAPSONIC TOP – Music Grand Prix

TAPSONIC TOP - Music Grand Prix, rhythm games for AndroidNEOWIZ brought one of the best rhythm games you must try, and it is TAPSONIC TOP. In this game, you have to support your favorite idol by achieving more rewards. Remember that the game is not very easy. Eventually, the line of rhythm will change so frequently, and you have to collect all of them to make a good score. Besides, there are songs that you can choose to play. And the music will follow the songs you choose and then have to collect the rhythm of the music.

Important Features

  • Here, the more you will play, the harder this game will be. Basically, when it is harder, the rhythm line shifting will be so frequent and fast.
  • You can cast cute idols and choose an idol from a collection of a lot.
  • Every idol and song will have their own attributes in this game. And they are different from one another.
  • You have to train the chebe idols and make them superstars by playing music games.
  • You can select a song from a huge collection by DJMAX and TAPSONIC.

Pros: Here, you can challenge other players and show off your skill in the tournament. Additionally, you can win the music grand Prix as well.


7. Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs

Tap Tap Music-Pop SongsIf it is about the best rhythm games for Android, there’s no way to miss Tap Tap Music. Well, this beat tapping game offers a rich collection of varied songs. And it includes Anime, Classic, K-Pop, rock, hip-hop, EDM, and much more. However, the interesting part is you can enjoy high-quality music from YouTube. Although the game is quite simple, you have to concentrate on winning each challenge. Let’s see what’s more this exciting offline game will offer.

Important Feature

  • The app keeps updated with various songs along with pop music. So, You’ll never run out of options.
  • The challenge mode starts from level one, and as you will move forward, it will be one step harder than before.
  • As soon as MV will begin don’t forget to tap the ball tile. Because it will make contact with the scoring areas.
  • The game will grant you three accuracies, Good, Perfect and great. So, the perfect you’ll play, the more score you’ll get.
  • If you love any music, you can keep them in your favorites.

Pros: The controls are pretty straightforward, and you can find your song on the list easily. Moreover, the speed and the time frame of this game are way too much Perfect.

Cons: This rhythm game is not available offline.


8. MELOBEAT – Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game

MELOBEAT - Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm GameYou can also try Melobeat as it is another popular piano and mp3 rhythm game you shouldn’t miss either. The gaming interface is very nice, and the statistics are perceivable. Like most other rhythm games, you just have to tap on the rhythm plates coming continuously. Apparently, the line of the rhythm plates will be shifted, and you have to tap on the right line as well. It’s the basic rule of this game. Here, you will get lots of songs to play, and every month it uploads more than 30 new songs for you.

Important Features

  • This game lets you record and listen to the music you have created while playing.
  • You can also share the masterpiece you have made using your social sharing apps.
  • There are different gaming modes based on the difficulty level. And you can choose any model you want.
  • This game lets you play rhythm collecting games anywhere anytime as it doesn’t require an internet connection.
  • If you want to play with your favorite songs, just upload the song from the media file.

Pros: On the difficulty levels, there are long and short notes. You can eventually enable or disable the notes as well.

Cons: It doesn’t support DRM-protected files to play with.


9. Love Live! School idol festival- Music Rhythm Game

Love Live! School idol festival- Music Rhythm Game, rhythm games for AndroidKLab brought the most appealing animation rhythm game for your Android device. Love Live is the game I am talking about. Here, you have to find your ideal school idol and then train her to play on the Festival Rhythm. Every idol will have specific stories and their favorite song. You will get a huge collection of songs, and then you can choose any song to play the instrument like a piano. Want to know more about it? The following features will impress you for sure.

Important Features

  • On the ranking system mode, you can check your skill in the game.
  • Hundreds of playable songs are there in the collection. Every update will eventually enrich the collection.
  • There are different difficulty levels, and you can select any level you want.
  • At the school festival, there will be events and something entertaining. You can join the festival and show off your rhythm collecting skills.
  • You can read the stories of the idols, and if you don’t like to read, the idols will tell you their stories. The game indeed has full-voiced stories to entertain you.
  • There will be a mini-map that you can explore with your idol.

Pros: This game offers multiplayer modes, and you can invite your friends to play together. Additionally, you can open new stories by playing together.


10. Lanota – Dynamic & Challenging Music Game

Lanota - Dynamic & Challenging Music GameLanota is not only a common Rhythm game, but also it comes with unique animation and different challenges, unlike most other ordinary rhythm games. Throughout the game, you will focus on playing the tune and follow the rhythm. There, you will get dozens of outstanding music tracks along with a boss stage feature. Additionally, a map will guide you to explore places, and you will find a handcrafted picture book on the way. So, you need to collect various items, and they will be counted as souvenirs.

Important Features

  • The more you will dive into the toughest part of the game, the more you can collect achievements.
  • There will be a leaderboard so you can share your achievements with your friends.
  • The game lets you compete with other players, and it supports cloud save.
  • It offers while, blue and directional tiles, and you need to tap for the beat, position, or swipe up or down.
  • If you want to share your result, the app will need access to your media, photos, or files.

Pros: This game comes with more than 70 tracks and 4 skill levels. Plus, there will be a challenging mode for beginners, advance, or expert players along with different charts and challenges.

Cons: The story elements are not quite necessary to move forward with this game.


Our Recommendations

Generally, rhythm games are mostly similar in functions. Still, we tried our best to list the unique games with stories. In that case, all these games are different from their own places and contain different attributes. So, you can choose your favorite games very easily. But BTS, TST, and ENHYPEN lovers Rhythm Hive is the must-try for you. Out of that, you can also try Deemo, Arcea, and Melobeat as well. These games have unique stories and smooth gameplay.

Finally, Insights

No doubt that rhythm games are interesting and improve your quick response, instrumental, and musical intuition. However, in your free time, you can enjoy these best ever rhythm games for your Android device to get rid of boredom. Besides, you must be aware there are some multiplayer games, and you can enjoy them with your friends as well. So, share the content with your friends and together fox a game to play in a competition. Here, I take my leave for today. Just stay safe and sound and wait for the next discussion. Thank you for your time.

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