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17 Best Hiking Apps for Android | Apps for a Safe Hiking Trip

Traveling and hiking on the hills and mountains is the best choice for people whose world is not limited to the four walls of their house. Even if this act is completely out of life in technology, a smartphone can come as a great help for them in this case also. So, for hikers, the Android Play store also includes lots of hiking apps. If you like to enjoy your hiking trip easily and securely, you should install the best hiking app. So, for you, I have listed the 17 best hiking apps for Android.

Best Hiking Apps for Android

Hiking is not an easy task. On the hills and mountains, there are dangers and risks everywhere. So, before fixing your mind for a trip, you should take all the necessary support with you to make it safe and easy.

A good hiking app can be a great help for you by providing maps and necessary tips, helping you track others, and supporting you in many ways. So, I think you should ensure a helpful hiking app to explore the world. Here is the list of the 17 best hiking Android apps that can help you get the best one.

1. Komoot — Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps

KomootAre you planning a trip hiking and cycling in the mountains? If yes, then Komoot is here for you. It is a free app for hikers, bikers, and riders. You will find a lot of necessary tips and guides here.

Also, the app supports voice navigation so that you don’t have to look over your phone screen while riding and thus keep your eyes on the roads. However, here are the main features of this app.

Important Features

  • You can get information about all the routes and the maps.
  • You can save the maps to use while offline.
  • Voice navigation, a turn-by-turn approach, is available.
  • Coordinates GPS tracking support.
  • Lots of free tips and suggestions.
  • You can share your trip story to be a pioneer.


2. ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing

ViewRangerMeet another reliable partner of yours on the way to explore the world, ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, and Skiing. It is also a free app that will ensure your safe and easy hiking and riding experience.

This stunning app is inclusive of tons of amazing features and tips about what to do when you are in the mountains. It is easy to use, and you will find almost all the services you need. They check them out.

Important Features

  • Provides maps to use even offline.
  • It is easy to explore the map and find a location.
  • Includes the map of the whole world.
  • You can purchase the map of a particular country for premium uses.
  • Includes all the features of the skyline.
  • Provides a real-time GPS tracker, route records, and the option to be connected with friends.


3. TrailWatch

TrailWatchMeet another one of the best hiking apps for Android TrailWatch. It is a very reliable and flexible hiking app for you. It is completely free and comes with an amazing look. You will find all the maps and navigation using this app.

On the way you are hiking, biking, walking, and riding, it will always appear as a helper. If you are interested, you can look at this theme’s special features below.

Important Features

  • You can create a group using this app to invite your friends to join your journey.
  • Provides different types of maps like the TrailWatch HK Map, TrailWatch Terrain Map, Open Cycle Map, and MapBox Streets Map.
  • You can easily locate your nearby friends with the GPS tracker.
  • It will keep all your hiking records.
  • You can browse routes, and the routes created by others will appear.


4. Gaia GPS: Hiking, Hunting Maps

Gaia GPSYou should install Gaia GPS: Hiking, Hunting Maps to get something more in one app related to a hiking trip. It is another helpful and easy-to-use hiking app for Android. It is reliable, flexible, and very easy to use.

The app includes lots of unique and essential features that are some kind of must-have for you to experience on the way to exploring the world. I have listed the features in short. If you are interested, you can have a look.

Important Features

  • Provides topo maps for your exploration through the world.
  • You can import and export GPX and KML files.
  • It is easy to find the location of nearby places.
  • Real-time map tools are available.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Offers a GPS Tracker and the records of your route.
  • You can also share your experiences with it.


5. Hiking Trail HK

Hiking Trail HKThe next one is the Hiking Trail HK. It is a very useful app for hikers, bikers, and riders. Because it is capable of showing the map, location navigation, real-time mapping tools, alerts before getting lost, and many more, these are reasons people consider it one of the best hiking apps for Android. It is reliable and flexible. Also, it is free and includes running features, which are listed below.

Important Features

  • Provides a route deviation function that will make you alerted before getting lost.
  • Includes route drawing function so that you can find your desirable routes easily.
  • Very easy to use and navigate.
  • Real-time mapping tools are available.
  • Free to use and update.
  • It is easy to share your experiences with others using it.


6. Hiking Project

Hiking ProjectSay hello to Hiking Project if you are thinking of going on a hike. Hiking Project is a free app for the hiker, and it comes with a handful of amazing features. For those, the users consider it one of the best hiking apps for Android.

It is very easy to use and update. Apps like this one are enough to save you in the mountain from getting lost with the GPS Tracker. So, for the sake of your safety, you should install this app. Let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

  • Provides offline maps to explore and navigate.
  • Offers over 74,000 miles of trail to hike along with your crew.
  • Your location is always shown on the trail, so it reduces the risk of getting lost.
  • It is easy to share photos and experiences of your journey.
  • Show nearby locations and track different pinpoints.


7. ramblr (hiking, gps, map)

ramblrIf you are planning a trip on the hike but are a bit afraid of being lost, then ramblr is a great solution for you. Many athletes and hikers like it for its stunning features and facilities. It is reliable and easy to use.

It has maps, navigating location tools, GPS Tracker, and many more. Also, it will provide you with almost all the necessary tips and suggestions that will help you on the way. So, let’s see what the features of this app are.

Important Features

  • Provides maps and locations to navigate.
  • You can see your location on this map.
  • You can get all the necessary guidance and tips.
  • Includes video and audio clips of the trip routes.
  • You can share your experiences and memory with others.
  • You can read others’ stories to get ideas.
  • Very fast and easy to use.


8. Polaris GPS Navigation: Hiking, Marine, Offroad

Polaris GPS NavigationYou can also use Polaris GPS Navigation. It is another popular hiking app that includes a very sensitive but supportive GPS with very high technical support. You don’t need any account set up or have to subscribe to different areas to get advantages from this app.

Just activate the GPS operator and turn your device into a high-performative and strong GPS navigation system. It will show you the location of nearby organizations and also tell you exactly where you are located right now. There is a clear map that helps you to get essential information too.

Important Features

  • The best hiking map with a trail recorder is available.
  • Accurate compass and route plan systems are there for you.
  • A huge amount of tips for hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities.
  • Fishing GPS will let you know about the fishing holes.
  • Military coordinate finder and NOAA nautical chart are there also.
  • Accurate street navigation will help you find your way properly.


9. bergfex Tours & GPS Tracking Running Hiking Bike

bergfex ToursAnother option for you is bergfex Tours & GPS Tracking. It is a very advanced tour guide and hiking app for your Android device. Stepping towards the mountains and your way to see the unseen can be a bit easier if you would start your journey with it.

On your way, it will never let you go weak as it includes a well-structured fitness tracker. At the same time, there are more than 70 thousand hiking tour plans, and you can grab any of them. It seems to be interesting, right? Well, the features will clear other doubts about you on this app.

Important Features

  • Includes a detailed and accurate topographical map.
  • Very advanced search engine and functionality.
  • Essential tools are available so that you can plan your tour properly.
  • A fitness tracker will help you stay healthy in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Over 70,000 route plans are already saved in the app for your easement.


10. Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS

Wikiloc Outdoor, Hiking Apps for AndroidYou should use this exciting Android hiking app to track your outdoor activities and confirm the safest journey. It is Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS. The best part of this app is its navigation system and GPS. These strong services will never let you get lost in the deep dark forest.

There are tons of free and offline topographic maps that will come as great support for you in the time when you have no one to rely on. Moreover, it is capable of helping you in your outdoor activities of 70 different types.

Important Features

  • Just turn your mobile navigation on and start enjoying the smart GPS.
  • Let you get informed about the weather forecast and other necessary information.
  • Very active and modern search engines and filters are available.
  • A live tracking approach and location-sharing systems are available.
  • Detailed maps and routeways are shown properly here.


11. E-walk – Offline hiking & trekking

E-walkOn your way to explore something new in this world, you have to hike and run all over it. On your way, you may not have everything in your control. Internet connection is like that. On your hiking program, you often have no internet connection. To survive the difficulties of that time, you can use this app.

It is E-walk, a useful offline hiking app for your Android device. Using this app easily, and the functions are very supportive. It will show you the map of your nearby area show the location of nearby hospitals, inns, or hotels. Also, it will show you the way to your car if you can’t find it yourself.

Important Features

  • Vast map with every single detail.
  • Show your location on the map.
  • It will figure out the way to find a nearby safe place like hospitals, police stations, hotels, etc.
  • You have to download the maps when you are online and use that when you have no internet connection.
  • You can share your location with others using different mailing media.


12. Locus Map Free – Hiking GPS Navigation and Maps

Locus Map Free, Hiking Apps for AndroidWhen you are very active in your life and try to enjoy it to its core level, you will end up exploring the world by yourself. Hiking, biking, and geocaching are the most common exploring ways. And if you are trying to do so, I will suggest you use this app. It is the Locus Map Free.

It is truly a very supportive hiking app for your Android device. This exciting app is specifically designed for bikers, cyclers, hikers, runners, and other outdoor activists.

It will never let you get lost in the forest and mountains as it has a very strong GPS. But the best part of this app is the maps that will show you to find your destination.

Important Features

  • Offline sound and navigation are available here.
  • Lots of statistics that you can use to find your tracks.
  • Make your database full of your favorite routes and places.
  • Tons of upcoming points will show up, and they will give you a notification.
  • Make your plan of routes and explore the program.
  • Let’s import and export routes and areas in different formats.


13. Walkmeter GPS Pedometer – Walking, Running, Hiking

Walkmeter GPS PedometerAre you looking for a hiking app with GPS, which professionals recommend? Then Walkmeter GPS Pedometer is the app you should download without any doubt. This app has been there for a while and supported by many professionals and unprofessional hikers like a charm.

This is one of the best hiking apps for Android you can get. It can turn your phone into a powerful fitness computer that continuously calculates every important parameter of your body.

It shows the area definition through google maps and informs you about the terrain you are going to face. This app also comes with training plans that can help you save time and avoid difficulties. Also, you can modify or make your training plans as you want. 

Important Features

  • It records all your previous data in the device; years of record will take only a few megabytes.
  • Completely configurable maps, stats, and graphs.
  • Automatically stop the timer if you stop running.
  • Keeps an eye on the weather and notify you.
  • Configurable training zone, training interval, and targets.
  • Analyze your performance with a graphical representation.
  • Share your workout status on social networks and with your friends.


14. Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more

Relive, Hiking Apps for AndroidYou can also try Relive, another powerful hiking app for your Android device. This incredible app will allow you to push your limits while keeping track of your activities. It will capture all your data and show you in 3D video stories that you can share with the world and show your abilities.

All you have to do is start the app, select your parameters, and keep going on. It has a smart tracking technology that allows you to calculate the traveled distance, burnt calories heart rate and present the data instantly in a graph.

In biking, the scenario is almost the same; this app will adjust itself with biking and add the speed of your ride. 

Important Features

  • Track your walk, run or ride in real-time with GPS.
  • See your route in 3D landscapes.
  • Include photos of your videos and share them with your friends.
  • Connect to old activities and make a 3D video out of them also.
  • Connect it with any other app to make it easier.


15. Hiking Slovakia – Tourist Map

Hiking SlovakiaIf you are planning a hiking trip and want to make your trip safer and more successful, I will recommend you Hiking in Slovakia.

This app is often considered as one of the best hiking apps for Android users. It will work an eye from the sky for the hiking trip and let you know about every single detail of your area.

This app comes with a huge number of detailed maps with hiking trails. Here you will find every corner and every junction of any local hiking trail. While on the road, it also gives you a notification when you are near any camping site. 

Important Features

  • A huge database of peaks, viewpoints, water sources, and accommodations.
  • This map has elevation and contour pointed in it.
  • Shows your current location with GPS.
  • Distance to any point. If you start walking, then it will show the remaining time also.
  • This app has augmented reality, which allows you to see the place in 3D.
  • Compas that navigate you to your target.


16. AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer (Lite)

AlpineQuest Off-Road ExplorerHere is another one of the best hiking apps for Android, AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer (Lite). This app provides you with a huge advantage if you are willing to go outside and have some fun. This app also helps you with running, scaling, trailing, offroading, etc.

Also, it has a variety of maps where you can access your local maps when you are online, and these maps will be saved on your device when you go out.

No worries about the internet, and just keep going. It will detect your location and direction by using the GPS and compass of your device, even when you don’t have an internet connection. Forget about getting lost in the wild and get out of your comfort zone.

Important Features

  • Built-in maps are upgradeable through the internet.
  • Scan any picture or map with ease.
  • The digital elevation model allows you to see the hillside, steep slopes, and terrain.
  • Store your maps on your sd card.
  • Import and export to Adobe AutoCAD compatible files.
  • Alerts you if you go out of your route or the proximity.
  • Import hundreds of location coordinates.


17. SityTrail hiking trail GPS offline IGN topo maps

SityTrail, Hiking Apps for AndroidDo you admire hiking in the wild but are afraid of getting lost? Don’t worry. Geolives Belgium S.P.R.L. has done a great job by creating SityTrail hiking trail GPS offline IGN topo maps.

It is quite a popular hiking app for your Android device, and it will never let you fall in danger of doing nothing.

This immersive app will keep you on track while hiking or riding in the wild. This feature-rich app has a built-in smart map that has an incredible amount of details in it. Are you getting interested? Then go through the features and learn more about them.

Important Features

  • Fully designed hiking path with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Improve your map by capturing more geolocalized pictures.
  • Smart altimeter that counts the height of your current location.
  • Alerts you when you are out of your tracks.
  • Automatically says the points of interest.
  • Classifies your track through your checklist.


Final Thought

So, are you ready to start the epic exploration? Just pick one app from the list of best hiking apps for Android and get started. I hope it won’t disappoint you. But I advise you to get all the information about the place you will explore.

Your safety is the first priority. If you want to enjoy music on the way of your journey, then try some music apps. This will increase the joy of your exploration of new places in the world.

I hope you will enjoy your hiking experience. My anticipation will always follow your wellness. Stay safe and see the unseen with your own eyes. Best of luck.

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