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Top 10 Best Hiking Apps for Android for A Safe Hiking Trip

For the people whose world is not limited to the four walls of their house, traveling and hiking on the hills and mountains are the best choice of them. Even if this act is completely out of life in technology, a smartphone can come as a great help for them in this case also. So, for the hikers, the Android Play store also includes lots of hiking apps. If you like to enjoy your hiking trip easily and securely, you should install the best hiking app. So, for you, here, I have listed 10 best hiking apps for Android.

Best Hiking Apps for Android

Hiking is not an easy task. On the hills and mountains, there are dangers and risks everywhere. So, before fixing your mind for a trip, you should take all the necessary supports with you to make it safe and easy. A good hiking app can come as a great help for you by providing maps, necessary tips, helping you to track others and also to support you in many ways. So, I think you should ensure a helpful hiking app on the way to explore the world. Here is the list of 10 best hiking apps for Android that can help to get the best one.

1. Komoot — Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps

KomootAre you planning a trip with hiking and cycling in the mountains? If yes, then Komoot is here for you. It is a free app for hikers, bikers, and riders. You will find a lot of necessary tips and guides here. Also, the app supports voice navigation so that you don’t have to look over your phone screen while riding and thus keep your eyes on the roads. However, here are the main features of this app.

Important Features

• You can get the information about all the routes and the maps.
• You can save the maps to use while offline.
• Voice navigation, turn-by-turn approach is available.
• Coordinates and GPS tracking support.
• Lots of free tips and suggestions.
• You can share your trip story to be a pioneer.

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2. ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing

ViewRangerMeet another reliable partner of you on the way to explore the world, ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing. It is also a free app that will ensure your safe and easy hiking and riding experience. This stunning app is inclusive of tons of amazing features and tips about what to do when you are in the mountains. It is easy to use and you will find almost all the services you need. They check them out.

Important Features

• Provides maps to use even offline.
• It is easy to explore the map and find a location.
• Includes the map of the whole world.
• You can purchase the map of a particular country for premium uses.
• Includes all the features of the skyline.
• Provides real-time GPS tracker, route records, and the option to be connected with friends.

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3. Map My Hike GPS Hiking

Map My Hike GPS HikingIf you are looking for a hiking app that is recommended by lots of athletes, they Map My Hike GPS Hiking is the best option for you. In accordance with the user’s revies, it is one of the best hiking apps for Android. It is easy to use and you will find almost all the necessary guides and suggestions, that will come as helps on your journey. Here, I have added the features of this theme. You can check them out.

Important Features

• Provides audio feedback on every GPS-tracked route.
• You can find almost all the maps and routes here.
• Offers maps for the uses while offline.
• You share your story and experience with others using it.
• You can get connected with over 400 devices to analyze your data.
• Offers real-time GPS traction.

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4. Hiking Gps Navigation – Hiking Maps, Hiking Trails

If you are preparing for hiking, you can install Hiking Gps Navigation – Hiking Maps, Hiking Trails that comes with all trails around the world. On the way of your journey, it will come as great support by providing essential tips, tracking systems, real mapping tools and many more. It is very fast and the features, it is inclusive of, are very helpful. Let’s have a glimpse over them in short.

Important Features

• You can use the hiking GPS app to find out nearby places.
• Provides maps of almost all regions and city for you to explore.
• Easy to use and optimized for speed.
• You can share your experience with others using this app.
• Providing real mapping tools that will be very helpful on your journey.

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5. TrailWatch

TrailWatchMeet another one among the best hiking apps for Android TrailWatch. It is a very reliable and flexible hiking app for you. It is completely free and comes with an amazing look. You will find all the maps and navigation using this app. On the way of your hiking, biking, walking, and riding, it will always appear as a helper. If you are interested, you can have a look at the special features of this theme below.

Important Features

• You can create a group using this app to invite your friends to join your journey.
• Provides different types of maps like the TrailWatch HK Map, TrailWatch Terrain Map, Open Cycle Map, and MapBox Streets Map.
• You can easily locate your nearby friends with the GPS tracker.
• It will keep all your hiking records.
• You can browse routes and the routes created by others will appear.

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6. Gaia GPS: Hiking, Hunting Maps

Gaia GPSTo get something more in one app, related to a hiking trip, you should install Gaia GPS: Hiking, Hunting Maps. It is another helpful and easy to use hiking apps for Android. It is reliable, flexible and very easy to use. The app includes lots of unique and essential features that are some kind of must-have for you to experience on the way to explore the world. I have listed the features in short. If you are interested you can have a look.

Important Features

• Provides topo maps for your exploration through the world.
• You can import and export GPX and KML files.
• It is easy to find the location of nearby places.
• The real-time map tools are available.
• Easy to use and navigate.
• Offers GPS Tracker and the records of your route.
• You can also share your experiences with it.

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7. Hiking Trail HK

Hiking Trail HKThe next one is the Hiking Trail HK. It is a very useful app for hikers, bikers, and riders. Because it is capable of showing the map, location navigation, real-time mapping tools, alert before getting lost, and many more. Thes are reasons, people consider it one of the best hiking apps for Android. It is reliable and flexible. Also, it is completely free and inclusive of running features which are listed below.

Important Features

• Provides route deviation function that will make you alerted before getting lost.
• Includes route drawing function so that you can find your desirable routes easily.
• Very easy to use and navigate.
• The real-time mapping tools are available.
• Free to use, and update.
• It is easy to share your experiences with others using it.

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8. Hiking Project

Hiking ProjectSay hello to Hiking Project if you are thinking of going on a hike. Hiking Project is a free app for the hiker and it comes with a handful of amazing features. For those, the users consider it as one of the best hiking apps for Android. It is very easy to use and update. Apps like this one are enough to save you in the mountain to get lost with the GPS Tracker. So, for the sake of your safety, you should install this app. Let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides offline maps to explore and navigate.
• Offers over 74,000 miles of trail to hike along with your crew.
• Your location is always shown in the trail so it reduces the risk to get lost.
• It is easy to share photos and experience of your journey.
• Show nearby locations and track different pinpoints.

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9. ramblr (hiking, gps, map)

ramblrIf you are planning for a trip on the hike but are a bit afraid to be lost, then ramblr is a great solution for you. Many athletes and hikers like it for its stunning features and facilities. It is reliable and easy to use. It has maps, location navigating tools, GPS Tracker and many more. Also, it will provide you with almost all the necessary tips and suggestions that will help you on the way. So, let’s see what are the features of this app.

Important Features

• Provides maps and locations to navigate.
• You can see your location on this map.
• You can get all the necessary guidance and tips.
• Includes video and audio clips of the trip routes.
• You can share your experiences and memory with others.
• You can read other”s story to get ideas.
• Very fast and easy to use.

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10. trekking biking hiking

trekking biking hikingLastly, it is trekking biking hiking, another one among the best hiking apps for Android. This reliable app is free to use an update. If you are afraid to start your journey to the beautiful hilly area, it will help you to be courageous. It will show you the direction on the map, nearby location tracking, GPS Tracker and many more. You can also find the location of a nearby friend using it. Let’s see what’s more it will provide.

Important Features

• You will get informed before getting lost from your way.
• Provides offline maps for you to explore.
• Provides GPS Tracker, Location navigating approach, and customizable coordinates.
• Shows information about wearing, temperature and other facts.
• You can share your memory and experience with others.

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Final Thought

So, are you ready to start for the epic exploration? Just pick one app from the list of best hiking apps for Android and get started. I hope it won’t disappoint you. But I personally advise you to get all the information about the place you are going to explore. Your safety is the first priority. If you want to enjoy music on the way of your journey then try some music apps. This will increase the joy of your exploration of the new places in the world.

Hope you will enjoy your hiking experience. My anticipation will always follow your wellness. Stay safe and see the unseen with your own eyes. Best of luck.


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