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Top 20 Best Keyboard Apps for Android for Easy Typing

Are you an Android phone user who doesn’t anymore feel any attachment to the built-in keyboard because of the typical features? If you belong to that group of people, then you are in the right place to explore some of the best keyboard apps for Android. The free keyboard apps for android phones that we have presented in this article are simply excellent because of including outstanding features such as emojis and stickers. Moreover, the keyboard apps, even after being third-party apps, do not contain any malware or any other harmful element as we have listed these after a lot of research. So, we can assure you not only pure enjoyment but also quality.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

The best keyboard apps for Android that have been listed are equipped with the details of respective features so that you can easily comprehend each of these potentials. You can even visit each of their official sites to download just by clicking the button at the end of each app. Before going into the details, you can have a look at my previously written review on the best photo editing apps for Android.

1. Gboard

GboardIt is a top-notch combination of Google and Android that assures your privacy to the utmost. This best smartphone keyboard can be a stock for you depending on the device. When you use it, your private dictionary is automatically knotted to your Google account. Thus, your dictionary is always ready for you to be used and it doesn’t matter on which device Gboard is installed.

Important Features

  • Supports numerous languages
  • Available built-in emojis with hundreds of convenient emoticons and symbols for the users of Android 4.4 or above
  • Many personalization options including the addition of a number row
  • Features like voice input and one-handed mode are available  
  • Google, you know there is no risk of adware, malware, or any other identifying pieces of stuff as Google itself is the developer
  • Allows you to ask Google any question without forcing you to leave a chat incompleted

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2. SwiftKey

SwiftKeySwiftKey is one of the best keyboard apps for android that is vastly rated on the “Google Play Store.” The app is so excellent that it has a massive fan follower who cannot but take pride in its high precision rate and predictive aptitudes that are extended to the emojis and slang used by you. It has a strong privacy strategy that prudently distinguishes between data.

Important Features

  • Offers numerous emojis, GIFs, themes, and customization options.
  • Allows you to switch smoothly between languages and mid-sentence that can be great for you if you are bilingual.
  • The app becomes better as soon as it comes to know of your writing system.
  • The strong privacy policy simultaneously helps the keyboard observe your habit of typing and protect sensitive details.
  • Lets you simply eradicate your data or log into cloud services.

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3. Multiling O Keyboard

Multiling-O-KeyboardThis is a must-have best smartphone keyboard for those global readers who want to have a keyboard that is supportive of their mother tongue but hasn’t yet found any keyboard like that. This “Multiling O Keyboard” belongs to those best keyboard apps for android that is supportive for over 200 languages. While using it, you are allowed to pick the look and layout of the keyboard after your mind.

Important Features

  • Super-fast to insert different words, sentences, and symbols,
  • Requires no internet permission
  • Lots of emojis and swiping are available.
  • Provides you with four-row and five-row layouts, thus you can simply shift between DVORAK, QWERTY, and AZERTY
  • Lets you make a design of your personal layout.
  • Though it doesn’t have the analytical abilities like other keyboards, yet the keyboard turns to an unbeatable one in case of customization options and multilingual support.

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4. Fleksy

FleskyThis “Fleksy keyboard” is the best keyboard app for Android that had been used twice for setting the quickest texting global record. Therefore, we confidently recommend it for you if personalization for speed and abrupt response time are your main issue. The app is obviously free that doesn’t contain any trivial let alone significant irritating adware.

Important Features

  • In it, you can tap with which you have been habituated to and even can use motions for deleting words or selecting autocorrect options.
  • You are allowed to contract or increase the keyboard and alter the layout and colors based on your requirements.
  • Its privacy policy is too sturdy to break
  • Visibly summaries the information it is capable of seeing.
  • Lets you opt-out of any application found uncomfortable by you.

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5. TouchPal

TouchPal is another best keyboard app for android that has been providing satisfactory service to a huge number of Android users for the past 10 years. It is the winner of the “GSMA Global Mobile Awards.” The android keyboard app is a matchless one in terms of its strong safeguard and privacy policy.

Important Features

  • Able to handle add-ons via an internal store that also comprises a tiny app store for the purposes of advertisement.
  • Has its own artificially intellectual assistant.
  • No adware or other similar types of apps are featured that can take control of your device.
  • Includes a bunch of outstanding ones better another feature such as one-touch writing, emojis, voice recognition, stickers, and other attractive tricks.
  • Also includes T+ or T9 layout that can be a fantastic choice for you if you prefer neither swipe typing nor gesture typing for faster typing

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6. Minuum

MinuumMinuum is another best smartphone keyboard for android that is significantly focused on being small. This fabulous keyboard is a master of autocorrect that can figure out your typing easily and swiftly before you make any mistake. The keyboard is especially supportive for you if your device has a screen of 4-inch.  You need this keyboard urgently if the real estate of the screen is especially significant to you.

Important Features

  • You are allowed to modify the keyboard size contracting the spare letter rows into smaller units.
  • Its interface is so resourceful that it can even function equally on any smartwatch.
  • Supportive for a number of dissimilar languages, over 800 emoticons, and gesture shortcuts.
  • Owns a wide-ranging privacy policy with which you can contribute to the usage of data namelessly or keep it a secret.
  • With it, you can promptly access the dictionary, thesaurus, search, and then share

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7. Swipe Keyboard

SwipeSwipe is one of the fastest free keyboard apps for Android phones which is nifty and magical. Unlike many other keyboards, it offers you a smooth and unique typing experience. With its design and features, you can keep yourself up-to-date among the friend circles. In the “Theme Store”, you can personalize your personal keyboard just by picking a background from numerous wallpapers, your own images, fonts, touch tones, and button skins.

Important Features

  • Provides you with over one thousand most popular stylish gifs and emojis.
  • Also provides an accurate auto prediction.
  • Comes with overwhelming functions, which are beyond your dreams.
  • Flexible with 85-languages of 138-countries.
  • Lets you select texts simply with the assistance of arrow buttons
  • Availability of over 3,000 keyboard themes including numerous kinds of animals, nature, cartoons, etc.
  • Suggests your answers based on the messages you receive.

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8. Chrooma Keyboard

ChroomaOne of the best keyboard apps for android is Chrooma, which is quite analogous to the Google keyboard though Chrooma provides you with more personalize-able options. The keyboard app is powered by a smart synthetic astuteness that offers you more precision and improved circumstantial prediction at the time of typing. Most interestingly Chrooma has an adaptive color mode capability, which means it automatically adapts to the color of your uses app.

Important Features

  • Almost all the crucial features including swipe, predictive, and gesture typing, autocorrect, and keyboard resizing are available in it.
  • Includes certain bonus features such as an addition of a distinct number row, support of emojis, one-hand mode GIF search, support of multilingualism, and so on.
  • A night mode feature is also available with which you can change the tone of color of the keyboard.
  • You can even set a timer to schedule the night mode.

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9. Go Keyboard 

Go Keyboard is such a best keyboard app for Android that you will not hesitate to replace your current default keyboard with it once you learn all of its cool features.  Primarily, the keyboard owns a simple and minimalist design. The design is quite convenient and perfect for improving and easing your typing styles. Though the Keyboard app is free, yet it contains some in-app purchases and ads as well.

Important Features

  • Supportive for numerous types of languages, even for ones that don’t utilize a Roman script.
  • Includes combined lexicons that can show you the denotation of any vocabulary in any language you ask for.
  • Packs more than thousands of different themes, fonts, GIFs, emojis, and so on.
  • It also includes charge mode feature and “swipe-to-unlock” lock screen feature, which make the app a unique one.
  • Voice input and gesture typing options are available

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10. Graffiti Pro for Android

Graffiti-ProGraffiti Pro is a perfect replacement for the in-built typical keyboard, which is also known as an “input method”. Graffiti characters are typically single-thump drawings that narrowly match the normal alphabet and quite tough to produce. But, this keyboard app has made the production simpler to so that you can enter the characters swiftly and easily.

Important Features

  • The numeric and text input areas improve your recognition ability of the input.
  • Interprets the strokes drawn in the numeric range and text range as numbers and letters respectively.
  • With this best keyboard app for Android, you can draw the Graffiti characters either with your fingers or a flexible stylus.
  • Supports English and Japanese language
  • Makes the text input faster with word learning and auto-capitalization
  • Teaches you Graffiti, if you have been unfamiliar to it
  • No annoying advertisement is available

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11. Flit Keyboard

Flit-KeyboardFlit Keyboard is a light-weight soft keyboard for improving your typing precision without relying on auto-correction. With it, you can type accurately on any device as small as well such as a smart-watch. The keyboard app features four to eight big size buttons with both slide and taps typing approach. Therefore, you can even type on small devices accurately despite having big fingers.

Important Features

  • Features 8-buttons with complete-QWERTY style for all the usual keyboard characters comprising a cursor-arrow key, letters, symbols, and number.
  • It also features 4-buttons letter-only tiny-QWERTY style to offer you extra screen space.
  • The user-defined shortcuts allow you to input your favorite text speedily while “Dynamic Shortcuts” help you input the present time and date easily.
  • Availability of installable plug-ins for extending features like adding word suggestions and keyboard layout, and changing the appearance
  • Its “Key Mapper” lets you customize the key buttons’ letters to suit your private habit

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12. Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart-Keyboard-ProSmart Keyboard Pro is another best keyboard app for android that makes your typing experience to another level. Though, it is lightweight yet an influential international keyboard app. With it, you will feel competent immediately because of its dozens of personalization options including skin, calibration, layout, smileys, sound, and prediction. However, if you are a Samsung user, you must ensure that the Optimizer is disabled.

Important Features

  • Provides you with downloadable themes and Built-in
  • Features a self-learning smart dictionary where you can add words just by pressing the word in the suggestion bar
  • Contains layouts for a variety of languages including English, Hindi, Italian, French, Kurdi, Afrikaans.
  • Allows you to switch between languages very easily
  • Custom text shortcuts, emoji keyboard, and voice input are available
  • Predicts vocabularies with the physical keyboard
  • You can fast actions only with gestures

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13. Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker_s-KeyboardIf you are used to using a key layout of the computer and now missing it for any reason, then this one of the free keyboard apps for Android phones is an ideal choice for you. This best keyboard app for Android includes a distinct number of keys, arrow keys, and punctuation in the natural places. It is especially convenient for you if you adopt “ConnectBot” for an entrée to SSH.

Important Features

  • Provides functioning arrow keys and Tab/Esc/Ctrl keys, which are indispensable for your device if it doesn’t have D-Pad or a trackball.
  • Supportive for multi-touch for the modifier keys as it is grounded on the “AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard.”
  • Flexible with many languages

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14. MessagEase Keyboard

MessageEaseMessagEase is another best keyboard app for Android, which is considered the most advanced touch screen keyboard app of the world. It is the niftiest keyboard for smart-phones, smart-watches, and tablets in which place the QWERTY keyboard appears to be very inefficient. MessagEase is also the perfect keyboard for any wearable device.

Important Features

  • Includes 9 big size keys with a resourceful letter assignment that maximizes your typing speed and eases your writing.
  • It also comprises a word prediction feature that saves your time and energy.
  • You can alter the keyboard size simply dragging down/up on the Hand-button and the font adapted for the keyboard
  • Allows you to recolor and reshape the keyboard in numerous ways
  • Lets you even reallocate fresh characters or conceal and take out a number of the characters
  • No awkward auto-correction feature is available

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15. ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji

ai.type_It is the canniest and most customized keyboard for tablets and smart-phones. With more than 50-million users globally, this one of the best keyboard apps for Android has transformed the experience of messaging. The new edition has a complete set of emoji comprising all the new emojis from iOS 9. With the app, you can type faster and better allowing you to customize the keyboard in the way you prefer.

Important Features

  • Availability of thousands of themes for free that are excessively attractive
  • Allows you to design your personalized layout and share that with friends
  • It also lets you upload the theme to the app’s official site where other users are able to see, appreciate, and download it.
  • Suggests the correct emoji considering the vocabularies used by you and the context as well
  • Neither share users’ data nor learn anything from the password fields.

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16. FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKEYFancyKey is the number 1 iOS third-party keyboard that allows you to fine-tune the keyboard making customization in the way you long for. It belongs to that group of the best keyboard apps for Android with which you can use own photo as the background image on the keyboard. Most interestingly the font size of each letter, the font style can easily be changed with many more fabulous advantages.

Important Features

  • You can make use of tons of dissimilar free themes simply by downloading those from its own store.
  • Allows you to form a keyboard that will 100% of your with your preferred background image and font
  • Includes the most sophisticated auto-suggestion and auto-correction engine
  • Contains integrated emoticon and emoji keyboard that is flexible across all the popular apps
  • Supports more than 50 languages
  • Availability of clipboard option for numerous rapid copy-paste

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17. Grammarly Keyboard

GrammarlyThe “Grammarly Keyboard” is the private editor that you can use irrespective of place and time. Grammarly is one of the best keyboard apps for Android has hundreds of features and checks and a seamless combination that help you type easily in any program. It doesn’t matter whether you are sending an email, or LinkedIn message, the app can be used with conviction. It supports Android 4.0.3 and all the tablets.

Important Features

  • Contains the most sophisticated contextual spelling and grammar checker
  • Features radical punctuation correction option
  • Easy synonym finder and vocabulary enhancements are available
  • Allows you to integrate it with all the applications and set it up easily
  • Offers clear and easy clarification of each mistake you make so that you can learn it and avoid making it further
  • Informs you of the auto-correction of spelling so that you can identify the failure of auto-correction before sending

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18. Simple Keyboard

SimpleSimple keyboard is as simple as its name yet, it is one among the best keyboard apps for Android. Actually, the keyboard is an ideal one only for those who need simply a keyboard and doesn’t long for extensive facilities of emoji, correction of punctuation and spelling, GIF, and swipe typing.  Moreover, the installation of the keyboard requires a number of things that you may find boring.

Important Features

  • Occupies very less space that is more than 1 MB only
  • The keyboard height is flexible to offer you more space on career
  • Lets you choose the theme with customizing color
  • This best smartphone keyboard is completely ad-free
  • Moving pointer is easier that requires swiping of space

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19. Typany Emoji Keyboard

TypanyTypany is probably the first keyboard app for android that has an excellent combination of each of the dissimilar “DIY” features comprising DIY message and theme, emoji maker, animoji, font, sound, and many more. The keyboard app is also supportive of the immediate translation of over 100 languages. Thus Typany keyboard is considered one of the best keyboard apps for Android that offers you a personalized and high-speed typing experience.

Important Features

  • Lets you customize your personal keyboard theme picking your preferred photo or wallpaper
  • Offers plentiful keyboard themes for free where the up-to-date and most prevalent themes including a hologram, fidget spinner, neon, and hurricane are available
  • The built-in translator lets you type in your mother tongue and get an immediate translation in your preferred language
  • Provides you with many sorts of emoji figures such as universal galaxy and spider face to let you make your personal emoji-maker.  

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20. Ginger Keyboard

GingerGinger Keyboard is included in the best keyboard apps for Android squad that allow you to produce high-quality writing. The app has piles of themes, emoji, animated GIFs, stickers, and in-app games. It also includes sophisticated synthetic intelligence so that you can scrutinize your text, find fault with writing and bring corrections to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Important Features

  • Provides you with more than 1000 fabulous emojis, stickers, animated GIFs, and emoticons allowing you to express yourself perfectly
  • Understands your writing and offers vocabulary prediction
  • Offers 100 impressive themes for free and you can even create your own theme
  • You can translate your expression in over 58 languages

More info & Download 

To Conclude 

So, this was all from our part about the best keyboard apps for Android. We hope, you cannot but like each of the free keyboard apps for android phones after going through one by one. If you like these, then don’t make it late to install any of them. Otherwise, you will be responsible for depriving yourself of the thrill of such best smartphone keyboard apps.  


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