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Top 10 Best Quit Smoking Apps for Android Device in 2019

Smoking is a very addictive habit that’s not at all easy to leave overnight. It takes physical and mental dedication to quit smoking. Today if you see this article, then I am sure you have made a hardcore decision to leave smoking to save your life as well as your family. You take care of the physical matters not to touch the cigar, and I will share a set of best quit smoking app for your android device, which will make you mentally sharp. Don’t take a chance with your future generations, and believe me; it’s never late to start again if you failed earlier.

Quit Smoking Apps for Android

So let’s begin with the countdown of the best quit smoking app for android. All the apps are chosen based on high ratings and trending in the Google Play store.

1. I Give Up Smoking

I-Give-Up-SmokingQuit smoking is tough, but at the same time, it’s easy if you have a self-dedication and craving willpower. Research shows that self-motivation and inspiration from friends helps a lot to leave nicotine. This simple app will act like your best friends, who will inspire you to leave this badass habit and restore your healthier life. This app lets you see how much time, the money you saved after following certain rules.

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2. Stop Smoking In 2 Hours

Stop-Smoking-In-2-HoursDo you want to know the secret of Jason? He was a chain smoker and used to take 40 to 60 nicotine in a day. But now he doesn’t take a single, he quits. But how? Here in these apps, you will be learning how a badass smoker left smoking by seeing and following only two simple videos every day. All the simple and short videos and audio in this app will inspire you, motivate you to quit smoking for the rest of your life, and get back your healthy and happy life. This app can be easily Best Quit Smoking App for your Android device.

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3. MyQuitTime – Stop Smoking

MyQuitTime-Stop-SmokingBasically, this app lets you save money by quit smoking and inspire you to buy gifts for your family. It will also show your health improvements, saved time, saved money, etc.

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4. Breathe – Quit Smoking

Breathe-Quit-SmokingBreathe – quit smoking is unique in nature because it’s more about social media with thousands of ex-smoker. Here you can make a social profile and start sharing your smoke-free routine, ideas, suggestions, experiences, etc. with your friends. This is a good and cool idea to get motivated and motivate others in your way to quitting smoking.

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5. Quit Smoking Slowly – SmokeFree

Quit-Smoking-Slowly-SmokeFreeThe main motto of this app is to compel you to quit smoking slowly as you became habituated eventually. Everyone knows the bad effects of smoking, but it’s challenging to quit. Here your dedication and willpower to leave is the most important and foremost thing. This simple app helps you stop taking nicotine slowly but steadily.

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6. Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Quit-Smoking-Cessation-NationThis one is very simple and easy to use to quit the nicotine app, which lets you crave to restore your healthier life from the evil crunch of smoking. This will show you various statistics on how much money and time you saved, health improvements, and it’s a lot more fun with distracting free games.

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7. Quit Smoking

Quit-SmokingTired of trying to quit the nicotine? No problem, do a little bit more try with this amazing quit smoking apps. This will let you monitor the time you don’t smoke for, the number of cigarettes you didn’t touch, the amount of money you saved, etc.

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8. Drop It! Quit Smoking

Drop-It-Quit-SmokingHello, I am “Drop It! Quit smoking apps,” but not just another app who only advise you to follow the rules. I am here to help you a bit more to leave this horrible addiction. I will motivate you, make you mentally healthy, make you successful from unsuccessful quit smoking plan, and show you statistics on how much money did you saved, how many days you passed without tobacco, how much time did you save by not smoking, etc. Download me now and make your life cursed free.

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9. Smoke-Free, stop smoking help 

Smoke-Free-stop-smoking-helpYou would have been quit smoking if you could see the benefits of leaving it in front of you right this moment. Yes, now it’s possible to see how much benefits you are going to get after quit smoking using this outstanding android app. This quit smoking app is one of the best and highly rated in the iTunes, and now it’s also available for the Android users. This is one of the best scientific apps, which really helps to quit smoking by showing a set of effective lifeline tools like calendar, graph, bar show, diary, etc. Which is very easy to understand and follow.

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10. Quit Smoking – QuitNow!

Quit-Smoking-QuitNowWelcome to the best ex-smoker community-based quit smoking apps. This community is driven by more than 2 million ex-smokers who will always provide help and tips to increase your willpower to leave the cigarettes. After making a profile, it will send you encouraging messages from the community members to maintain a routine of not touching the cigarettes.

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Final Thought 

Though quit smoking is tough but with the help of self-dedication and motivation, and various help and tips from the apps mentioned above and community will definitely help you to quit the nicotine and restore the happy, healthier life.

What’s Your Favorite? 

Did you like the above list of best quit smoking apps for android? Did you use any of it? Share your opinions and experiences of using it in the comment section.

Share this best list of anti-nicotine apps with those friends who do smoke a lot and let them get back in their happy and healthy life.


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