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10 Best Software Download Sites for PC: Free Programs, Utilities & Apps

A computer is a software-based gadget, where different software is used for different needs. These softwares are developed by programmers based on the customer’s needs. Now all softwares are available online to download to install on your PC. Many people are tempted to download free softwares but download malware and viruses despite downloading actual software. So we have to refrain from downloading software from unauthentic websites. You should download your required softwares from only those websites that guarantee safe software. In this post, we have compiled a list of safe software download sites that pass the security check and provide you with a range of quality softwares download links for your PC.

Safe Software Download Sites for PC

There are numerous software download websites from which you can easily download free software. Besides, you may need to register some of the software download sites to download software. This registration would be free and premium, which varies from site to site.

Many software download sites have community groups, where you find many discussions about software, so you can get ideas before downloading any software. Hereafter considering all features, I have created a comprehensive list of trustworthy software download sites which ensure download malware-free software.

1. Softpedia

While you are looking for download software from the Internet, you may hear the website name of Softpedia. This website offers one of the largest collections of softwares. So its downloading number is more than three million.

You may find all types of apps on this website. It provides Windows, Linux, Mac, and Andriod apps. Additionally, most apps are updated frequently. Besides, you get clean and malware-free software from Softpedia. Furthermore, you have experienced an easy user interface to download software from this downloading software site. If you have never used Softpedia, you must try it.


Key Features:

  • Softpedia covers all platforms’ almost all softwares. Moreover, you can download the various drivers from this site.
  • You get the latest version of softwares from Softpedia.
  • Every software has a review and specification section. So before downloading the software, you get more information about the software features.
  • Softpedia has an advanced search tool that helps you to find specific software at a particular version.
  • Additionally, it has a news section that provides software-related updates, launching news.

Go to Softpedia

2. Ninite

Ninite is simple but one of the most popular free software download sites for Windows PC. It presents all softwares lists on a single page. First of all, you need to check the softwares that you want to download. Then, you click on the download link to download the software installer to download bulk softwares with a single click.

The best part of this site is that you do not need to upgrade your software from time to time. When any update is available, the installer file automatically updates everything. In addition, this website introduces a Ninite Pro package which thousands of companies have already used for patch and secure software.

Ninite _ Software download sites for PC

Key Features:

  • This website covers all essential Windows softwares. You get web browsers, messaging, documents, media, security, utilities, compression, developer tools-related software from Ninite.
  • Ninite makes simple your software upgradation process. While you use Ninite, it automatically updates the latest version of the software.
  • Besides, Ninite downloads software from the publisher’s website, so you get the software’s original version, which is free from any malware.
  • No toolbars need to be installed when downloading from this website.
  • It skips the reboot option while installing new software.
  • Additionally, if you use Ninite Pro, you can manage software patches, install, uninstall, update from your browser.

Go to Ninite

3. Softonic

Softonic provides a wide range of free softwares to download. This website is used by more than a hundred million users per month, making it one of the most downloading software websites.

It supports download apps for Windows, Mac, Andriod, iPhone. Apart from the apps, you can also download many popular games from this website. Besides, the website has a blog section, which provides the latest technology-related update. Moreover, you can join its forum to ask about any software. Overall, you can download all sorts of regularly used softwares from this website.


Key Features:

  • Softonic has categorized software based on OS and different kinds of softwares.
  • This website ranks top-rated products so you can easily find the best quality software.
  • Besides, it has a top downloaded software list. So you can easily categorize the most demandable software in the software industry.
  • Those who love to play games can easily download various games from Softonic. Softonic has a wide range of collections of popular games on different operating systems.
  • It offers download software from one of two mirror links, and the software is downloaded from Softonic downloader, which is safe and quick.
  • You can filter the search result by license, platform, Operating systems.

Go to Softonic

4. FileHippo

FileHippo is a well-known software downloading site for various Windows, Mac, and Andriod OS software categories. All world’s most popular softwares are found on this website. Besides, FileHippo claims that all softwares are 100% spyware and virus-free. But sometimes, this website prompts you to download another app while downloading the particular software.

You have the option to skip downloading another app. Sometimes we need to download older software versions compatible with our operating system. FileHippo provides download links for older versions of the software, including the latest version, so that you can download the software version at your convenience.

FileHippo _ software download sites for PC

Key Features:

  • From FileHippo, you can download all essential softwares and business softwares.
  • FileHippo’s review section compares similar category software, making it easier to decide which software is perfect for you.
  • FileHippo provides information about new software releases, updates, prices of software in the news section.
  • From this website, you can find out which softwares are more popular and which ones are being downloaded more frequently.
  • You can download all the softwares for free. So for those who want to download free essential software, FileHippo would be the first choice.

Go to FileHippo

5. SourceForge

SourceForge is one of the reliable sites for downloading the open source and business software for PC. The SourceForge development tool currently develops more than 500 thousand open source projects. Besides, it is an excellent platform for finding and reviewing business and IT softwares.

The good thing about SourceForge is that it does not host 3rd party software. It uses a ticker to detect the software hosted on the publisher’s original website, and you get a mirror link to download the original software. However, other software download sites indicate the same indication, but SourceForge assures more than others to provide you exact mirror link.


Key Features:

  • The UI is extraordinary and simple to use. So you easily get the right software and download it quickly.
  • It has an excellent filtering tool to find the required software from the best available sources in the market.
  • SourceForge is the great hub for IT professionals to download, develop and review business and IT softwares.
  • The review section of SourceForge is so rich that you will get enough information to make quick decisions about software to download.
  • If you are a software developer, you can upload your software and code for selling. It is an excellent platform to showcase your software project in the marketplace.

Go to SourceForge

6. SnapFiles

SnapFiles is just like other software downloading sites, but it is an excellent website with some cool features. The website nicely presented softwares in various categories such as freeware, shareware, latest download, Top 100, Editor’s selections, and more. So you can quickly dig down the right type and find the best software for you.

The best part of this website is that it has a dedicated page to download portable apps. SnapFiles is an excellent source for many people who want to get rid of the hassle of installing software. After all, if you are looking for a different software download site, you can visit this website.


Key Features:

  • Those looking for free software will find top-rated software in various categories from the freeware category section of Snapfiles.
  • SnapFiles regularly releases new softwares and updates, so you get the latest release software from this website.
  • In the random pick section, you can discover new but helpful software.
  • SnapFiles has an expert editor’s panel that creates groups about the best software in different categories. As a result, it is easy to pick the top software of a specific category.
  • SnapFiles also features a review section that provides a comprehensive description of the software, editors rating, user rating, and user feedback. So before downloading new software, you may get an idea about the software performance.

Go to SnapFiles

7. Download Crew

Download Crew is a malware-free software download site that has the most extensive collection of softwares. Every software has a short but informative description so that you will learn each software’s pros and cons. Besides, you get a list of related software in the particular software, so you find alternative options from a single page. Also, the interface of this website is very interactive.

At the top of the website, you will find a list of featured downloaded software. Then with an advanced filter, you can drill down the exact software according to the category of the software, the nature of the license, the popularity.


Key Features:

  • Download Crew covers popular software for all types of OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Andriod.
  • While you are going to download software, you may know the license type of the software. Before downloading the software, you may see whether it is freeware, open source, trial, or paid.
  • The news section of the Download Crew lets you inform the latest update of the software.
  • Download Crew stores best-selling software at a discounted price.
  • Also, if you follow the download crew’s Deal of the Month, you can get a lot of premium software at a much lower price.

Go to Download Crew

8. FilePuma

Honestly, FilePuma is not the most extensive software repository, but you can visit this website for its clean and user-friendly interface. It does not mean that you will not find your required software.

As FilePuma is the largest source of downloading popular softwares, you can effortlessly search the software from the search panel of this website. Besides, each software is sorted by category from where you can find your required software. On each software download page, you get a description and key features of the software.

Additionally, it provides the older version of each software. And, all softwares are collected from the mainstream staff. Overall, FilePuma is a simple choice among all software download sites for downloading softwares for PC.


Key Features:

  • At the top of the page, you notice the latest update and popular software lists. This site will help you if you are not interested in any specific software but are only interested in using popular software.
  • FilePuma categorizes the most popular softwares list on the main page. So you never be dissatisfied by visiting this site.
  • It has a free software update detector. If you install this tool on your site, it keeps your software updated automatically.
  • The news section of this website covers both software-related information and tutorials.
  • This site supports multiple languages, so you can easily convert your site to your preferred language.

Go to FilePuma

9. AlternativeTo

We highly recommend you to the AlternativeTo site while you are not satisfied with your current software and are looking for the best alternative. More than a hundred thousand apps are stored in AlternativeTo. The homepage of the AlternativeTo nicely presents the most viewed apps the crew picks.

The strong point of AlternativeTo is its crowdsourced software recommendation and comparison system, which gives you lots of options at a glance. The dedicated user’s reviews, comments, ratings help you learn about new software.

AlternativeTo - software download sites for PC

Key Features:

  • If you are looking for a great alternative to software, there is no better alternative than AlternativeTo.
  • This site does not host any mirror link to download the app, and it directly links to the publisher’s link. So to download the software, you have to jump to the source.
  • Though every software has been downloaded from the official software website, there is no chance of installing unnecessary addons or malware.
  • Finding an alternative app is very easy in AlernativeTo. Put down your required software name in the search panel at the top of the page and get the search results instantly.
  • Before installing software, you learn the user experience of the particular software from the AlternativeTo review section.

Go to AlternativeTo

10. The Microsoft Store

As a list of Microsoft softwares, the official Microsoft website Microsoft store would be the first choice. Though it is the source of the Microsoft trusted softwares, you can download malware-free and ensure a clean installation.

In addition to the Microsoft software, you can download the updates and hotfixes such as .Net Framework, drivers, and developer tools required for the software from the Microsoft Store. Apart from Microsoft native softwares, you can also find many third-party softwares specially developed for Microsoft from the Microsoft store.

Typically, these third-party softwares are designed for compatibility with the Windows system. So downloading software from the Microsoft store will be no compatible issue.

Microsoft Store

Key Features:

  • Undoubtedly, the Microsoft store is the safest download source for Windows OS softwares PC.
  • If you need to install Windows software older version, the Microsoft Store is the best place to find the Microsoft older version software.
  • The Microsoft third-party softwares are designed to work with the Windows system, and the downloaded software gets updated based on your PC update.
  • You can download any software faster from the Microsoft Store than the Manual Installer.
  • If you have played Xbox games, you can download Xbox games from The Microsoft Store.
  • You can download all the developer tools and drivers from this website to run the software.

Go to the Microsoft Store

Our Recommendation

We have discussed this article about 10 popular software download sites. All the sites feature a clean and trustworthy for a long time. You can download your required softwares from any site listed in this article.

However, it is important to remember that no website is 100% secure. You may be annoyed by the ads on the site, you may be tempted to download addons, or the site may be hacked. So when you are going to download any software, you should apply your common sense and stay away from suspicious activities.

Many times software download sites may offer you to download Faster Download Manager. You must ignore such temptations and use the direct download instead to keep your computer safe.

Even then, if you are looking for the best software download site, you can visit the Softpedia site. On this site, you will find almost all types of software, and you can download the latest version of the software. And if you want to download free software, Softonic and FileHippo will be good choices for you.

Wrapping Up

At present, it is risky to download anything from the Internet. While downloading from the Internet, your computer may unknowingly be infected with various malware and viruses. So be careful when downloading from the Internet.

The names of the sites mentioned in this article will be safe for your PC to download softwares. If you know of a website apart from the safe software download sites list in the article, please write the website’s name in the comment box. Also, if you like this article, you can share it with your friends using the share button at the bottom of the article page on any of your favorite social media sites.

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