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Top 10 Best Watermark Apps To Protect Your Photos

Nowadays, it has become a common phenomenon to copy and use images taken by other people without courtesy. It has become a significant problem, especially for photographers. Business persons are also at threat of the same fact as their product photos are used for different companies. If you are also facing the same problem, maybe I can help you with a free solution. Just use the best watermark apps and seal your photos with your name or business logo.

Best Watermark Apps You Should Use to Seal Your Photos

No doubt that setting a watermark on an image is not a very easy task. We have to use Photoshop on our PC to do it back in the day. But now, you can simply do it using your smartphones. We have tried a lot of apps and finally reached a list of the best ten watermark apps for iPhone and Android. And here, we reveal the list of the apps alongside a brief description of them. So, it will be helpful for you to find out the appropriate app for your use.

1. Remove & Add Watermark

Remove & Add WatermarkLet’s start with the easiest solution to add and remove a watermark from an image. Yes, you heard it right. One app lets you do both in the easiest way. I am talking about Remove &Add Watermark, a creation of Water Inc. You can Initially use this app to add and remove the transparent Logo from both images and video clips. The process is easy and takes only a minute to complete a watermarked image.

Important Features

  • This app works well both on images and videos.
  • You can simply use any prefabricated images as a watermark and set it on another image as well.
  • This app keeps all your work in history so that you can find them again and use them in the future.
  • Remove Logo is the best part of this app that will help you clean a photo very easily.
  • This tiny size app won’t consume too much space on your device, and it is free of charge.
  • You can simply change the color, font, and size of the Logo directly from this app.

Pros: The app shares a complete tutorial on adding and removing watermarks using it. Additionally, it lets you make a logo and set it too.

Cons: For some users, removing a watermark is pretty much complicated with this app.


2. Photo Watermark

Photo WatermarkIf you love to enjoy the easiest way to watermark your images and make them unable to copy and use, Photo Watermark must be the handiest solution for you. This app comes with the most straightforward process to set a watermark on any image type. It is initially free of cost, but you need to pay to enjoy its premium subscription. However, it is ideal for photographers and online business persons. Let’s check the best parts of this app.

Important Features

  • You can customize the Watermark with different fonts, logos, and colors.
  • It comes with tons of text and png stickers. You can eventually use them for free.
  • This app lets you make clones of many Watermark and use them quickly on your images.
  • You can share the customized images directly from this app to different social media.
  • There is a history folder where you will find all your previous works instantly.
  • You can also make logos for your business and use them on the images as well.

Pros: It is straightforward to rotate, resize, and move the marks all around the images. Eventually, it only takes a few minutes to make a watermarked image.

Cons: If you delete the original image, the Watermark you used on it will be deleted as well.


3. EasyMark + Watermark

EasyMark + WatermarkIf you are looking for a flexible and convenient watermark app for iDevices, EasyMark + Watermark might be a particular choice for that purpose. With its helpful tools and tons of elements, you can make unique watermarks. Besides, making watermarks is a fun job with this app, and its easily understandable interface makes everything much easier for all users.

A magnificent thing about this app is, you can watermark GIFs and videos with it. Moreover, its ready-to-use icons and cliparts are an extraordinary feature, in my opinion.

Important Features

  • This app never reduces the quality of your content. Apparently, you will get the same quality file after all processes end.
  • It initially features a great number of strikers and beautiful fonts along with attractive icons.
  • For most of the elements, you can change the color and size.
  • It has a “Fill” option that can fill the background of the photos with a watermark.
  • You can save several watermark templates to use in the future.
  • You can also add signatures as watermarks.

Pros: It features GIF stickers that you can use as the Watermark. Plus, this convenient app can fluently work without an internet connection and is great for using on the go.


4. iWatermark

iWatermarkIf you are looking for a versatile and lightweight app to watermark your creations, you can think of iWatermark. This incredible app is accessible from the desktop as well. Meaning, you can always be connected with iWatermark. The best thing about this app is that it comes with beautiful preloaded templates.

Apparently, you can select one and modify its text and graphics and reuse it. Moreover, there is an option for creating your own Watermark as well. With its tools, you can create magnificent watermarks easily.

Important Features

  • You can add your logo or signature to it. Apparently, this saves time and effort.
  • It lets you use your Watermark on multiple photos at one time.
  • It puts very light pressure on the smartphone.
  • There are more than 34 pre-built templates that you can use instantly.
  • Placing watermarks is really easy with this app.
  • This app includes around 157 fonts that you can use with a tap.

Pros: It lets you create QR code watermarks. These QRs are scannable with any smartphone camera or browser. Besides, it doesn’t reduce the quality of your content after adding watermarks to them.

Cons: The interface looks a little backdated.

iPhone Android

5. Watermark Pro

Watermark ProWatermark Pro Signature & Logo by Yellow Lab is a great Watermark app to set your Logo on any image. It is a comfortable way to create watermarks easily with your iPads and iPhones. Creating watermarks with Watermark Pro is rather fun than a task. Moreover, it offers exclusive and latest fonts, designs, and templates to make your Watermark totally unique and attractive. Plus, it fluently supports any iDevices with iOS 10.0 or higher.

Important Features

  • You can easily import your existing logos for making a watermark.
  • It lets you make watermarks with signatures, and you have to take a photo of the signature.
  • The developers update its accessories library with the latest items. Quite frequently.
  • You won’t face any leggings while using this app.
  • Adjusting and positioning watermarks on your photo is really simple.

Pros: You can directly share your watermarked photos on social platforms through Watermark Pro. Additionally, you can save your created templates for later use.

Cons: You cannot watermark multiple pictures at a time.


6. Watermark Photo

Watermark Photo, watermark apps Watermark Photo is a handy app that features tons of elements to create stunning watermarks. The adjustments tool is convenient and comes with a simple step-by-step approach. It also offers tons of preloaded watermark templates that you can use to create watermarks instantly.

The app is also available for both Android and Apple smartphones on their official app stores. Moreover, it lets you store your watermarks for later use. The background of the watermarks will be transparent, and you can use them on any photo ideally.

Important Features

  • It produces high-quality watermarks. Apparently, it will suit photos with any resolution.
  • There are lots of fonts featured in this app.
  • You can share your photos easily on any social platform.
  • It is compatible with older Android versions.
  • This app comes with an element shop where you will find the latest clips, templates, fonts, and more.

Pros: You can crop your photos and watermark them with this app. Moreover, it offers “copyright icons” for your photos.

Cons: It only runs on iOS 11 or higher Apple devices.

iPhone Android

7. eZy Watermark Photos Lite

eZy Watermark Photos LiteIf you are searching for professional watermark apps to protect your photos, then you can try eZy Watermark Photos Lite. After installing this app, the first thing you will notice is its beautiful and minimalistic interface. It really makes the app much more comfortable for everyone to use for everyone.

This app also offers tons of cute and attractive stickers for making photos copy-free and appealing at the same time. Moreover, this great app lets you use signatures as your Watermark.

Important Features

  • You can create your own templates besides its preload templates.
  • This app offers several watermark options for your photos like trademarks, dates & times, signatures, and more.
  • It lets you watermark multiple photos at a time.
  • Once you create a watermark, this app allows you to store that template. Apparently, it also remembers the position and size of the Watermark of the photo.
  • You can crop photos directly in the app with its basic editing tools.
  • After making and saving watermarks, you can always modify them to produce another watermark.

Pros: You can create QR watermarks with this app. Moreover, it comes with more than 150 preloaded fonts and colors.

Cons: It doesn’t support video watermark.

iPhone Android

8. Add Watermark and Photo Editor

Add Watermark and Photo EditorThis is a multifunctional app that lets you edit photos besides watermarking them. Add Watermark and Photo Editor comes with a flexible way to set Watermark on any image. Apparently, it lets you take photos directly before watermarking them.

As for watermark placing, you can covalently position any watermark on your photos. It will store your creations and let them be used later. In addition, it features tons of fonts and colors for creating personal watermarks.

Important Features

  • You can add background copyright text to the whole picture with customizable transparency.
  • It lets you add your personal logos for making a watermark. Apparently, you can add them from phone memory.
  • This awesome app features various photo effects for making your photos more attractive.
  • You can use images, texts, and stickers to make incredible watermarks.
  • It consumes less power and lets you use it for a while without worrying about charge.

Pros: This app comes with a handy interface that is convenient to use. Plus, sharing photos directly to any platform is possible in this app.


9. My Watermarks

My Watermarks, watermark apps My Watermarks by Chengdu PinGuo Technology Co. lets you turn almost everything into watermarks. Here, you can use photos, signatures, and existing logos for making watermarks. The process is also user-friendly and flexible. It offers a great number of font and color options for your customization. This watermark app can store your creations and let you use them anywhere you want. Moreover, it has “History” options that remember your works without saving.

Important Features

  • This powerful app can turn PNG photos into watermarks. Apparently, you can modify it with text and others before turning them into a watermark.
  • You can fluently pan, zoom or pinch to position the Watermark in your photo.
  • It comes with a really decent and minimal interface. It eventually makes the app hassle-free to use.
  • This app is supported from iOS 8.0 to later versions.
  • There are lots of editing tools for the watermarks to perfectly suit it on any photo.

Pros: You can turn your signatures into watermarks by simply capturing its photo. Moreover, it is a great app for on-the-go situations.


10. Add Watermark

Add WatermarkAdd Watermark by AndroidVilla is a great app if you are looking for a pro watermarks app to beautify your photos. This magnificent app is intelligent and user-friendly than most other alternatives. With pre-build templates and stickers, making watermarks with Add Watermark is quick and totally hassle-free.

You can also import logo images from phone memory and use them as watermarks. Besides, it lets you share your copyrighted photos on social media directly from the app.

Important Features

  • It can save photos in both JPG and PNG format.
  • This incredible app can remember recently used watermarks. Apparently, you won’t lose your creations.
  • You can resize photos as your necessity before saving.
  • There are more than 72 fonts for making the text more fabulous for watermarks.
  • This app can process multiple photos simultaneously.

Pros: Besides built-in fonts, it lets you import 20 more custom fonts. Moreover, It can also work on 360° panorama photos.

Cons: It may reduce photo quality in the free version.



Q: What is the easiest way to add a watermark to a photo?

A: The easiest way to add a watermark to a photo is using the best Watermark app on your smartphone. There are tons of free apps you can use on your Android and iOS devices, and the apps let you make your Logo and set it transparently on any image.

Q: What is the best free watermark app for Android?

A: eZy Watermark and Photo watermark are the best free watermark apps for Android. These apps offer the most convenient process to form watermarks and then use them on any image.

You can simply make the Logo for your business and use them on different photos as well. These apps are safe and free of charge. Remove & Add Watermark is another captivating app that you can use freely to remove a watermark from an image and add one.

Q: Is there any free iOS watermark app?

A: Yes, there are lots of free iOS watermark app out there. eZy Watermark Photos Light and watermark Photo are the best free apps among themes. These apps offer the easiest watermark-making and using process.

You can also use these apps to set your Logo on any image. There are also some premium apps like Watermark Pro Signature. This app offers a premium subscription for less than 2$ for a month.

Q: Is the watermark app safe?

A: Yes, using a watermark app is safe, and there is no risk of leaking your images from this kind of app. Basically, it’s a photo editing app that lets you set a watermark on the original images. So, there’s no way to have any security threat from this app.

Q: Is there any app to remove a watermark from a photo?

A: Remove and Add Watermark is the best app to remove Watermark from a photo. This app also lets you make and add a watermark on any image too. It is only available for Android, but you should try Watermark Pro Signature if you want to find an iOS app to remove the Watermark.

Finally, Insights

Once you start using watermarks on your business photos, it will be different for others to copy and use those photos. And setting a watermark is now a matter of a minute when you have the best watermark apps for your iPhone and Android. So, don’t make things complicated by letting people copy your creations, and just try out the app to allow the images to be yours entirely.

So, share your experience of using the app with us and let us know if we have missed any other compatible apps on the list. Now is the time to let out leave for today. Thank you for your support and time.

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