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Top 20 Best Office Apps for Android Device in 2020

In this competitive era, to create a remark of your workability and efficiency you are obliged to invest an extended amount of time. That means spending more time on your office desk. Well, there is actually an escape and that is the android office app. These apps have been proven as a great source of reliefs for the workaholics. These apps let you do multitasking as in you can complete your presentation while you are stuck in traffic.

You don’t have to be in your office physically to manage your office works. Apart from this, as these apps are designed for smartphones, they are also smart in nature and can literally mound your task into a world-class presentable piece of work. All you have to do is to choose the best office app for android.

Best Office Suite Apps for Android

Most of the app is capable of creating documents, powerful spreadsheets, and presentations and so on. Moreover, these apps are really into ensuring the highest security for your documents as they are integrated with clouds. There is plenty of apps are present in the play store, you will have to choose the best office suite for android according to your personal requirements. But we have thought to invest our time in researching the best office apps to help you out. Stay tuned with the rest of the content and explore the Best Office App for Android.

1. Microsoft Office Suite 

Microsoft office suite is in a literal sense the best office app for android. This office suite comes with apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. These apps can firm the best team and this team in your phone can actually make you able to transfer your office from into your phone.

You can produce, edit, view, share documents, presentations, and charts. This office suite has amazing layout, templates and collaboration abilities. You can share your data and also can keep the safe on cloud storage. This office suite is highly recommended.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint It syncs high end, classy, customizable presentations with OneDrive and you can create new items or edit the already existing files. No need to switch on a laptop, this app on the android phone can handle it all.
  • Microsoft Word has modern templates, formats and layouts thus assignments, projects, blogs, notes, letters, and scripts look great on all the devices. It offers sharing docs and PDF files via email, Skype and many other platforms.
  • Microsoft Excel has excellent templates, formats, and features that can calculate and make financial analysis easily.
  • Microsoft office suite has a great surface on every device.
  • With the improved version, collaboration can be done and the earlier version can be found on draft.
  • This office suit shares slides and invites viewers to put comments and give feedback. This is a great app for collaborating.

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2. Google Drive Office Suite

Google DriveGoogle Drive is the Best Office App for Android that basically keeps all your data safe no matter whether it is a document or videos or photos, they are all safe with safety backup systems. This is a smart locker that never risks your information. Google Drive has magnificent apps such as Google slides, Google Sheets and Google Docs and features of viewing and editing date. It can also add comments.


  • Google Docs creates, edits, shares and collaborates documents.
  • Google Sheets Creates, opens, edits and shares spreadsheets and also supports adding and responding to comments.
  • Google Slides makes presentations and has editing options as well.
  • Google Drive Shares folders, files very easily, Stores data and gives access to data from anywhere. Shows activity and files details and provides a quick view.
  • Enables access to Google photos for images and videos and Restricts access to comment, view, and edit.
  • One can use this office suite offline as well.

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3. WPS Office – Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide & Sheet

WPS-OfficeThough it is the smallest app in size it is the Best Office App for Android for its compatible features. This app is a powerhouse of all the necessary features that any ideal app should keep. It is a complete blend of the spreadsheet, presentation, worksheet, memo, pdf, doc’s scanner, and most importantly word.

It gives you the experience of stepping one step ahead with its collaborating features with Excel, Google Doc, Word, Adobe PDF, and Memo. This app becomes the best office suite for Android due to compatibility with Google Docs, Excel, Google Slides, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Open Office, Google sheets and Adobe PDF. Spreadsheets with this app become easy to create and stand out from others. This app can be your easy way to impress your boss.


  • Includes Document, Presentation, Memo and Spreadsheet and even Allows to view and convert PDFs, Documents are extremely easy to share, Presentations come with updated features of animation, layouts, and transition.
  • Uses the mobile camera and scans documents to images and PDFs, the Surface layout is good with special night effects on PDF reading and adds annotations and bookmarks.
  • Supports Cloud drive thus users can access documents from any device.
  • This app makes multi-tasking easy with the support of Multi-window mode.
  • Multiple language support and various file formats are available.
  • Presentation templates, text to image converter and font packages are available.

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4. Office Suite – Office, PDF, Word Sheets Slides Note

OfficeSuite-Office-PDF-Word-Sheets-Slides-NoteOffice Suite is the Best Office App for Android and has maintained its position for a long time but recently this app received cages and transformations and became a closer app to Google Drive.

The free version has all the basic features and recently it added features of cloud storage to be similar to the Microsoft OneDrive. This app has been considered as the best office suite for Android globally as one can sign into this app from anywhere with a phone number.


  • It has an interface quite similar to the desktop and creates office documents.
  • It supports most of the common formats of Microsoft and some of the additional formats as well. Advance synchronization with files and access to both local and remote files.
  • Supports PDF scanning, exchange and Chat features, Sharing and spell checker features are now available.
  • Supports cloud storage and ensures Microsoft compatibility in document reading.
  • Localized in around sixty-eight languages and provides personal profile features that may handle the settings and work on multiple documents.
  • It protects the work and enhances the beauty of presentations with great themes.

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5. SoftMaker Office Suite

Well, SoftMaker is undoubtedly the best office app for Android which can be considered as the alternative choice for the Microsoft Office app. This office suite has the trio alternative combination of Microsoft such as PlanMaker (Excel), TextMaker (Word), and Presentations (PowerPoint).

Thus it has the capability of providing multiple services for creating documents, presentations, and worksheets. This office suite has recently been upgraded with modern ribbons and interface. This office suite will no doubt bring you great working experience with your android phone.


  • TextMaker app is capable of creating, editing and formatting texts and documents and saves them on cloud storage. The user interface appears even in your touchscreen device as if you are working on your pc.
  • PlanMaker app lets the users create and edit spreadsheets. This app has syntax highlighting to find out the calculation error easily.
  • Presentations allow us to format and create presentations and slides on an Android phone.
  • This app supports cloud storage.
  • Layouts, templates, and toolbars have been improved with the latest update.

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6. Polaris Office – Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF

polaris-officeDo you want to know what makes this app the best office app for android? Well, loads of features that have not been launched by any other office apps are the secret behind the immense popularity of this app. There are usual features like various format support, document searching, encrypting and many more.


  • It is available for cloud services and Supports around eighteen global languages.
  • This is only 60 MB in size and extremely compact and Supports different file formats
  • It has pointer and pen features and users can edit, create, open any sort of files.
  • Notes and comments can be written on PDF files as well.
  • Compatible with other office apps and improves the creativity of users.
  • Inserts video clips and enables writing ideas with hands.

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7. Dropbox

DropboxDropbox is such a robust office app that gathers and sorts all your files in a single app. Dropbox became the best office app for android with its feature of sharing big files, scanning files and sorting files. This app has a great ability to collaborate with other apps. An incredible app to centralize all your files and folders.


  • This app has a document scanner that converts receipts, notes, and whiteboards to PDF files.
  • Can collaborate with others with the shared folder features,
  • Comments and feedbacks can be added.
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be edited, view and share.

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8. Evernote 

EvernoteThis app is a collaborative app that ensures you a comfortable brainstorming and making notes. Not only for corporate people but this app can also be useful for students who like to make notes and tag notes. This app has features like social media as it has a newsfeed that shows similar contents of your notes.


  • Creates notes, tables, and lists.
  • Enables to share notes by URL.
  • This app also works as reminders.
  • Saves data and ensures high-security policy with password encryption.

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9. Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Gogle-keepThis app is meant to be your personal office diary that can certainly remind you about your important dates and meetings. This app has features of taking notes, listing, checking off completed takes and reminding of times.


  • Collaborates with the lists and notes.
  • Creates and edits notes and lists and also works as a reminder.
  • It can search and color notes and insert drawings.
  • Access can be done through the chrome app or google keep website with any device.

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10. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

Office-lensThis Microsoft office app enhances, trims and highlights images and documents. This app can convert images into PDF files. This is the best free office app for android that benefits both students and people who need to sort their office work on their phone.


  • It helps to share and save documents and files to OneNote and OneDrive.
  • Uploads and scans notes, documents and receipts.
  • It increases both office and school productivity through the scanning feature. One can use this feature to scan hand notes and printed files and save to OneNote.

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11. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft-Remote-DesktopWell, this is the best free office app for androids as it can control a remote PC. With this app, one can access to PC and can use the pc monitor as a platform to show their presentations and worksheets. One can run a program, draw something or demonstrate charts through his mobile to a remote PC. This is app builds a connection between your phone and a remote pc.


  • It can access through any data or resources by users’ IT Admin.
  • Manages the user accounts gateways and ensure multi-touch experience.
  • Streams high-quality audio and video.
  • Remote PCs with Windows Enterprise, Server and Professional can be accessed.

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12. Docs to Go™ Free Office Suite

Docs-To-GoThis app has some amazing features as in creating, viewing and editing presentations, spreadsheets and doc files in its free version and the paid version have a lot more to surprise you. It connects to cloud storage and collaborates with Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office files. This is probably the best office suite for android due to the cloud support feature.


  • No need for account signs up.
  • Creates, Edits and Vies MS Office files and views PDF files and Files can be sorted by listing on names or sizes.
  • Formats and highlights files and Localized in multiple languages.
  • Find and replace feature is available along with the features to insert tables, comments, graphics, bookmarks, hyperlinks, footnotes, and endnotes.
  • Bullets and numbering and paragraph alignment features are available.
  • Extensive cells, sheet format, and the word count is present.

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13. Smart Office – View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs

SmartOfficeThis app comes in a sleek design and ensures the freedom to handle your office work when you are on the go. This is probably the best office app for android that can handle all your tasks; your presentations, word files, worksheets, slides, Pdfs and all other tasks that you may need to handle your office. The motive of this robust app is to bring the office into your phone.


  • It has all the basic features of creating, editing, sharing, saving, character formatting, adding templates, and cloud support and password protection. Moreover, this app inserts tables, images, charts, and graphics, formats paragraphs and makes reading easier with the reflow mode.
  • Views, creates, shares and saves spreadsheets, representations, documents and Puff files and it connects wirelessly to printers.
  • Does all the PowerPoint tasks as in slide management, inserts images, graphics, shapes, has transition support for slides and slideshow facilities.
  • More than 35 languages are supported.
  • It inserts multiple types of cells, supports, adds or deletes worksheets, numerous cell types and chart display formulas are available and various file formats are available including Microsoft Office, PDF Viewer and many more.
  • Offline operations as in pdf converter are available and work on PDF files as well; highlights, views and annotates of files and inserts the major image types.

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14. AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen-OfficeThis app is an all in all office suit for OpenDocument format as it allows the users to use full features of any OpenOffice. Documents can be edited, viewed and create through this app. This app works as a word processor, presentation and spreadsheet maker.


  • Creates worksheets and spreadsheets.
  • Users can insert or create drawings and math equations.
  • Presentation related graphics and documents can be generated through this app.
  • Occupies less space.
  • Optimized in many languages.

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15.  Document Viewer – Word, Excel, Docs, Slide & Sheet

Document-ViewerThis app is probably the smallest office suite app for android. This app is only 3omb in size yet capable of handling all your office-related tasks such as Word, Excel, Docs, Slide, and Sheet. You can now easily alternate all the office apps that were consuming your storage with this small app.


  • This office suite has a word processor thus creates and formats documents.
  • It also creates spreadsheets, presentations, and slides.
  • This app is in every aspect compatible with Google Doc, Microsoft office suite and Adobe PDF format.
  • Supports all office file formats.

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16. LibreOffice Viewer

LibreOffice Suite - Best Alternative to the Microsoft Office SuiteThis app is the best office app for android and you will literally regret using any other office suite before this app. It can meet up all the requirements of your office related works and can everything as the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This office suite is no doubt a great alternative for your Microsoft office app.


  • This office suite has the common Writer, Draw, Calc and Impress feature like every common office app.
  • Unlike all the office apps, this app exceptional features like Base and Math.
  • It can perform unusual tasks as in mathematical functions, vector diagrams and also databases.
  • It has extended templates and options that make the user experience more comfortable and flexible.

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17. Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets

QuipThis app with decent and easy to use features is launched for an Android user who wants to sort his office work outside the office. This is the best office app for Android that enables chatting and the editing on the document at the same time and supports exporting options and cross-device syncing.


  • This app shares both documents and task lists; views, edits, collaborates and shares task lists and documents.
  • Through this communication, features let the user chat while editing.
  • Chat groups can be created with colleagues.
  • All the basic features of spreadsheets along with features like customization and collaboration are available.
  • Offline access on any device at any time is possible.
  • Import and export features are present thus users can import or export docs from other office apps.

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18. ThinkFree Office viewer

ThinkfreeThis app is fully packed with the apps that can also be called as the clone Microsoft office apps. This office suite comes with all the three replica apps Calc (Spreadsheet), Write (Word processor), and Show (presentation program) to ensure a solid competition with Microsoft. This app is also capable of handling all your office works on your android phone.


  • ThinkFree Write has all the basic functions like Microsoft Word but this app has spell checking features.
  • ThinkFree Show is the alternate option for Microsoft PowerPoint and creates, edits and views presentations on a basic level.
  • ThinkFree Calc has interrelated formulas and graphics that may handle any spreadsheet.

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19.  OliveOffice Premium

OliveOfficeOliveOffice has been launched to view and edit Microsoft office apps. This is the best office app for Android that lets you allow to work on Microsoft office apps on your phone when you are on the go. It also views and works on PDF documents. This office suite comes with apps such as OliveWord, Olive presentation, Olivespreadsheet, OliveCHM, OlivePDF, and Olive MHT.


  • OliveWord opens, formats, edits and views Microsoft documents and it can also edit tables, view images and this app has a copy, cut, paste features.
  • Olive Presentation views and opens Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, slides, auto shapes and navigates the slides easily.
  • OliveSpreadsheet opens, views and creates Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • OlivePDF, OliveCHM and OliveMHT opens PDF, CHM and MHT files respectively.

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20. PDF Viewer. PDF Office Suite

PDF-ViewerIf you are searching for a PDF office suite then this app can turn out the best office app for android. This app can open, edit, and zoom out and in Puff Files. You can also share your PDF files with this app.


  • You can write, highlight or underline directly on a PDF.
  • It ensures fast PDF viewing and syncs the edits to other apps.
  • Opens MS apps and ensures complete PDF support and annotations.
  • Compatible with all the other Puff Viewer apps.

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Wrap Up

Nowadays when everyone is extremely and even 24 hours fall short to keep up with the hectic work schedule, an office app can actually get you connected with your works not being present in the office. Among the reviewed app one can blindly any of the Microsoft apps most importantly the trio of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint but apart from the Microsoft apps, Google Drive can be Best Office App for Android.


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