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The 20 Best To Do List Apps for Android Device in 2020

Apps of different types from PlayStore have made out life easier with various functions. To-do list apps are a kind of such an essential app that can help us in maintaining our time schedule, planning, and so on. There are different kinds of to do list apps for Android available in the PlayStore. But all of them are not worthy to give a try on. This is why finding the best to do list apps for Android has become a little bit harder for us. Thinking about that, I have made a list of the best to do list apps for you.

Best To Do List Apps for Android

The list of best checklist apps will be very helpful for you to maintain your schedule, business activities, and other works. So, let’s have a glimpse over those attractive and flexible to do list apps for Android.

1. Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminder

TodoistIt is always better to make your schedule beforehand and arrangements of them in a list can be sometimes pretty hard work. Todoist is one of those useful apps that lets you maintain all your daily tasks at ease and with the help of your smartphones. It provided beautiful system themes and easy to use interface.

Important Features

  • It helps you to organize your works and life chores for your convenience.
  • Provides reminding tools with smart notifications and location-based reminder services with the logical alert system.
  • It offers a lot of customizable lists, and templates for all kinds of lists and tasks schedule.
  • Includes goals tracker and lets you track and manage your weekly plans beforehand.
  • Lets you connect it with other tools and popular apps and social platforms for versatile use of listing.


2.  Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

Wunderlist To do list apps are a must-have for any modern individuals. In your busy life, you should have a reminder and schedule managing list and Wunderlist serves you in that sector the best way possible. Wunderlist is the best cross-platform checklist app for Android. Also, it is very beautiful from the point of view of its simple graphics and easy to use system UI. 

Important Features

  • Manages all your daily tasks and planning in list groups as you like best for your convenience.
  • Includes smart sync to give you access from all your devices, all in one place.
  • Provides easy sharing options to share your plans with your friends and family.
  • Integrated with options to add up photos, presentation files and other digital file formats in your lists.
  • Includes smart reminders and alarm systems for your plans and all that is customizable.


3. Microsoft To-Do: List, Task & Reminder

Microsoft-To-DoThis checklist app for Android that is provided by the tech-giant Microsoft is known as Microsoft To-Do. It is not like any other listing app that lets you make and maintain the daily tasks and reminds you beforehand, it is far more than that along with all the regular functionality of any note taking app. It is integrated with top-notch system UI and easy to access interface.

Important Features

  • Lets you organize your days plan beforehand for better utilization of your busy life.
  • Offers you the options to share your task list and planning with your friends and family at ease.
  • Provides a collection of templates and formats of list-making, let’s you add subtasks for versatility.
  • Gives you the options to set reminders and smart notification with an alarm system.
  • Offers with different colors to pin down different tasks and daily goals, it also syncs with your personal Outlook data.


3. Time Planner – Schedule, To-Do List, Time Tracker

Time PlannerThe next suggestion for you to enjoy the service of the best to-do list apps for Android is here. It is Time Planner. It is quite like a multifunctional to-do list app that will always help you to manage all your time management related tasks within a minute. You don’t have to pay for a personal assistant or ask someone to remember your tasks for you. Just make a list of your tasks using a few minutes. The rest will be done by this essential app. To learn about the other functions of this app, you can go through the features.

Important Features

  • It includes a very quick and supportive time management tool.
  • No irritating advertisements will be there to disturb you.
  • Cute bubbles are there for easy and fast time management.
  • Reminder and note-taking facilities.
  • Moon calendar and the process of restoring and backup are also there for you.
  • Quick and initiative to do list taking approach.


5. TickTick

TickTickMeet TickTick, a well-organized and aesthetically awesome checklist app. Android users can enjoy this app as it is available in the PlayStore. TickTick is the best to do list app for Android, It is very easy to use and time-saving. It has lots of handy features that will soon blow your mind. You can have a look over its features below.

Important Features

  • You can create a to-do list instantly.
  • It will remind you about the events you make not about.
  • It has a sleek calendar with its intuitive interface.
  • Making a checklist and notes are very easy.
  • You can attach photos, voice recordings, and different attachments with your lists and notes.


6. Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done

Google-TasksI think that you are already been familiar with Google Tasks. Because it is one of the popular to do list apps for Android. It is easy to set up and use. Also, it is packed with a good number of stunning features.  Moreover, it will help you save your time and energy by reminding you about your plans and also keep all the records of your essence. Here are the most important features of this app.

Important Features

  • You can make to do, notes, and check instantly.
  • Viewing and editing tasks are very quick and easy.
  • You create tasks directly from your email.
  • Breaking tasks into lots of subtasks is also very easy.
  • In your email, you can view the task in a side panel to make your work easy.


7.  To Do List

To-Do-ListIf you are looking for some best to do list apps for Android for everyday use, then you can try o Do List. It is really a very simple and handy app with a lot of stunning features. It is easy to use and only a few buttons are enough to make, edit, and view any task.if you are interested, just have look over the features of this app below.

Important Features

  • It is available in both PlayStore and AppStore.
  • In the task list, you can manage a number of group tasks.
  • Includes lots of smart home screen widgets.
  • You can add a task with your voice interface.
  • You can change the sound, image and other things of the task notification.


8. Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List & Day Planner

EngrossAnother great option for you is Engross. It is really a very well-structured and flexible app for your daily use. It is time-saving and holds a lot of handy features. You can create tasks, todos, and reminders easily using this app. For your everyday use, it is really a very good option for you.

Important Features

  • It can keep your plan and schedule for a longer period of time.
  • It also records the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Statistics of your work.
  • You can attach photos and audio in your tasks.
  • You can use it even without an internet connection.
  • Lots of beautiful themes to use in this app.
  • Includes battery saving option for you.


9.  Ike – To-Do List, Task List

Ike - to do list app for androidSay hello to Ike, another stunning to do list app for Android. It is packed with the most useful features and functions. It is again easy to use and totally free from any charge. But it is not available in AppStore. Maintaining tasks, todos, and reminders are very easy and time-saving in the case of this app.

Important Features

  • You can easily make tasks, todos, and reminders using this app.
  • Free to use an update.
  • It will never forget to remind you about all your plans in time.
  • You can easily add images and audio in the notes.
  • There have different modes and lots of useful widgets.


10. TimeBlocks

TimeBlocksLastly, it is TimeBlocks. It is another amazing to do list app for Android that you can use to manage your work plan and time schedule. It has an intuitive option to create tasks, todos, and reminders. It will never forget to remind you about your plans and schedule. Also, there are a lot of advantages to using this app. You can have a glimpse of the features below.

Important Features

  • It can keep your plans and schedules daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Includes drag and drop interface.
  • It is easy to make a checklist and also to edit, and delete that.
  • You can add photos and audio with the note-taking tools.
  • Includes tons of essential widgets and an unlimited number of memos.


11. Any .do: To-do List, Calendar, Reminder & Tasks

Any .doMeet Any.do, an all in one type todo list app for your Android device. The main reason, I am recommending this app is its multifunctional operations. You can make todo lists of your daily routines, use Calendar facilities, get reminders of special events, and maintain different tasks alike. All these functions are gathered in one place by compressing tight and set them in a way so that you can find then with a few taps.

Important Features

  • Only a few taps are enough to customize your regular todos.
  • You can share task manager with others to get a group task alarm.
  • Let you make colorful todos of each day in a week.
  • It can prioritize your important tasks on the daily planner and checklist.
  • It will remind you about your important events.
  • Can organize tasks under a list and let you use it with a home screen widget.


12. Tasks: ToDo List, Task List, Reminder

TasksI prefer Tasks, another popular todo list app for them who is looking for some with the simplistic interface. Using this app is very easy and all the necessary facts can be dealt with a few taps. You can make list, take short notes, make your daily routine, and set a reminder for special events. There are lots of shortcuts and the theme of this app is very elegant. Moreover, the user-friendly interface will surely make you satisfied by making different tasks a bit easier.

Important Features

  • Voice integration to add tasks not even by writing them.
  • It will remind you about your special events.
  • You can make lists of your daily todos with different color codes.
  • You can share todos and tasks with your colleagues and family.
  • One-touch home screen widget is there for you to deal with this app.


13. To Do List with Reminder

To Do List with Reminder is the name of another option for you. It is a todo list app for your Android device that can make your list a little bit disciplined. The main task it can do is to help you organize your daily tasks in an elegant todo list. So, you can check it whenever you want to know what else you have to deal with by today. Moreover, you can set reminders for the moment you never want to forget. It will give you a knock and remember you at that moment.

Important Features

  • You can Synchronise your tasks with Google Tasks.
  • You can add widgets as much as you need.
  • Lets you make lists in several groups to differentiate your works.
  • You can set tasks with repetition of days, weeks, months, and years.
  • Let you set alarm and snooze with repetition.
  • You can set and default ringtones from every reminder.


14. Stuff – To Do Widget

StuffStuff is an indifferent todo list app that will save you time by showing the list from the home screen directly. So, you don’t need to open an app and find the actual list anymore. It is a very compact size minimalist todo list widget that can help you to manage your todos and many other things. It is fast and nothing hassled is there to waste your time. Only one task is enough to add a task and also to check about what else you need to handle by that day.

Important Features

  • One-click adds, delete, and changes tasks from the home screen widget.
  • Customizable reminders with ringtone changing options.
  • No advertisement to kill your time.
  • Clean and minimalist design to let you work faster.
  • You can take notes and the color, background, theme, front are completely Customizable.


15. NoteToDo. Notes

NoteToDoMeet NoteToDo, an Android note-taking app with todo list functions as a main feature. So, by using this blended app you can deal with both taking your notes and managing your todos. It doesn’t matter wherever you are, you can keep your essential notes here and fix your daily routine. Only a few clicks will show you the list of your todos and help you maintain a very disciplined lifestyle. Besides, it possesses many other essentialities functions that any busy man truly needs.

Important Features

  • Let you take notes like any smart note-taking apps.
  • Font, color, background, and themes are customizable.
  • Automatic reminder system with ringtone Changing option.
  • A one-touch todo management option is available.
  • A customizable home screen widget helps you deal with your tasks a bit faster.


16. GTasks: ToDo List with Task List

GTasksThe best part of GTasks, another popular and highly recommended todo app is that it lets you manage your todos with Google. It is a very simple task management app with all essential daily todos’ features. Customizing your daily todos will be a matter of a few seconds if you use this elegant app. Also, It can set reminders for you and let you set a message previously. So, some tasks will be done automatically by it even without making you concerned.

Important Features

  • You can Synchronise your todos with multiple google accounts.
  • It will view your tasks on the Google calendar automatically.
  • Different types of sync modes and you can customize it.
  • You can find your previous tasks by sorting through dates, names, etc.
  • You can send tasks to your colleagues and family using a phone message.
  • Creating subtasks and color pads are also possible.


17. Focus To-Do

Focus ToYou can also use Focus ToDo, science-based task management and to-do list app for your Android device. People with a busy life routine can get great help using this app because it will work as their assistant. In your free time, you can customize your todos and managing your tasks using a few seconds only. After that, it will give you hints to complete your daily tasks and stay focused on your works.

Important Features

  • For each reminder, you can set timers for 25 times.
  • Let you take short notes and memos.
  • You can share the tasks and todos with others very easily.
  • One-touch home screen widget is there and it is completely Customizable.
  • You can change the ringtone of reminder and alarm.


18. To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder with AlarmIt’s time to get rid of all your stress on maintaining your tasks of tomorrow. Just spend one or two minutes to manage your next day todos using To Do Reminder with Alarm. It is an elegant and minimalist todo list widget that is developed reminding the lifestyle of busy people. However, when you make your next day todos in it, you will get several knocks to complete your tasks by the time you set. This way, you can be more focused on your work and stay active.

Important Features

  • Remind you about your special events and send a happy birthday message instead of you.
  • Voice integration to use speech to text form is available.
  • Google Drive auto backup and restore option is available.
  • Making daily todos and managing tasks is very easy here.
  • You can change the alarm tone and reminder’s ringtone.


19. To Do. List Goal Planner.

To Do. List Goal PlannerMeet a multifunctional todo list app to make your life a bit more disciplined. It is To Do. List Goal Planner. To take the short cut, I can say that it is a compression of 6 different tasks and you can enjoy the services of all these functions using only one app. Here, you can get service of Todo list management, tasks planner, Calander, reminder, Goal Planner, and Organizer. Is there anything else regarding the fact, you need it? I don’t think so.

Important Features

  • You can create daily todos and tasks with a few taps.
  • Goal and aim completing projects are available.
  • It is an offline app and so, you can use it whenever and wherever you want to.
  • You can manage reminders and an unlimited number of widgets.
  • Let you create subtasks and group tasks.


20. Bright To-Do

Bright To DoLastly, it is Bright To-Do, a very good looking todo list app for your Android device. It is also a multifunctional app where you find different types of task managing and alike options. For example, managing daily todos, checklists, habit checking, repeat tasks, reminder, etc all are available there. Also, using this app is very time-saving because of its easy and fast processing system. The simple and elegant look of the theme and background of this app will amaze you very soon.

Important Features

  • You can create yearly, monthly, weakly, and daily checklists.
  • You can check your checklists and todos with only one touch.
  • Maintaining goals and habitual projects is another facility of this app.
  • It includes alarm, snooze, repeat alarm, and reminder facilities too.


Final Words

If you have made your selection, you can share with us about your experiences of using those apps. But if you are still confused then I can help you by giving a few suggestions. If you want to use a multifunctional to-do list app then try Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done and Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List & Day Planner. Again, TimeBlocks will be awesome if you want to try any simple and everyday use app. Hopefully, you are now able to make a decent selection and find some best to do list apps.

I think you have now no confusion left for this app. Still, if there is any, you can ask me for the solution. Surely, I’ll come back to make it clear. Thank you for staying with us.


  1. Not a list that took mucheffort, eh?
    #1 Doesn’t have a tick box for selecting recurring tasks, lame.
    #2 is being killed by Microsoft by the end of Feb 2020
    #3 is Microsoft’s version of #2, but with fewer feature, and really not very good.
    #4 is on the list twice? Why?


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