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70 Best Linux Blog Compilation You’ll Ever Need

Linux is an open source, versatile operating system. If you are a tech guy and want to make your dream career in technology, learning Linux can be a great deal. You can make yourself qualified and efficient as per today’s tech trends.

Now, the world is run on the wheel of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis, big data computation, etc. And learning Linux will help you to cope with all these open source trends and technology.

So today, I will be sharing the most comprehensive list of the best Linux blogs for beginners and professionals. All these Linux blogs will discuss everything an open source enthusiast needs to know about the Linux system.

Best Linux Blogs for Beginners and Professionals

So, why learn Linux? Linux is a dominant system controller that powers futuristic technologies like IoT platforms, embedded systems, Raspberry Pi, Arduino projects, and the world’s 80% server system. So, to make you with all those hyper-tech, you must dedicate your time, resources, and patience to learning the Linux system.

Here, I list some of the best Linux blogs and websites that offer impressive and cutting-edge information about open source technology and various Linux distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, RedHat Enterprise, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Debian, etc.

Note: This list does not follow any particular order, and all the features except the noteworthy one are not included.

1. | News for the open source professional is one of the leading Linux learning blogs brought by The Linux Foundation. This blog focuses on Linux desktops, tutorials, how-to guides, open source software, data science, mobile & embedded system, devops, networking, cloud computing, etc.

2. nixCraft — Linux Tips, Hacks, Tutorials, And Ideas In Blog

nixCraft is another Linux blog that is best for professionals. This site deals with Linux shell scripting, tutorials, open source software, system monitoring tools, Linux server security, and the latest cutting-edge Linux news.

3. Tecmint – Linux Howtos, Tutorials

If you want to learn Linux online, then can play a vital role in enhancing your capability regarding Linux systems. Tecmint is equally best suited for beginners and professionals. You can get various Linux articles on tutorials, Linux tips, tools, Linux hacking, bash or shell scripting, programming languages, distro reviews, and so on.


Whatever serious task you do on your Linux system, you may sometimes want your desktop to look amazing and distinguish. To make the system beautiful, you can use themes, icons, wallpapers, etc. In this case, offers you a wide range of all those kinds of stuff.

5. The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is one of the leading companies which supports open source ecosystems. This online Linux learning site hosts various open source projects, beginners’ and professionals’ training, offers various resources and publications, and patronizes deep learning, networking, cloud & container services.

6. Linux Journal | The Original Magazine of the Linux Community

Linux Journal is an online publication for Linux systems, but still, its online site offers a wide range of write-ups for learning Linux online. It covers cloud systems, Linux desktops, kernel, mobile platforms, Linux networking and programming, Linux security, servers, and sysadmin.

7. Google News – Linux

If you want to learn Linux online, then the Google News Linux section can be a great content source. Here, you get all sorts of cutting-edge articles and news on Linux from everywhere.

8. BinaryTides Linux Blog

BinaryTides is an open source platform to share the news and updates on coding, software, technology, and its reviews. If you are willing to gather knowledge on Linux/Ubuntu programs, BinaryTides can be a fruitful resource. It’s a popular Linux blog where you can keep updated on the Linux platform besides the other operating systems.

9. Linux Magazine

Like Linux Journal, Linux Magazine is another Linux publication covering various in-depth Linux topics such as Linux administration, desktop, hardware, security, server, programming, networking, etc.

10. Slashdot – Linux News for nerds, stuff that matters

Slashdot is not a regular blog but rather a forum site. You can still get lots of Linux-related content here, which helps you enrich your Linux online training.

11. Reddit – Linux, GNU/Linux, free software

You might hear the name of Reddit – the front page of the internet. This site accommodates lots of content sections and serves billions of users monthly. It also has a subreddit section of Linux, which provides various user-generated Linux content.

12. Red Hat Linux Blog

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Blog is a collection of blog sites from the company and covers various aspects of the RedHat ecosystem. Red Hat blog, OpenShift blog, Red Hat enterprise blog, Red Hat Stack, Red Hat security blog, Ansible blog, Middleware blog, etc., are some of the resourceful Linux blogs from Red Hat.

13. UbuntuHandbook | News, Tutorials, Howtos for Ubuntu Linux

UbuntuHandbook is a distro-specific blog covering the latest Ubuntu news, tutorials, how-to guides, various desktop environments, etc. Besides the content for Ubuntu Linux, It also enlightens some hacks and tips on other distros like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, and other Ubuntu derivatives.

14. | Linux tutorials, howtos, and step-by-step guides is a blog site for Linux enthusiasts. It has plenty of in-depth resources about Linux tips and hacks, Linux gaming, Terminal, command, security, desktop environments, etc.

15. SUSE Blog

SUSE Blog is also a distro-specific Linux blog offering many resources and knowledge about the SUSE ecosystem. It’s an official Linux blog for only the SUSE Linux distro.

16. – tutorials | how-to guides | app highlights is an all-in-one Linux learning blog with tutorials and news on various Linux distros. This blog offers software reviews and how-to install guides. You also get curated posts/Top List posts on various software and hardware.

17. Softpedia | Free Linux Download

Softpedia has a huge collection of software for multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, etc. It has a comprehensive Linux section provides lots of free software, Linux news, Games, How-to guides, security hacks, etc.

18. It’s F.O.S.S | A Linux and Open Source Portal

“It’s F.O.S.S” is one of my favorite Linux blogs. It’s my inspiration besides by Amit Agarwal. I started seeing these blogs and their writing style in my initial days. Still, I frequently check all these blogs and enjoy reading the articles. I highly recommend beginners read and follow this blog for various Linux topics, including all the distros.

19. Phoronix | Open Source Benchmark and Linux Performance

If you want to remain on top of the latest and cutting-edge Linux news and hacks, then Phoronix is your best choice. This site deals with Linux hardware reviews, open source technology, sector-wise software reviews, etc.

20. Linux Academy Blog

Linux Academy Blog is a simple blog with trending and latest Linux and open source news. It provides news on Vulnerability Scanning, big data infrastructure, security hazards, etc.

21. Linux Uprising Blog

If you want to know how to install or configure any specific software, then Linux Uprising Blog can greatly help you. Besides the software review, it also offers system customization with the help of themes, icons, and terminal hack tools.

22. GeeksMint | Everything about Linux and FOSS

I like this site – GeeksMint, and I recommend you follow various Linux tips and tutorials. You can get important Linux tools, Linux Tutorial books, free Linux and hacking courses, and so on, equally applicable to newbies and professional users.

23. The Geek Stuff

Though The Geek Stuff does not post content regularly, it has a huge collection of important resources on the Linux ecosystem. It focuses on scripting such as awk scripting, sed scripting, and bash shell scripting. This Linux blog also deals with various popular programming languages, databases, and Linux server monitoring tools.

24. FOSS Linux: Enhance Your Linux Experience

If you want to learn Linux commands quickly, FOOS Linux can help you. This Linux blog will teach you about various Linux tutorials, commands, security tools, app reviews, distro reviews, etc.

25. ItsUbuntu | Linux and Ubuntu Tutorial

ItsUbuntu is yet another Ubuntu-based Linux blog. This Linux blog is a distro-specific blog like Red Hat and SUSE blog. Here, the user will get tutorials and tips for Ubuntu Linux only.

26. Linux Handbook | Linux Command Line, Server, and Cloud

Linux Handbook is a versatile Linux blog for learning Linux online. This blog offers Linux command tutorials, file permission guides, and Linux core system hacks.

27. OMG! Ubuntu | Ubuntu Linux News, Apps, and Reviews

If you ask me which one is the best Linux blog for the Ubuntu distro, I will say it’s OMG! Ubuntu. This Linux blog is a perfect Ubuntu Linux learning blog for newbies and professionals. This site offers cutting-edge Ubuntu news and easily understandable core hacks and tutorials.

Besides Ubuntu Linux tutorials, It also focused on other Linux distros like Mint, Elementary OS, ReactOS, Bodhi Linux, etc. Moreover, OMG! Ubuntu provides news about the latest hardware and software in the Linux world.

28. GameJolt | Collection of Linux games

Gaming on Linux has come a long way. The days are gone when people say that Linux is not perfect for gaming. Linux has a huge gaming fan base and a wide range of high-quality games. GameJolt is a Linux blog where you get thousands of games for free.

29. Steam Store

Steam OSTalking about the Linux games and not mentioning the Steam store will not be justice to my audience. The Steam store has helped the Linux system gain popularity in gaming. This site provides thousands of Linux games for free.

I have compiled lists of the best, top-rated, and cheapest Steam games for my users. If you want, you can have a look and choose your favorite one.

30. Kernel Talks | Unix, Linux, and Scripts

Kernel Talks Linux blog is for advanced-level users who want to learn about Linux commands, cloud computing, various Linux system services, databases, server configuration, etc.

31. Xmodulo | Linux FAQs, tips, and tutorials

The Linux blog – Xmodulo deals with Linux frequently asked questions, in-depth tips, and tutorials on Linux software, Linux security, networking, cloud computing, virtualizations, etc.

32. Linuxuprising | Tips for Linux, Ubuntu

Linuxuprising is a well-known Linux blog for Ubuntu icons and themes. This site hosts a set of important Linux software PPAs. You can get many Linux wallpaper, conky customization, Python tutorials, and Linux how-to guides.

33. BlackmoreOps – Linux, InfoSec, Hacking

BlackmoreOps is known for its huge collection of hacking tools and tutorials. This Linux blog focuses on Kali Linux hacking tutorials and security tools. Moreover, you get articles on the virtual machine, Linux system administration, command-line interface, DDoS, etc.

34. AddictiveTips Linux Blog

If you want a Linux tutorial started with “How To,” you will probably find it on the Addictive Tips Linux blog. It’s a multi-niche tech blog, but its Linux section is still resourceful and useful.

LinuxLinks is famous for curated or “Top X” posts. Besides these top selection posts, you get the latest and cutting-edge Linux software and hardware news and trends.

36. LinuxAndUbuntu | Linux News, Courses, and Training

I personally like this Linux blog and recommend all of you to follow LinuxAndUbuntu. What will you get from this Linux online training blog? You get articles on web server setup, Raspberry Pi, MySQL, etc. Moreover, hundreds of Linux courses and tutorials on Linux software and tools are available.

37. GamingOnLinux | Linux & SteamOS Gaming News

Like the Steam store and GameJolt, GaminOnLinux is a Linux blog solely made for games and gaming news. In this blog, each and every game coming out for Linux is reviewed.

38. TecAdmin | Linux Tutorial, Tips, Tricks, and News

Like other generic Linux blogs, TecAdmin is also made for Linux tutorials, software reviews, game reviews, etc. It has a separate section for Ubuntu Linux only. Moreover, This Linux blog offers how-to guides on shell scripting, AWS, Docker, GIT, and MongoDB.

39. If Not True Then False Blog

It seems interesting to hear the name, right? If Not True Then False Blog! It’s all about Linux, Servers, SQL, and Programming. Most of the articles are related to installing the applications in the Linux System. It describes the installation and customization of MySQL on Fedora, Postgresql on Fedora, Red Hat installation, Fedora 29 Netinstall, SVN Server installation, and many more.

40. OSTechNix – Open Source Technology – Linux And Unix

OSTechNix is a trendy Linux blog site that offers quality information about open-source software, technology, related tutorials, and tips & tricks. Technical writers always keep their blogs simple and user-friendly for their audiences. So, anyone besides technical personnel can gather knowledge about Linux and its trends from OSTechNix.

41. Linux Today | Linux News on Internet Time

Linux Today is a renowned technical blog site that presents all about Linux and its correspondent news. This website started over 20 years ago and is a part of QuinStreet. It focuses on the Performance issues, Infrastructure, Security, and Management of Linux. Linux Today explains various Linux tools and their characteristics.

42. The Linux Juggernaut

The Linux Juggernaut is concerned with Linux and Unix updates. It started with sharing the Linux admin activity and became a daily blog for an open source platform. If you eagerly await to learn Linux online, it may be one of the suitable places among hundreds of tech sites. Besides open source blogs, it also provides technical support for various organizations.

43. LinuxTechi | Linux Tutorials & Guide

LinuxTechi is one of the most popular blogs that provides the most updated events on Linux. It can be your Linux online training house to learn commands, shell scripting, various monitoring tools, and the new tips and tricks related to the platform. In addition, you will get the latest interview questions and answers on Linux, Virtualization, and Cloud.

44. Mech Tech Easier Linux Blog

Mech Tech Easier is a very popular technical website established in 2007. It focuses on various computer tutorials, the latest operating systems, browsers, platform trends, and many tips and tricks. It has over a million unique visitors every month and is growing daily. It can be simply the best place to learn Linux for beginners.

45. LinuxInsider

Linux Insider is a fruitful resource to be notified about the latest Linux news and information worldwide. You will get updated business, development, software, and enterprise news information.

LinuxInsider provides reviews on various software tools and enterprises of Linux. It also presents a comparison between different IT consultants and advisors to improve the efficiency of a business.

46. 9to5Linux: Linux news, reviews, tutorials, and more

9to5Linux is a powerful and independent Linux news blog website trusted by millions of viewers. It has become one of the most well-known and trustworthy sites for Linux lovers. You will get a helpful resource in LXer, as many Linux and open source personalities enrich this valuable site daily.

47. – Embedded Linux news & devices

LinuxGizmos is something more than a Linux blog for tech enthusiasts. It publishes various news and analysis reports on software, hardware, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. After being a part of KCK Media, it started to publish Circuit Celler Magazine to share technical information for professional engineers, academics, and embedded processor specialists.

48. Learn Ubuntu

Learn Ubuntu is a Linux-based blog site that provides high-quality content on open source products, MySQL, server security, and cPanel. You will get all the latest updates on Linux Distro, Linux commands, monitoring tools, Package Management, and more. The articles of Learn Ubuntu are quite simple and easy to understand for Linux and open source practitioners.

49. LinuxBabe | Linux Sysadmin, Desktop Linux, and Raspberry Pi

LinuxBabe is a free resource to gather knowledge on Linux Sysadmin, security, software tools, hosting, open source CMS, and more. You will get information on the Linux server, mail server and its backup, VPN server, server monitoring, and various desktop applications. This blog’s author believes in sharing his experiences for the betterment of readers.

50. Ubuntu Geek

Ubuntu Geek is a comprehensive resource of hundreds of opinions about open source operating systems and Ubuntu. It will help you learn Bash Programming, various Linux tips, tricks, security issues, monitoring tools, and relevant news. Ubuntu Geek can be an easy and fruitful resource for beginners and advanced-level users.

51. Ubuntu Insights

Ubuntu Insights covers the area of all the news and features of Ubuntu and Linux systems. It publishes articles on Cloud and Server, Internet of Things (IoT), Design and development systems in Ubuntu, and some Security terms. It can be a reliable source to learn Ubuntu and its application and security for beginner and advanced users.

52. Linux Hint | Get The Latest Linux and FOSS Tech News

Linux Hint is a free resource about Linux and open source platforms. From the beginning to almost advanced, technical issues are described comfortably for the learners. Besides the news and updates, the author has opened a learning platform for those who wish to reach the next level of Linux education.

53. Linux notes from DarkDuck

Linux notes from DarkDuck represent the news and important features of the most secure operating system, Linux. This blog is operated by a Russian tech enthusiast, Dmitry. It was started with his passion for ERP systems and SAP. Then, it included the topics of Linux security and the reviews of its tools.

54. GamersOnLinux – Linux gaming community

GamersOnLinux shows something about the game for the Linux platform. It’s a community or forum where gamers and Linux lovers can view various news and updates on Linux. It explains the step-by-step guidelines for installing, configuring, and optimizing various games on the Linux platform.

55. | Linux, Security, and Networking

Lisenet is an advanced Linux-based online blog that focuses on its security and networking issues. Besides these terms, it presents some case studies on various Linux-based certifications like LPIC-2, LPIC-3, RHCE, and RHCA. It also covers some Linux security issues and shares how to install and configure its various applications.

56. Ubuntu Buzz

Ubuntu Buzz is all about Ubuntu and various tips & tricks. This free resource focuses on sharing Gnome customization, Gnome shell, Gnome tweak tool, budgie desktop environment, and complex command lines. It has another part of providing valuable reviews on different Linux security tools, GNU/Linux distros, and much more.

57. Planet Ubuntu

Planet Ubuntu is recognized as a large resource of an open source program. The team provides updated information about the latest version of Ubuntu and its features. It creates the community to make the solutions to any bug in the platform. It also supports installing various applications in a flexible and better way.

58. FossForce

ElinuxBook is a Linux-based online blog site where you will find quality tutorials, tricks, and tips on Linux. It will answer many how-to’s and frequently asked questions while learning the Linux system. It will also help you know about Linux basic tools and gadgets.

59. | A Site for Linux System Administrator

LinuxAdmin is a modern and visually stunning blog site for Linux lovers. It is based on open source technologies and various Linux systems. It provides free and helpful information on Linux operating systems, their troubleshooting, performance tuning, database, security issues, installation and configuration, and programming knowledge.

60. UbuntuMint: Everything About Ubuntu Linux

UbuntuMint is another resource described on open source platforms, tools, and reviews. You will get free information and an opportunity to date on Ubuntu Apps, games, GTK & Icon Themes, and the latest Ubuntu news and features.

It also provides fruitful tutorials and e-books on Ubuntu to enrich your knowledge. You will also get free reviews on Ubuntu hosting to select the proper one for your project.

61. Linux Training Academy Blog

Linux Training Academy is all about Linux online training to develop your skills. It helps to achieve the expected output in learning Linux System Administration, Application development, and software engineering.

It also provides training materials and free resources with the package. In all these things, Jasson Cannon (Founder of Linux Training Academy) will help you to reach your destination on the Linux platform.

62. Technastic Linux Blog

Technastic is a modern and one of the most updated resources for different technology areas, including Linux. It also has a broad area of information on Apple, Google, Microsoft, Linux, and Android. It also provides free tutorials on various Operating systems and their tools. In addition, you can gather knowledge from its reviews of applications and gadgets.

63. Linux Security Blog

The name itself shows the perspective of this blog site. It’s all about Linux blogs, hacking tutorials, dark web, security, and crypto news. It focuses on cybersecurity, which is the key term of this website. You will get the latest zero-day vulnerabilities here. It also provides several Linux courses and Shep tutorials for its audiences.

64. Ask Ubuntu

Ask Ubuntu is a great resource to share and gather information on the open source platform and Ubuntu. It discusses various Linux features, tools, command line, networking, components, servers, security, etc. You can either share your knowledge by answering the questions or put a question to know the proper answer.

65. Linux for freshers

Linux for Freshers is a simple and free Linux blog, especially for freshers and advanced users sometimes. The website structure is very simple and user-friendly. It shares various Linux commands, tips, configuration files, interview questions with answers, and programming knowledge. It also covers the features of Linux Administration.

66. Tux Machines

Tux Machines is one of the most popular Linux blogs around the world. It describes open source software, GNU/Linux, and its various applications since 2004. Besides these, it focuses on other complex systems like Android, Tizen, Chrome OS, and the tools. It has a well-structured forum where you can get related information from the experts.

67. Kali Linux Blog

Kali Linux is a helpful resource to learn Linux online with top-class information and security training services. It also provides penetration testing services. Kali Linux shares updated news and tutorials to enhance your Linux knowledge, including the latest operating systems and their versions.

68. FosTips – Ubuntu / Linux blog

FosTips is an updated Linux blog where the news, tips, and reviews of various tools are shared regularly. Over 200000 unique visitors read their blogs and news every month. The most unique of this website is publishing the articles by testing, not only studying on Google. It shares the tutorials for installing and managing the applications its team tests.

69. The Linux Mint Blog

The Linux Mint Blog is a free open source platform where the team shares Linux-related news and updates. It’s about the most powerful Linux distribution system, which millions worldwide use. The blog provides Linux information with its user guide and documentation.

70. Arch Linux News

Arch Linux is mainly the name of a Linux distribution, which is a bit complicated for beginners. It focused on its packages, news and features, bugs and solutions, security issues, etc.

Arch Linux’s forum helps audiences learn Arch Linux online with the experts. Here, different topics are discussed daily, including the kernel, hardware, applications, desktop environments, multimedia and games, system administration, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you follow all these above-mentioned Linux blogs, I am certain that you will be able to tackle any challenge in the way of your Linux career and dream. Learning Linux is not small; making your hand efficient takes time and patience. As a Linux enthusiast, I recommend following all these Linux blogs and sites to sharpen your learning curve.

Moreover, other useful and amazing Linux blogs and sites are available online. If you are in touch with those Linux blogs, don’t forget to mention the links in the comment section. And last, Don’t forget to share this list with your friends, family, and colleagues. Let the knowledge and information be shared among us.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan is a passionate enthusiast for technology. He admires all things tech and loves to help others understand the fundamentals of Linux, servers, networking, and computer security in an understandable way without overwhelming beginners. His articles are carefully crafted with this goal in mind - making complex topics more accessible.


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