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Top 20 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android Device

Danger doesn’t come by knocking you. Besides, it’s not always possible to stay alert to what will be happening to you. We are so weak-hearted that we cannot decide what to do when time is very bad for some of us. Especially for the kids, it is more dangerous. Today, I have a solution for you if you think about what to do in such incidents. Well, all of us must have an Android phone. Use it to show your family your exact location and your status. You don’t have to talk loudly so that the situation gets worsened. Just allow your Android device’s personal safety app to let them know about your location and situation.

Personal Safety Apps for Android

You can find thousands of personal safety apps for Android in PlayStore. For that, you may get confused about which one you should pick up. Here, I clarify the 20 best apps of them. You can find detailed information on those apps there. So, it will be easier for you to choose the right one. So, look at the feature list and make sure that you are getting the best one for you.

1. Trusted Contacts

Trusted ContactsYou can now stay connected and secure by using Trusted Contact. Wherever you will be, your trusted contacts can see your location and status. They can find you very easily whenever you need help from them. For that, you have to install this popular personal security app for your Android device. Then set up your trusted contacts and stay calm. So, it is time to stop being worried and keep connected with your family. 

Important Features

  • To activate the service, you have to allow your trusted contacts to send a request.
  • Add them and share your location to enjoy a super safety system.
  • Active GPS will show your location, your trusted contacts.
  • You can schedule future alerts if you need them.
  • Your phone activity status will also be visible to your trusted contacts if you want.


2. Find My Kids

Find My KidsWhere is a kid, and how is he doing- It is the most panicked situation for any parents. Often your kids go for an outing or play. The tension level is always higher at that time for the parents. Now, stop worrying because you have to Find My Kids. It is a kid’s safety app for your Android device that you can use to track your kid’s location. Using this app is easy, and getting your kids’ exact location with their status is also available here.

Important Features

  • See the GPS of your kids and learn exactly where they are.
  • System to provide audio sounds around your kids ard available.
  • It will provide a signal if your kids forgetfully left it anywhere else.
  • Easy to perceive system will help you set the system properly.
  • Battery saver app and help you to control your battery.
  • A direct communicating system is available.


3. Kids Security- GPS Phone Tracker, Child Locator

GPS Phone TrackerLoving parents are always worried about their kids and want to keep them before their eyes. But all the time, it is not possible. For the Kids, Security is a very useful child safety app for Android. Using this app, you can find your child’s location and status. So, it doesn’t matter if you are in the office or out of your home; you don’t have to worry about your kids and always stay connected with them using Kids Security.

Important Features

  • Let you see the current location of your kid’s location.
  • If your kid presses the SOS button, you can get an immediate notification and save them from any unwanted situation.
  • Let you listen to the sound around your kids to get ensured about their status.
  • Battery control and easy setting system.
  • A parental control system for Android as a security app is also available.


4. FIR

FIRFIR is not a very common personal security app. Instead, it has something special that you may not find in other apps. However, you will get a very special kind of security service in this app. Whenever you are in any dangerous situation, it will send a notification with your location to the local security services. Now install this app, link up your local security team with your app, and enjoy the ultimate safety system.

Important Features

  • Let you immediately call the nearby security system to inform them about your situation.
  • It will show your location to the security services.
  • Only one tap is enough to send a signal in an emergency.
  • You need to activate your GPS to get service from this app.
  • User-friendly interface and advanced setting system.


5. iOKAY- Personal Safety

iOKAYYou don’t know when something wrong will happen. And when you need help from someone in an emergency. Use iOKAY, a very popular personal safety app for your Android device. This app will never leave you in danger of doing nothing. It will notify your family and local security services. This way, it will make it easier for your family to track you and find you safely. Want to know more about it? 

Important Features

  • Send a signal to your friends and family with only one touch.
  • Let them know about your status with different buttons.
  • The red button system is there to ask for immediate help.
  • When you have a lower battery, you can use this app with a battery control mode.
  • Immediately message sending approach and video call system is also available.


6. bSafe- Personal Safety App

bSafe, personal safety apps for Android

To ensure extra security of your life and also of your family, you can use bSafe. It is a very popular personal safety app for your Android device. You can set up your social safety network with this exclusive app. Just make your safety network and take care of each other belong to the network. When you or any other member of your network will be in danger, their location and status will appear on your screen. So, you can protect each other very soon.

Important Features

  • Immediate send SOS signal to your family so that they can protect you.
  • A live video streaming approach is available.
  • Show your location and map to get you to your family.
  • Fake phone call system to avoid unpleasant persons.
  • You can set a key phrase that is enough to send a signal to your guardians.


7. Saferway – Family Safety

Saferway - Family SafetyWhen you are in danger, you may not find anyone near you. And screaming may not work properly. In such a situation, use Saferway – Family Safety. It is a personal safety app that will help you stay connected with your family even when they are in danger. You can share your real-time location and status with your friends and family. Also, a video sharing option will make you unsure about the status of your family. 

Important Features

  • Immediately send an SOS signal to your family and local security services for help.
  • Show your real-time location and map.
  • Sharing location will inform them about your every single movement.
  • A real-time video sharing option like a home security app is also available.
  • Don’t need to taps many times and unlock your phone. One tap is enough for sending signals.
  • You can send signals with different messages.


8. SafeON- Personal Safety App

SafeONMeet this app, SafeON, which is specifically designed in such a way that it will help you and your family to be safe and sound. With this exceptional women’s safety app for your Android device, you can send an SOS signal to your friends and family when you are in danger. This is why this app is specifically recommended for women in unsafe cities. You can use different ways to send a signal to your family. Want to know more? Here you get.

Important Features

  • Just shake your device to send signals to your friends and family.
  • Or press the power button a couple of times to activate the app.
  • Show your current location and situation.
  • Send signals with different messages.
  • Automatically record audio and capture pictures around you.


9. Family Safety and Locator

Family LocatorTo secure the best security for your family, you can use Family Safety and Locator. This app is the best kid’s safety app for Android devices for parents who have to work outside their home. Because this app simply helps the parents to stay connected with their kids and know their location and status. It is very easy to use this app and invite members to your network system.

Important Features

  • You can see the GPS location of any of your family members when you want.
  • You can mark a familiar place to suggest to them to reach there.
  • Receive a warning alarm when your family members are not in a good situation.
  • You can make multiple groups stay connected with many people.
  • See the location history of your kids and elderly parents.


10. Emergency SOS Safety Alert

Emergency SOS Safety AlertWhenever you are in a dangerous situation, it may be difficult to get help and let your family know about your condition. For that unwanted situation, and for a better security system, you can use Emergency SOS Safety Alert. It is an Android safety app for your personal use. Using this app is easy, and you can nominate your guardian, who will receive an alarm when you are in danger. At the same time, he or she will get the exact location of you. So, it will be very easy for them to find you immediately. 

Important Features

  • Only one press is enough to send a signal with different messages.
  • You can select contacts who will receive signals of your danger.
  • Select contact as your carers as many as you want.
  • They will get your location and the map to reach you when you send them signals.
  • You send them a short message and audio recordings.


11. Women Safety

Women Safety, personal safety apps for AndroidIf you are looking for an active women’s Safety app for your Android device, stop searching further. Here is Women Safety, an Emergency Alert safety app that can save your life from something very bad by calling your family immediately. Install this app and set your family members or friends as your guardian. Now, fill in the other requirements. Soon, you will get it activated. In this way, you can enjoy these extreme security services.

Important Features

  • Help you send immediate signals to your nearby police station.
  • Show them your location and the quickest way to find you.
  • Record the sound around you.
  • Capture 2 pictures at a time from both of the front and back cameras.
  • Quick audio and video calling option.


12. Family Locator

Family LocatorFamily Locator is another smarter Personal Safety App for your Android device. Now you don’t have to look for where your kids or elderly parents are. Just use this app to get the exact location of them within a few seconds. The app settings are very perceivable, and you can use them with no hassles.

After installing this app, make your network by inviting and selecting your family members. Make sure that all of them have their GPS on. Now, enjoy the connection that you need to stay tension-free.

Important Features

  • Track the location of every member of your family.
  • To expand your network, make your group.
  • Quickly search GPS-based safe zone and map to reach there.
  • Find your lost phone by tracking the GPS of your phone.
  • Get notifications when your family members need your help.


13. Safety App for Silent Beacon

Safety App for Silent BeaconAnother advanced safety app is here to serve you of its best. It is the Safety App for Silent Beacon. It is mainly an emergency SOS signal alert app that can automatically call 999 or your nearby police station to know about your dangerous situation. You don’t even tell them about your location by yourself. It will show them the exact location of you. Besides, it will notify your family members about your situation and location too. So, it will be easier for them to reach you directly and save you quickly.

Important Features

  • You can add multiple contacts to send a signal when you need their help.
  • Ask for their help by sending the SOS signal with only one tap.
  • Send various text messages with different gestures and signals.
  • Easily track your loved one with their location and map.
  • Use keyphrase to send emergency panic signals.


14. My Safetipin: Complete Safety App

My SafetipinMeet one of the most popular women’s safety apps for Android, My Safetipin. It is a location tracking app that helps you get found by your family and local security services when you are in danger. This app can calculate the safety score of your area and stay active to send a signal to your guardian when the situation is not good. Also, it has multiple setting modes that may come as a great help to protect your life from some dangerous situation.

Important Features

  • In the darkness, it will show you the way with torch lights.
  • Send signals to your family and nearby police station when something bad is happening near you.
  • Call an ambulance immediately when you press the particular button.
  • Show the way to find your lost phone using a GPS tracker.
  • Show the way to find a transport station, super shop, and other safe places.


15. GetHomeSafe: Personal Safety

GetHomeSafeGetHomeSafe is another option for you. The best part of this app is how it helps you when time is not with you, and something very bad will happen. No one may get informed about your situation, but this app can inform your family with all the necessary information they need to find you.

You can send an SOS signal and also call them in a few seconds. So, if you are one of the most worrying parents, you can now stay ensured to get connected with your kids using this app.

Important Features

  • No hidden charges are there to bother you.
  • Use Multiple contacts’ id to send your signals and get helped.
  • Send signals to the local security services and show them your location to get found quickly.
  • Battery saver and app control systems are available.
  • No advertisement and spams are there to bother you in your hard time.
  • Send different messages with different signals.
  • Use gestures to deal with differing tasks.


16. ICRISIS: Emergency Alert, Health, & Personal Safety

ICRISIS, personal safety apps for AndroidThis one is also a very popular app that is specifically designed to stand beside you when you are in danger. When you need to make an emergency call to the police station, it will do that for you. The app will also inform the hospital to send an ambulance when you require some kind of extreme health care. So, if you don’t have anyone beside you to take care of, just install this app and stay safe. However, it is ICRISIS: Emergency Alert, Health, & Personal Safety.

Important Features

  • Send signals to 5 persons at a time, including ambulance service and police station.
  • Loud sound detecting technology will send automatic signals to them.
  • The location tracking system and the map will help them to find you quickly.
  • The panic alert will help you to attract people’s attention when you are in danger.
  • Just one tap is enough to send signals with different messages.


17. Chilla: Women Safety App with Scream Detection

ChillaWomen who are not living in a safe city or area should be happy with this app. It is Chilla, a very popular women’s safety app for your Android device. Using this app is safe, and it is very active to stay beside you when it is dangerous around you. Scream detection is the best part of this app.

You don’t even tap your phone to call the police or your other person when someone is attacking you. Just scream. This app will detect your scream and call the police and your family so that they can protect you immediately.

Important Features

  • Scream to send panic signals to your nearby police station.
  • Show them your location and map to find you.
  • It will keep your location history and show you the last location.
  • You can send signals and call the police even without unlocking your phone.
  • Send signals even if you don’t have an internet connection.
  • It will call an ambulance instead of you to make your task easier in your hard time.


18. SMART24: Keeping You Safe

SMART24, personal safety apps for AndroidYou can now stay connected in a time of crisis using SMART24. It is a very safe and active personal safety app for your Android device. Using this app is easy, and it will be the most effective help for you in any dangerous situation. You can let your family know about your situation using this app. You don’t even have to call them personally. Just tap a few times, and it will automatically send a signal to them. It will show them your location too.

Important Features

  • Give a good shake to your phone to activate the SOS signal alert.
  • Let your guardian know where you are what you want.
  • Send hidden massage using different signals.
  • Lots of gestures you can use to deal with different tasks.
  • Battery saver mode and automatically activated systems are available.


19. Safety App Stay Safe Worldwide

Safety App Stay Safe WorldwideThis one is quite a different app from the other apps I mentioned on the list. It is the Safety App Stay Safe Worldwide. It doesn’t matter when you are staying at this moment. It will search the area around you and let you know what’s wrong is happening there. So, you will get immediate information about your current location so that you can take the necessary steps to stay safe from those problems. Also, this will let you about what to do in that current situation.

Important Features

  • Press the panic button to get immediate help from others.
  • Let your family know where you are and what is happening with you.
  • See the situation news around you and stay safe.
  • Learn what you should do in a particular situation from this app.
  • The emergency call button will let you inform the nearby police station about your situation.


20. Safe Minor- Free Child Phone Tracker

Safe Minor, personal safety apps for AndroidLastly, it is a very effective kids’ safety app for your Android device. It is a Safe Minor. When you are not around your kids, you must be worried about his or her safety. Use this app to stay ensured. It will track the location of your kids and let you know about their condition.

For that, you have kept this app active on your kid’s devices. It is very easy to activate this app and make your network. Also, the process is fast, and you will appreciate it when you can use it properly.

Important Features

  • Learn your kids to press the SOS or panic alarm when they are in danger.
  • Protect your kids with their exact location and map to find them quickly.
  • You can view all the contacts they use and their location history.
  • Multiple device monitoring systems will let you see what is happening near them.
  • Listen to the sound around them when you want to.


Final Words

So, these are the 20 best personal safety apps for Android. All these apps and reviewed well by millions of their users and recommend highly for their exceptional service. Do you choose the one you will use? Some of you may get confused because I have given 20 different options, right? Well, I will narrow the list for them. If you want a women’s safety app, then try Trusted Contact or Chilla.

To get the kid’s safety app for your Android device, you can use Find My Kids, Family Locator, or Safe Minor. If you are an older person and want your safety app, then try FIR or ICRISIS. 

Now, it’s time to stop here for today. Hopefully, you have found exactly what you are looking for. So, let me know which one you have selected to use? Also, share your experiences of using that app with us. Stay tuned and take care.


  1. Hi,
    I have checked out most of the apps in this list. You have missed the best app – Carelife. I think Carelife is a great personal safety app and I use it. It has got lot of features that is not available in other apps. I recommend you to add it to the list.


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