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The 10 Best Scanner Apps For iPhone | Capture Documents On The Go

Some of us have a weird idea that we don’t need a scanner unless working as a banker or office job holder. Well, we do know scanning is now as essential as printing or making a photocopy. Eventually, in the age of smart iOS devices, printers and photocopy machines have lost their popularity, and smart scanning technology has taken their place. It’s because to scan paper you don’t need a scanner machine anymore. Instead, your smart device is enough if you have the best scanner apps for iPhone.

Best Scanner Apps for iPhone You Can Trust

First, I need to remind you that scanning is not a very easy technique. You should mess it up with simple camera functions. A camera can take photos, whereas a scanner scans a photo or a written page and visualizes every single letter in the copy.

So, developing a better scanner app for iPhone is not definitely an easy job. That’s why you should believe all the apps available in AppStore. You can simply go through the details of these 10 apps and try whatever you like.

1. CamScanner-PDF Scanner Ap‪p‬

CamScanner HDINTSIG Information Co has brought the most popular scanner app, CamScanner. It is basically a PDF scanner app that uses your phone camera to scan things. Eventually, it can scan photos and object’s mage perfectly. The best part of this app is its ability to scan varieties of files with a very clean and sharp image. Additionally, you can edit and use some essential tools for customization using this powerful app.

Important Features

  • You can scan receipts, notes, cards, invoices, whiteboard discussions, certificates, etc., using this handy app.
  • OCR means optical character recognition, and this technology lets you extract texts from an image.
  • You can share scanned files directly from this app.
  • You can print out a compy using an efficient printing app or AirPrint.
  • This app provides tons of customizing options like editing, cropping, etc.
  • This app lets you make groups and collaborate with friends and colleagues.

Pros: Smart e-signature system will let you sign a contract virtually. Eventually, you can secure all your files using password protection.


2. TurboScan™: document scanne‪r

TurboScan™: document scanne‪rLet’s check out the most popular and free scanner app for iPhone, TurboScan™. Piksoft Inc. brought this app in town with all possible scanning facilities. Initially, this app is designed for iPad, but it works well on an iPhone. Eventually, you can use it on your MAC too. However, the best part of this app is its super-fast speed that lets you scan a page in only 4 seconds. Even you can scan images in low lights using the dark scanning mode.

Important Features

  • It can detect the edge of the document automatically and make necessary corrections as well.
  • Additional facilities like naming, details adding, quick editing, cropping, etc. are available too.
  • You can use a touch ID or password to store all the documents securely.
  • This app lets you share the documents directly from here using different social media.
  • You can send the scanned files by fax and open them in PDF or JPG files.
  • There is an option to set margin while shooting the pages.

Pros: You can use the 3X mode to get the sharpest images. Additionally, all the scanned images can be printed via AirPrint or any other printing app.

Cons: Unless the document is flat and properly lit, this app fails to scan it properly.


3. Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner

Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF ScannerIn terms of the best Scanner apps for iPhone, Adobe Scan, Mobile PDF Scanner can be a perfect fit. It will save all of your PDF scans to Adobe Document Cloud. So, you can quickly access them and manage them. Additionally, all the scanned files are shareable. Further, you can add comments to your existing documents. You can convert photo scans, and PDS enter the Microsoft office. Initially, you have to sign up or fill the requirements, and then you send a file with tracked signatures.

Important Features

  • This app helps you capture and scan any documents, including docs, forms, notes, books, etc. Also, you can look for any text in them.
  • It has advanced image technology, automatically determining the borders in your document and sharpening the contents.
  • Optical Character Recognition lets you repeatedly use the same content for another document.
  • Multiple pages will get saved within a single tab. You can also use them as a library book scanner.
  • You can use this app to highlight a tax receipt focusing on the expenses.
  • If there are any imperfections, you can simply edit them, remove marks, erase stains, creases or handwriting. Also, you can enhance, preview, rotate, reorder or crop them.

Pros: In the photo library, you can quickly look for any previously scanned documents and turn the photos into any PDF document. Additionally, whenever you scan a business card, the app will extract the contact information and instantly add them to your contacts.


4. SwiftScan – Document Scanner‬

SwiftScan - Document Scanner‬Let’s talk about SwiftScan, A document scanner‬, which is a smart pick for our list. Using this app, you can upload your scanned documents to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and other cloud services. Eventually, you can scan multiple pages with auto-optimization and blur-reduction. You have different color modes for your documents, and the app itself has beautiful themes to match your taste.

Important Features

  • You can scan contacts, URLs, QR codes, phone numbers, whiteboards or post-its, and more with this scanner app.
  • One tap is indeed enough to print and email workflows. Even you can fax the documents.
  • Here you can search and copy the text from any scanned document.
  • The app will provide premium quality JPGs and PDFs scanning facility with up to 200 dpi.
  • It automatically detects the edges of any pages. You can enhance the scans with different color applications, grayscale, black, or white filters with automatic optimization.
  • Your privacy is maintained with password encryption to protect PDFs.

Pros: SwiftScan helps for iCloud synchronization between the devices you have. Besides, it works with WebDAV and FTP, sFTP, and FTPs.


5. PDF Maker: Converter, Scanner

PDF Maker: Converter, ScannerIf you need a standalone free scanner app for your iPhone, then PDF Maker, Converter, Scanner is a good one. It offers you a lot of alternative ways to export or share your scanned files. Additionally, the interface of this app is simply designed so that you don’t feel any hassle using this app. Also, you can email multiple folders and files at a time. Besides, you can save them to your mac Via iTunes.

Important Features

  • This simple app is used to scan and create PDFs from images, drawings, map snap, web pages, or rich text.
  • It supports a bunch of file formats like RTF File, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, web files, audio, video, etc.
  • You will get a PDF and image viewer both in this app. And, you can experience the great file management feature.
  • You can initially move, copy, rename, zip, or unzip any folder with the app. If you don’t need any files for further use, then you can delete them.
  • Here you have a PDF creator feature that allows you to merge or split PDFs.

Pros: The sharing options include iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.Net, Sugar Sync, and more. Moreover, you can download content from iTunes, email, the internet, web browser, and other apps.

Cons: There are some users who found it troublesome to delete a particular page of a file.


6. Evernote Scannable

Evernote ScannableBesides covering all the necessary functions of the best-ever scanner apps for iPhone, Evernote Scannable has more useful features inside. Now, there is no need for paper documents when you have this app beside you. It works with multiple-page documents. The good news is that the app is indeed totally free of cost. You can start right off by downloading it. Plus, if you sign in to your Evernote account, it will synchronize all your accounts.

Important Features

  • Evernote instantly recognizes expense receipts, documents, whiteboards and point to the perfect camera angle to capture them.
  • If your scans have any disfigurement, you can crop, rotate or adjust the color of the captures to make them clear.
  • There is no need to worry about losing your documents because this app will eventually keep them in saved items.
  • The images are of high quality and easily readable so that you can save your time.
  • You can share and export the documents as PDF or JPG to your colleagues through text or email.

Pros: When you need just save any contact, you can collect it from the scanned data. Again, ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner is controllable from any devices of your teammates.

Cons: Some users complain that the scanning speed is slower in this app.


7. Fast Scanner: PDF Doc Scan‬

Fast Scanner: PDF Doc Scan‬When it comes to the best free Scanner Apps for iPhone, then Fast Scanner is worthy enough to check on. Certainly, this app includes all the abilities to turn your device into a multipage scanner. And it gives access to scan your notes, invoices, receipts, documents, notes, paper, whiteboard, and so on. Likewise, you can save the portable document format in a PDF file and save them later on your device. Of course, the app will never upset you as it works very fast.

Important Features

  • Fast Scanner has a multi editing facility for scanning any documents.
  • You will be able to scan documents and later email or print them in JPEG files and even multipage PDF.
  • The app initially turns all your documents into an industry-standard PDF file, and you can scan from receipt to Heavy books.
  • Along with the PDF file, you can attach new pages. Or else, you can delete the pages with PDF files.
  • This scanning app lets you open the PDF files with other apps, and it allows PDF readers, iBook, and so on.

Pros: There will be a huge image-editing option so that you can read the scanned images easily. Eventually, this app offers other formats, and let’s scan the PDF in Black and white, Grey, or any color.

Cons: You may have to rescan the documents again if the phone turns off while scanning.


8. QuickScan – Scanner & text OCR‬

QuickScan - Scanner & text OCR‬Now, it’s time to get introduced to the simplest scanning tool for your iPhone, QuickScan. It is normally a PDF scanner and text OCR. This handy app uses your device’s stock camera to scan a photo or files and store all the pages safely. But the most exciting part of this app is its image quality customizing options that may not be available in most other apps. However, let’s see what’s more it will offer.

Important Features

  • Smart scanning options like automatic margin detection and angle correction are available here.
  • This app is available in most of the popular languages for OCR.
  • Using this app, you can easily create TXT and PDF files with real texts.
  • This app is 100% free to use, and it is compatible with the iPad too.
  • Strong privacy protection will let you secure all the documents in this app.

Pros: You can directly share the documents from this app. At the same time, you can change the export file quality and size.


9. FineScanner: PDF Scanner App

FineScanner: PDF Scanner AppHave you ever tried FineScanner, PDF Scanner? If not, then you should try it as of now. The simplest scanner app mainly aims to scan and save any text, PDF documents, JPEG images, etc. Indeed, you will get built-in file storage in it. It supports Spotlight and 3D touch searching.

Besides, you can add a password when sending a document via email. Moreover, this app has filters for instant clicks. Finally, you can export and share all of the scanned files.

Important Features

  • The documents will be classified into 7 categories: smart gallery-like business cards, A4, books, IDs, receipts, docs, etc.
  • If you are looking for text in a photo, you can search for it in the gallery. This app will find it for you.
  • AR rulers can define document size, which will help you print them out properly.
  • To scan the books using this app, you will get the light corrected, and it will automatically remove the curve lines.
  • You can annotate any document, add any signatures, conceal any content or use a highlighter.
  • About 100 pages are allowed to create a multi-page document. At the same time, you can edit or enhance separate images.

Pros: The online OCR can recognize more than 193 languages such as Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Also, you can pick any of the 12 output formats like Excel, Word, PDF, or preserve the original one.

Cons: You cannot delete any document without saving it.


10. SwiftScan Pro – PDF Scanner‬

SwiftScan Pro - PDF Scanner‬No doubt SwiftScan Pro, PDF Scanner‬ is a user’s favorite amongst the popular scanner apps for iPhone. And it is the last recommendation for today. Well, this app initially has a neat and clean interface with decorative themes and backgrounds to choose from as per your wish.

Additionally, it provides Cloud integration for Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Evernote, etc. You can name your files here too. Furthermore, you have an automatic optimization facility and also the ability to change color modes.

Important Features

  • You will get higher than 200 dpi to scan any JPGs or PDFs in high quality.
  • SwiftScan Pro indeed lets you send your documents by fax.
  • With this app, you can scan any QR code, contacts, URLs, hotspots, locations, phone numbers, and so on.
  • It will automatically detect the edges and fix the lighting.
  • When you need to extract the text from any scanned document, you can look it up using this app.
  • Passcode protection initially helps you to secure your documents with Face ID or Touch ID support.

Pros: The app will let you create multiple-page documents. Plus, you can add pages to existing scans.

Cons: Sometimes, it gives a yellow tint on some of the scanned files.


Our Recommendations

In this part, as always, I will reveal a narrow suggestion for those who are a little bit confused and cannot just choose one from the list of many apps. It happens because all the apps are equally compatible.

Today’s part is not an exception either. Initially, all these 10 best scanner apps have millions of satisfying users, and you won’t disappoint with any of them either. However, CamScanner and Evernote Scannable have fewer flaws and smarter technologies than all other apps. So, you can try them first.

Finally, Insights

It’s time for the departure for today. Share the name of the scanner app for your iPhone, and you are going to try it first. And also, share this content with your friends and colleagues who need to scan things so often. Also, inform us about which category of apps you wish us to cover next time. We work for our precious viewers, and so, your preference is our priority. Thank you for staying with us.

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