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The 20 Best Vehicle Tracking Apps For Android in 2020

Many of you often feel the need to track the location of your vehicle. To know how your young children are doing with the car or bike or know the location of your elderly parents as well as the location of your vehicles with the drivers. For these, you just need a good vehicle app to track the vehicle. This is why I have set my mind to write about the best vehicle tracking apps for Android.

Best Vehicle Tracking Apps for Android

Here, I have added 20 best vehicle apps for Android, and all are completely free to install, use, and update. To track a vehicle, all you need is a smartphone in it. You can rely on the app for the rest. So, you can give a try on any of these 20 apps. Please have a look at them along with the main features. I think these will make it easy for you to choose the best vehicle tracking app for Android that will suit you most.

1. GPS Route Founder

GPS Route FounderIf you are looking for the most popular free vehicle app, then don’t look farther. GPS Route Founder is one of the best vehicle tracking apps for Android. It is light in weight and easy to use. You don’t have to tap many times to get the direction. A few taps are enough. It also includes a number of amazing features. Have a look at them.

Important Features

• You can easily find GPS, roads, walking routes, and bicycle routes.
• Tracking family members, drivers, and nearest places are possible and even very easy.
• Includes view from the Satellite earth.
• Supports maps and Navigation.
• You can download maps to use while offline.
• Offers support with street names, place names, and even Shops names.
• Voice navigation is supported.

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2. GPS Vehicle Tracker – EverTrack

GPS Vehicle TrackerIf you are looking for the best vehicle tracking apps for Android, which are designed for the Fleet Management and Workforce Tracking, EverTrack is the best option for you. With this stunning app, you can track the location of your stuff vehicle and the real-time of its arrival. Tracking family members is also possible for this app.

Important Features

• A worldwide tracking system is available in this app.
• To activate the tracking system, you have to ensure the connection of a smartphone inside the vehicle.
• Easy to use and optimized for speed.
• Designed for Fleet Management and Workforce Tracking.
• Includes an option for mileage tracking.
• Capable of tracking nearest places like hospitals, schools, universities, feeling stations, bus stops, restaurants, and so on.

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3. Automatic GPS

GPS Vehicle TrackerNow, say hello to another great app that performs the best for both of the individual users and also the use for office management. In accordance with the user’s reviews, this easy to use the app is the best vehicle tracking app for Android. It also comes with a handful of amazing and very useful features. Some of those are –

Important Features

• A battery-friendly and very easy to use type app.
• Includes automatic mileage tracking.
• You can share a location with others very easily.
• Includes your tracking history so that you can find the place you tracked in the past.
• Offers a worldwide tracking system.
• To make it safer, you will have the HUD Speedometer.
• Good for Uber or Lyft Drivers, Real Estate Agents, Sales Representatives, Photographers, and so on.

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4. GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS-Vehicle-TrackingMeet another super easy and simple but one of the best vehicle tracking apps for Android, GPS Vehicle Tracking. It is also a popular app with lots of breathtaking features. With this amazing app, you can easily monitor a single movement of your vehicle even from a far away. However, you can have a glimpse of the features of this stunning app.

Important Features

• Offers functions of real-time tracking and pinpoints a location.
• You can see the vehicle’s velocity and mileages with this app.
• Fuel monitoring and odometer reading are hassle-free.
• It is very easy to use and light in weight.
• You can track the current movement of the vehicle along with the battery voltage monitoring.
• Finding the nearest restaurants, bars, parks, schools, hospitals, and others are very easy and fast.

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5. Family Locator- GPS Tracker

Family-Locator-GPS-TrackerLife 360 has presented this Family Locator, one of the best vehicle tracking apps for Android users, especially those who are willing to track the location of their family members. This amazing app is simple in strategies but gorgeous in features. It is very light in weight and will let you enjoy lots of optional premium features.

Important Features

• Let you find your family member and driver’s vehicle locations from long away.
• A very easy to use and battery saving app.
• Includes optional premium operations.
• Phone permission is included, and so, you can share live tracking.
• Also, let you share the location with others.
• Mileages tracing and fuel consuming status are shown.
• Let you find places near to you easily.

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6. A-GPS Tracker

A-GPS-TrackerAny concerns individual should have a tracker app installed on his or her smartphone. For passionate hikers and adventurers, the GPS tracker app is a must to have. It is your support that you are looking for with all the new technologies to keep you on your track.

Important Features

• Not just an outdoor tracker to pinpoint your position, it is equipped with elevation functionality to relate to the sea level.
• It provides latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees no matter you are on foot or using it in your vehicles.
• It is equipped with a recording facility so that the track can be saved and shared easily.
• Includes data saving in GPX format.
• Provides guided monitoring, which alarms if the loaded GPX path is not followed.
• You will also be able to see the statistics of net walking or moving time in the GPX track file.

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7. Vehicle Tracking System VTS

Vehicle-Tracking-System-VTSOne of the best things you can afford for your vehicles is a Vehicle Tracking System, and it is not just for your positioning and security also for organizing your tight schedule. With its world-class GPS tracking system, life can be more efficient and productive. However, let’s have a glimpse of the features below.

Important Features

• Provides customizable Fleet management options to track vehicles in real-time.
• Monitors and tracks your assigned vehicles through a GPS map.
• Shows real-time location and details of the routes.
• Includes a Fuel sensor and mileage monitoring option.
• You can see your vehicle’s position and details as the ease with its easy interface.
• Includes options for setting the destination ahead and reminding options for scheduled plans.

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8. Track Location & Car 

Track-Location-CarAs a sincere and smart man or woman, you may want to have each and every updated news of your vehicles. For that, Track Location & Car can be a great solution for you. In accordance with the user’s reviews, it is one of the best vehicle tracking apps for Android. This outstanding app includes a handful of fascinating features. You can have a look at them.

Important Features

• You can get information about any single facts of your tracked vehicle.
• Velocity, mileage, and current location are easy to be tracked.
• You can get information about the nearest shops, restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools, etc. easily.
• Very easy to use and install.
• Supports KML view that helps with providing support of Google Street View.
• Automatic tracking, keeping history, and Navigation is supported.

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9. Finding my car-GPS Navigation

Finding-my-car-GPS-NavigationThe name of the app suggests its functions. Yes, you can easily find your car with this app, Finding my car-GPS Navigation. It is one of the best vehicle tracking apps for Android and also very popular around the world. It is easy to use, simply designed, and completely charge-free. To learn about its other features, you can have a look at below.

Important Features

• Includes a map to show the routes.
• Provides a destination compass to show the traction.
• Provides nearest places like a bus stop, filling station, restaurants, hospitals, etc.
• Wavefront Rader is supported that will help you to show the illuminated position of your car.
• Supports almost all the languages of the world.

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10. GPS Tracker: Tracer 

GPS-Tracker-TracerIf you are a tourist or in a new place, a GPS tracker is then a must-have for you. For this, you can use GPS tracker: Tracer. It is free and one of the best vehicle tracking apps for Android. This app has a good number of amazing features. This app is capable of saving you from a different dangerous situation as it helps you to have the right way and so to never get lost.

Important Features

• You can record your trip and way easier.
• It is also very easy to get GPS tracking, map, and Navigation.
• Supports KML view that helps with providing support of Google Street View.
• Very easy to use and complete change free.
• Sharing routes is also hassle-free.
• You can see your vehicle’s position and details as the ease with its easy interface.

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11. m2m Vehicle Tracking Service

m2m Vehicle Tracking ServiceI have another app here, with what you can look for your vehicle instantly anywhere. For that, meet m2m Vehicle Tracking Service. It is another popular vehicle tracking app for your Android device. You will get updates about the position of your vehicle just after 25 seconds of the activation of this app with the help of google map.

Also, you can block the engine of your vehicle instantly when it has been moved without your permission or gets theft. If Geo-Fench infraction takes place, you will inform you via SMS. You will get an alert if your vehicle crosses the maximum limit of speed. You can enjoy both primary and backup servers along with co-location facilities. 

Important Features

  • Get updates about your vehicle’s engine. Green color indicates that it is running, Red as stopped, and Blue stands for the neutral position. 
  • It will notify you about breaking news through SMS.
  • There is a 24/7 service center there waiting for you to help.
  • You can customize the maximum speed limit.
  • You can maintain multiple vehicles using this app.


12. Trano Vehicle Tracking

Trano Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Tracking Apps for AndroidLet me introduce you to Trano Vehicle Tracking, another supportive vehicle tracking app for Android users. The best part of this app is the simplistic way to show you the location of your vehicle. Using this app is easy, and you can activate this app just with the activation of your mobile phone’s GPS.

Whether you are at home and office and want to know about where your kids are going on your car, just rely on this app. It will show the real-time location of your vehicle, and it’s status also. So, there is no way you will be out of your vehicle’s location to be tensed.

Important Features

  • You can check your vehicle’s current location, speed, time, and date. 
  • Your previous data of traveling will be stored and so you can exactly where did your vehicle wad visiting most recently.
  • You will be able to check the vehicle pathways just with a few clicks.
  • Use any device like a mobile phone or computer.
  • Over speed, alarms, and device disconnection alerts are there available for you.


13. Car & Bike GPS Tracking System

Car & Bike GPS Tracking SystemKeep your vehicles into your watch 24/7 with the help of the Car & Bike GPS Tracking System. Among the vehicle tracking apps for Android, it works with a lot of compatible GPS devices. To get the most out of this app, you can buy and set up a good quality GPS device into your vehicles and connect with the app.

The user interface is widely accessible and comes with helpful instructions. You can configure zones, work schedules, and ways as you like. This app also comes with an interactive alert system and push notifications. It provides real-time navigation facilities to filter out nearby places and many more. 

Important Features

  • It provides powerful features and a very clean user interface.
  • The app offers complete personalization and marking facilities to filter out your safe and danger zones. 
  • It provides vehicles commuting history for up to 7 days. 
  • You can also set your vehicles’ max speed levels and alert system with push notifications.
  • This app takes relatively low system resources and supports most of the updated Android devices. 


14. RTO Vehicle Information

RTO Vehicle Information, Vehicle Tracking Apps for AndroidAnother essential and multipurpose vehicle tracking app is waiting to get introduced to you. It is an RTO Vehicle Information. Well, it is popular for its information providing capabilities. But the way it can track all your vehicles at a time is also appreciable. It is easy to use and comes with a comprehensive system interface.

You can install the tracker anytime on your vehicles and sync with your mobile devices. This vehicle tracking app for Android is optimized for mobile devices and works seamlessly even with low system resources. It is also integrated with user privacy settings and password protection systems. 

Important Features

  • It offers real-time locations of your vehicles with the fastest refresh rate. 
  • This app provides the current location of your devices and vehicles.
  • The history of your vehicles is available in the app database.
  • You can manage multiple vehicles from a single device with this app.
  • It provides notifications for multiple issues such as speed, engine failure, time interval, etc.
  • Will provide every single information about a vehicle, including the owner, purchasing time, and so on.



MY VEHICLESMY VEHICLES is among the most versatile vehicle tracking apps for Android. It will suffice all your needs about your cars or bikes, positioning, and safety. This app comes with a modern user interface and compatible with most of the vehicles. It provides features like vehicle stops history, last location, emergency alerts, and so on.

You will get the latest updates on your vehicles in no time. It uses GPS with and modern technologies to preserve location-based data. You can run this app with minimal system configurations.

Important Features

  • You will be able to see the current location of your vehicles on your mobile devices.
  • It offers parking mode for any vehicles with on-demand notifications.
  • You will get notifications when your vehicles get moved.
  • This app lets you control your vehicles remotely, like starting and stopping the vehicles.
  • It provides updates for vehicle speed and also notifies when the tracker gets disconnected. 


16. Finder GPS Tracking Viewer

Finder GPSThe next recommendation is Finder GPS Tracking Viewer. You can rely on this app in controlling your vehicles and learn about its status. We know how it is important to learn about your vehicle’s information and location for a family man. If you are thinking so, stop worrying and use this support Android vehicle tracking app.

The best part of this app is its quick working ability. Well, you will find it very easy to get the real-time location of your vehicle. Also, it will provide you the other essential information about it too. 

Important Features

  • Track your vehicles and learn their location within a minute.
  • A beautiful theme is used in this app, and so, you will feel very good to use it.
  • You can customize the notification and alarm tone.
  • It will notify you about your vehicle’s speed, the status of the engine, and fuel status.
  • Battery savers and customizable homepage widgets are also available.


17. Car Tracking System

Car Tracking SystemYou can also use the Car Tracking System as it is another popular vehicle tracking app for your Android device. This supportive app will always help you to control your motorbike or other vehicles online. Most of the time, we find vehicle tracking apps specifically for cars only.

But, this app works well on a motorbike too. All you need is an android phone and a connection. You have to enable tracking mode too. This app will let you know the location of your vehicle with accuracy. You can enjoy a lot of other essential services too. It is very easy to use, and only a few taps are enough to use it. 

Important Features

  • It will keep records of your past visiting history. 
  • Locate your car, motorbike, or other vehicles anytime and show the location to you on the map.
  • You will receive a low battery alarm from this app.
  • You can start your engine and even turn it off just using your phone also. 
  • It will notify you about your vehicle movement without ignition and crash. 
  • The sensors indicate the accumulator battery level.


18. Tracki GPS

Tracki GPS, Vehicle Tracking Apps for AndroidNow, you can stay focused on your work being assured about what is happening in your vehicle with your kids and family. For that, use Tracki GPS, a very popular vehicle tracking app you can find in PlayStore. You can find the true location of your vehicle on a detailed map.

It will show you the engine and fuel status of your vehicle also. So, you don’t have to be worried about your vehicles that are in your driver’s hand. Anyway, you can also track the location of your kids, pets, and other family member using this app. You can also handle some other essential tasks using this app.

Important Features

  • This app belongs to protective password protection.
  • Set your geo-fences area and get alarmed when your vehicle passes it on.
  • Recent location history will tell you about where your vehicle did visit very recently.
  • Battery saving ability.
  • Track your lovable persons and kids also.
  • Left Right keypress, SOS alarm, and movement alarm are also available.


19. SeekWiz – Vehicle Tracking & Location Sharing

SeekWizYou should give a try on SeekWiz if you think that you often need to share your location with your friends and family and also to learn about your vehicles’ location. When you start using this app, you will find very clear guidance from using it. You need to activate your phones’ GPS all the time you expect a service from this app.

Don’t worry, thinking of whereabouts of your family and kids. This app will always beside you will all the information about your vehicles. You can also manage multiple vehicles using just one app here.

Important Features

  • Notify you about lots of noted movement of your vehicle.
  • Battery saver and customizable setup.
  • It will take a few seconds to inform you about your vehicles’ location.
  • I will show you the real-time location of your vehicle on the map.
  • Location wise notification and fuel status are available too.


20. GPS Tools® – Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore

GPS Tools, Vehicle Tracking Apps for AndroidLastly, it is GPS Tools. It is also a very popular vehicle tracking app for Android users. As a high battery optimized GPS tracking app, it will never let you get disappointed with it. You will get the fastest GPS tracking location, and even you can use this app without an internet connection.

So, where your car is and what is its engine and fuel status won’t make you worried as you will get notifies about all of them with this app. Besides, on your way to explore something beautiful, this app will always come along with its features, generally available in a well-structured hiking app.

Important Features

  • Show you the accurate location of your vehicle on the map.
  • Explore trips and routes on your tour and hiking program.
  • Work as a great navigation app too.
  • It can share the photos of the location and its written address.
  • Help you to find your lost phone and other devices.
  • Most of the functions of this app are customizable.


Final Thought

I will suggest you try some from these best vehicle tracking apps for Android. I think it will make your life a bit easier and tension free. Read the features carefully. Hopefully, it will help you to get the best one for you. Please let me know about which one you are going to pick from these best vehicle tracking apps for Android. Also, inform me if I have mistaken it something special. Thank you in Advance.


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