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10 Best Writing Apps For Android To Unleash Your Creativity

The world is now getting updated with the touch of modern technology, and everything gets digitized. So, writers are not now bound in the diaries to make their masterpieces. Now, they don’t need to carry all their diaries for all their ongoing projects anywhere they visit. As technology modernizes everything, it replaces the heavyweight diaries with smartphones and tabs. So, modern writers feel more comfortable making their masterpieces on their smart devices. However, if you are a beginner who plans to unleash your creativity in writing, just keep watch here about the best writing apps for Android.

Best Writing Apps for Android, Must-try for the Writers

You will find a lot of note-taking apps and to-do list apps right there on the PlayStore. But believe me, all those apps are not built to write long text or just organize big writing projects. Most of them are simply good for taking instant short notes. However, we checked a lot of apps that are developed for writers especially.

And we listed the best 10 among them. While choosing apps for the list, we prioritized long note-making facilities, writing customizations, writing tools, character organizing facilities, and some basic functions you may need for a project. You can also check out the little details we added here for your concern.

1. Evernote

EvernoteWriting apps is basically a very common type of app, and you will get one from the leading app launchers. However, unlike them, being ordinary app developers, Evernote Corporate made a masterpiece in the world of smartphone writing apps. Evernote comes with almost all possible writing facilities, and that’s why we bring it here in the first place. However, you can take notes and manage all your daily tasks with just a few clicks using this app. Besides, it comes with a minimalist interface and a very simple and beautiful theme.

Important Features

  • An optimized search engine won’t take too long to find what you are searching for.
  • You can simply add photos to your documents using the default camera or just picking a photo from the gallery.
  • You can make Todo lists, grocery lists and make reminders for any notes.
  • Here, you can create separate notebooks so that you can organize different stories in different folders.
  • On your project, you can simply add video, audio, doc file, pdf files, and so on.
  • You can clip essential notes and keep them on top of all notes to find them instantly.

Pros: If you are a novelist or story writer, this app provides a helpful environment for writing while organizing every little detail. Initially, it is possible to synchronize the app with other accounts and devices.


2. Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the Go

Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the GoAll the writing tools are provided now on-hand with the assistance of an intelligent word processor of Microsoft Word. And it is popularly known as the best writing app for Android. Sharing your files is made simplified here. Yet you can always manage whoever has access to the files and works on those. Simply you can highlight a part, cut, copy and paste. In an email, you can copy files in the same format or attach your PDFs right away. For editing, you can make teamwork with others.

Important Features

  • With this app, you can simply make assignments, blogs, docs, letters, notes, scripts, resumes, and so much more.
  • The layout and formatting are high quality, and you have a full editing facility.
  • There are modern templates designed with a stunning look for your documents.
  • Reading View lets you read all the PDFs, letters, scripts, and so on.
  • You can convert the PDFs from Word documents and edit them.
  • After conversion, you can save the files as PDF and share them with others.

Pros: Next to the text, you can comment so that you can collaborate on your documents. Moreover, editor version history saves earlier drafts too.

Cons: You can not edit the written styles in this app.


3. JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, Novel

JotterPad - Writer, Screenplay, Novel, writing apps for AndroidThe evolution of writing gets to a new level with JotterPad, as you can write down your ideas here. No matter online or offline, you can use this anytime across any of your devices. With the help of an in-app file manager, you can organize files easily. Both light and dark themes are applicable in this app. Additionally, you can insert the Text equation into your writing. Fountain document will provide a personalization feature. You can mark down the writings as well.

Important Features

  • Helpful tools such as a dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, and more are available in this app.
  • If you are looking for specific writing, you can easily search for that and replace it with another one.
  • For a visual polish, you can initially add editorial high-resolution images from Unsplash.
  • This app automatically synchronizes files with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more.
  • It lets you export the writings into rich text, PDF, Final Draft, HTML, etc.
  • You can indeed publish your works to Tumblr, Ghost, WordPress in intact format.

Pros: Version Control automatically backs up all your works. Again, the previous drafts are saved here.

Cons: Some users complained that they could not select a custom font.


4. Character Story Planner

Character Story PlannerIf you plan to create a story from a character detail background, you can undoubtedly choose a Character Story Planner for this. It is the best writing app for Android, especially suggested for story writers. The app is designed for writers, which makes it different from the other writing apps for Android. For example, you can write the story, scene, location in separate folders so that you can easily find what you need right away. In addition, the search tool offers you the facility to look for a particular story or character instantly.

Important Features

  • You can initially add books, plays, novels, dramas,s and a lot more with the app.
  • Here, you can create games such as RPG Maker, and it supports another engine too.
  • Character planner charts will assist you in creating a list of characters.
  • In the Character draft, you can customize each character in detail.
  • If you are out of ideas, you can anytime ask others for their opinion.
  • To make a group for the characters, you can arrange them by series.

Pros: For story-based projects, you can create a relationship between characters. Furthermore, you will get a Content Generator and Drawing Sheets.

Cons: There are some complaints about this app being unorganized.


5. Google Docs

Google DocsMeet a formal writing app for all your professional writings that is launched by Google LLC. It’s Google Docs. This app has a different style, fonts, sizes for the letters. You can initially underline, make the text Italic, or bold a line as per your preference. Multiple file types are supported here. If you are worried about battery consumption, then night mode will increase your productivity. Additionally, in the revision history, you can track the changes that others made. Eventually, all these tools come without spending a penny.

Important Features

  • This app lets you create a new document or edit the existing ones.
  • It eventually helps you to share the files with whomever you wish.
  • When you need assistance, you can collaborate on the documents with your teammates.
  • Your files are automatically saved right at the time you type them.
  • No matter online or offline, you can work anytime and anywhere.
  • You can initially add comments in the collaborated files and respond to them.

Pros: Here, you can work on Word documents. Plus, you can research with Explore.

Cons: There is no clear difference between page breaks.


6. Writer

WriterThousands of writing apps for Android are available out there, but Writer is something that you should not miss. It stands out from the traditional word processor because of the minimal design. You can manage document titles and file names. If you do not set a title, it automatically takes the first line of the document as a title.

There are a lot more coming in future updates, such as the option to select a custom directory. Your documents will synchronize using Dropbox. In addition, it will let you share the documents through email.

Important Features

  • With the app, you can take notes or write a novel on your smartphone and tablet.
  • It has markdown support and some statistics as well.
  • The lists will automatically format the next list item.
  • You can keep count of list items using the numbered lists here.
  • Reading time shows in seconds so that you will know the precise time.
  • The files are sorted in alphabetical order to easily find out what you want.

Pros: Document details will inform you about the words and character count.

Cons: You can not retrieve accidentally deleted files as there is no trash.


7. Novelist – Write your novels

Novelist - Write your novels, writing apps for AndroidExperience in using Novelist will help you to move forward to the next step of novel writing. You can set a status for your plot, add tags, write notes, and so on. All the categories are personable, along with the metadata, pictures, and statuses. As the story evolves, you can describe each scene with annotation.

You can organize acts, parts, chapters, etc. The app allows you to set a schedule for your goals. It also has a word count. You can backup and restore data from Google Drive. Moreover, you don’t have to leave the app for a complete book preview.

Important Features

  • On the web, you can write on any browser using the app.
  • If you want to make a new book, you can use creative templates.
  • This Android writing app supports different formats like EPUB, HTML, ODT, etc.
  • It has a high-quality text editor with counters, format, and autosave.
  • In texts, you can insert or review the comments of others.
  • When you need previous text versions, you can view and restore them.

Pros: Night mode is soothing for your eyes as well as saves battery drainage.

Cons: This app does not allow you to share books between other novelist apps.


8. Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

Writer Plus (Write On the Go)Let’s meet Writer Plus, a perfect app for writing notes, lyrics, novels, poems, and so many more. It can instantly help you to note down some quick points. Moreover, you can apply night mode to minimize the battery power. With a smooth material UI style, this app gives you high performance. Here, you will get Markdown format to write. In addition, this app comes for free and uses limited system resources. You can count the words and characters. Moreover, you can share the text with others.

Important Features

  • You can open, create, edit and save any plain text file here.
  • The app supports different languages, including German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • It allows you to transform your text into Italic, Bold, and more.
  • List and Numbered List help you to organize files in a better way.
  • Three types of header and quotation are available in this app.
  • If you use the writer directory, it can clean some junk files.

Pros: This app has Bluetooth Keyboard support. Furthermore, there are several shortcuts for quick editing.

Cons: This app does not allow you to sort documents freely; instead, it is arranged alphabetically.


9. Auctor: Story & Character Generator | Writing app

Auctor: Story & Character Generator | Writing appThe new writers who are looking forward to developing their creative writing ideas can start with Auctor. This app is initially known as one of the best Android writing apps, and it has come with a bunch of guidelines described in detail for the convenience of beginners.

At the same time, this app has a lot of useful features for professional writers as well. This app will initially help you to generate new ideas for your stories. The timeline is designed with a neat and clean look. Here you can challenge and develop realistic characters.

Important Features

  • Both writing and reading opportunities are served in this app with different functions.
  • All the stories are divided according to genres like romance, thriller, drama, science fiction, horror, etc.
  • Weekly writing will motivate you to write more and improve them.
  • For the characters, you can select a profile image to define them properly.
  • There is a random name generator which will give you unique names, biography, and traits for a character.
  • You can share your stories with the community to get inspiration.

Pros: In other’s stories, you can comment straight away. Plus, the community members and your friends can share your stories.

Cons: The English grammatical correction is not always correct in this app.


10. Pure Writer – Never Lose Content Editor and Markdown

Pure Writer - Never Lose Content Editor and Markdown, writing apps for AndroidWith a minimalistic text editor, Pure Writer makes it more convenient for you. And it is the final recommendation for today. Smooth Cursor helps you to scroll through the writings comfortably. Even an unexpected shutdown would not let your documents lose, as you can still recover those from history.

The app supports date-time variables in Text Shortcut. Also, it can adopt a transparent navigation bar. If you double-click, you can get into read-only mode. You can synchronize the Animating soft keyboard here.

Important Features

  • It lets you swipe to collapse the keyboard of the app and will provide a faster writing experience.
  • Here, you can encrypt your writing with your fingerprint.
  • Your contents are shareable with other apps now and then.
  • This app offers cloud backups when integrated with WebDAV.
  • It has a Trash folder where you will find the articles that you deleted accidentally.
  • Each article has the history record, redo and undo tool.

Pros: The backup saves all the previous versions so that you can edit them too. Besides, the database edits are saved every two seconds.

Cons: You cannot underline the text in this app.


Our Recommendations

To be straightforward, all these 10 writing apps for your Android device are placed here because we recommend them. We assure their quality and useful facilities after checking the first-hand experience. In that sense, we cannot say any of these apps are less compatible. Instead, almost all of them share a lot of common facilities that you will find helpful to make your masterpiece.

Still, to narrow down the list of recommendations, we can prioritize the users’ reviews. To say it honestly, Evernote, MS Word, Google Docs, and Jotterpad are the most used apps with the highest number of positive reviews. So, you can simply use any of them.

Finally, Insights

None of these best writing apps for Android will disappoint you anyway if you manage to learn the proper use. So, I suggest checking out their functions properly before you start using them. And also, I hope you will make something great with the app you have selected from the list. So, don’t forget to share your selection to help others choosing one to give a try. Thank you again for your time and support.

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  1. Really Good Collection of Best Writing Apps For Android. I like and use word and docs most of the time for my writing purpose. It is available in a working environment as well which makes these really easy and convenient. Due to growth and easy availability of internet nowadays these two is the best option with less hurdle. Thanks for posting.


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